Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Sick Chicken

If your chicken is sick and you don't have enough money to buy the medicine, or maybe the shop is closed and etc ... The only way is to:


Then the chicken will cope a day or two (or maybe three if it's really strong), giving you the time to buy the medicine. You still have to buy the medicine, though. So prepare your money. ^_^

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Former President Abdurrahman Wahid Dies at 69

Jakarta, Indonesia, Former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid died during medication after suffering from complications caused by heart disease, kidney disorders and diabetes for years in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

Wahid, usually called Gus Dur, was a very ambitious President of NKRI.

Wahid had been receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta for the past week and died Wednesday evening.

Wahid had struggled with illness for years. He was confined to a wheelchair, lost most of his sight, and suffered serious kidney problems.

Wahid was born in Denanyar village, Jombang district, East Java, on August 4, 1940. He is survived by his wife, Sinta Nuriyah, and four daughters, namely Alissa Qotrunnada Munawaroh, Zannuba Arifah Chafsoh, Annita Hayatunnufus, and Inayah Wulandari.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Harvest Moon - Special Diary of Mine

In the 100th post of my blog, I would like to tell you a story about my harvest moon and I. ^_^

I found my first harvest moon CD for PS 2 in a tiny shop, small local mall, small town in Kalimantan Timur, the place where I spend 2 and a half years of my life there, enjoying very delicious food and making friends with my classmates. I went CRAZY playing harvest moon, spending AT LEAST 6 hours in front of the TV during the holidays. It was Harvest Moon Save The Homeland.

Then one day, my Mom and I went shopping and I found Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Guide Book, it's blue and simple, and I still remember how I read the book in the car, in the fruit shop, in front of the TV, making plans and strategies for my game. If you saw me, you would think I'm making a war strategy for battle against unknown aliens. *lol*

I played only Harvest Moon Save The Homeland for about 1 and a half years, then I bought a PS 1 and Harvest Moon Back to Nature CD, completed by the guide book too.

After that I moved to another city with my parents, I bought Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, turned out to be written in Japanese language and I have no idea, but still I made my effort by clicking randomly with crossed fingers. ^_^ I kept searching for the English edition and finally found it. Then I played it and was madly in love with it and sometimes I was day-dreaming about my game when I'm at school.

Now I have my favorite game shop in the city and I visit it sometimes to check for new things about harvest moon.

That's my special diary. Thank you for reading it ... Share your story with me!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Blue Grass

Blue grass is an item you can find in the forest, you can click it and keep it in your rucksack if it's not full, then you can eat it to add more energy to yourself, or you can give it to the doctor, he loves it. Blue grass is like a 'jamu', should I say, natural medicine made from natural plants, girls in Indonesia still use that kinds of stuff ... =)

But I've got to tell you that even though you make a great friendships with doctor, Rick, Gray or even Kai, they will still marry the girl that they like even if you like the girl too. So I suggest you don't waste your time giving gifts to the boys (except for Harvest Moon BTN for Girls) because it's no use!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Super Tip for Gaining Girl's Heart

Here is quick tip for gaining girl's heart.

On 24th of Winter, go to the Supermarket, buy a wrapper and wrap her favorite gift, then give it to her. The next day, you can see her heart increase one level than she was before. It always works except you have glitch ...

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Egg from Popuri

This post is written for Popuri's fans only ...

When you always give gifts to Popuri, one day she will give you an egg and ask you to keep it. Put it in your incubator and then wait until it hatches. When the chick is born, name it Popuri.

Popuri will come to your house and she'll be so happy and like you even more.

You must not eat the egg and you must be single (not married) when Popuri give you the egg.

I'm not sure at what heart level she will do that, but I've had that scene. =)

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Building Fence

Sometimes when you're thinking about building fence, you will go for the rock, not the wooden fence. Here are some reasons that I got from reading some opinions:

1. I don't like to cut tree.
2. I want to save the wood for building my house
3. The rock is stronger.
4. Etc ...

BUT ... You need to put the wooden fence if you really want to protect your animal, because sometimes wild dog can just walk over the rock and eat your chicken ... But with wooden, it can't enter your chicken's sanctuary. Although sometimes the wooden fence can be broken and you need to change it with new wood.

Good luck!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Fish and House Upgrade

You may not guess that your house and it's upgrade level will do good for your fishing trip.

Try to fish after you have a kitchen. Then you won't catch too much trash the next time you fish.

Fish fish fish!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - How to Have Honey

This is a question from a friend of mine ...

Honey is a great item for you to sell. You can drink it too for extra energy.

How can you have a honey?

First, you need to visit Won in the inn and buy flower seed from him. Plant the seed and wait until the bees come to your farm. Then you will find the bees on the tree next to your pond.

If you want better price for your honey, go visit Louis in the carpenter's house and give him a honey. The next day you will get a cut-scene, Louis will come to your house and he'll tell you that the bees are rare kind and you should sell it with higher price. After that, the price will change automatically.

Run to the inn and let's buy flower seed from Won! v^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Special Food to Win Girl's Heart

This is a very super special secret! Because I'm talking about the special food!

Okay, this is the standard manual: to win girl's heart, give them their favorite things.


Now there is more!

You need to cook marinade!

It is made from salt, fish, mugwort and 1 turnip or you can use tomato.

What are you waiting for? Start cooking with love! v^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Incubator & Chicken Fence

Chicken is a smart choice if you want to raise money slowly and not in a rush, and of course you can give eggs to the villagers so they will like you and start giving you gifts (that Takakura or even Van will never sell)

You only need to buy a chicken and a rooster, when you want another chicken, just put the fertile egg in the incubator (check if it's fertile or not) and wait. Then one day the Harvest Sprites will wake you up, telling you that a chick is born.

When you already have 6 chickens, go to Takakura. He will offer you a help to build chicken fence that will cost you 10,000 G. I know it's not cheap, but with 6 chickens, you can't just put them outside and then wasting most of your time looking for them, and don't forget if it's raining! So you will need a chicken fence.

When you agreed, Takakura will build a chicken fence right next to the chicken coop. So you won't wasting your time collecting them.

Putting your chicken outside is important for their health. Don't underestimate that!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - The Worst Thing About Dr. Hardy

Speaking about doctors, people love them and hate them at the same time. At the end, I always say this:

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Hehe .... I'm sorry dear doctor ...

Okay, enough about that. Now I'm writing about the worst thing that Dr. Hardy could do:

He will cost you 6,000 G!

Whoa, that's a lot of money! I just can't take it! It happened only because my son is sick and needed some medicine, so I take him to Dr. Hardy. Everything went great until I know how much the cost is! Goodness ... But there is nothing I can do at the time, after all he already took care of my son.

So, here is a quick tips about health and facing Dr. Hardy:

Be friended with him. So that when there is something wrong with your family's health and you come to Dr. Hardy, it'll be totally free! Believe me, you have to try it. Unless you are willing to give that 6,000 G.

Hope it helps!

Harvest Moon Songs



I'm trying to download harvest moon songs right now ....
Found it in and love it!

If you like, here is the link to download harvest moon songs.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - To Get Yamame

Yamame usually can be found near the waterfall, but here is a useful tip: try to aim to the rock near the waterfall. Usually you can catch expensive fishes such as Yamame. Still, sometimes you won't be happy at the first try, but keep trying!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Pets

If you're one of the pet-lover (just like me) then probably you would want a variation of animals that you can keep in the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.

  1. Cat. If you want a cat, then give Romana present (she loves milk) everyday. One day she will come to your house and ask do you like to keep a cat or not.
  2. Raccoon. This is an odd choice ... But well, befriended with Vesta and Marlin.
  3. Lizard. Go to the pond near the Harvest Sprite's house at night and give Mukumuku (the big white monster) flowers.
  4. Chihuahua. You already know the answer ... Of course it's Carter! In the mine ... Try to collect tablets as many as you can, Carter will take it and he'll like you more.
  5. Dog. You already have a dog at the first chapter. =)

So, this is a tip in knowing is the person is your best-friend or not? I've mentioned it in my previous post, and well, you just need to walk casually near them and see if they turn the heads to look at you. If they do that, then they are your best-friend.

Take a good care of your pet(s)!

Harvest Moon - Diary


It's been a while ....

And I have to say that it's really a huge miracle that I'm using the internet in my home right now. Time after time dealing with the telephone company and their lame signal, I had enough and one night went straight the the Smart Shop with Mom and bought a mobile broadband right away.

Now I'm enjoying the fast-connection whenever I want to! I love it ... Thank you Smart!

one happy BaliTidBits is writing from her cozy home ... ^_^ and watching so many videos about harvest moon ...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Special for Money-Maker!

In this post it is all about making money, the tips and the some useful ideas of what should you do to make enough money to get anything you want! For me, the money will be useful when it comes to:

  1. Upgrading the farm to get the hothouse (a building in your farm where you can plant any seeds in any season including winter!) and so that you can marry a girl.
  2. Buy a blue feather.
  3. Buy a basket. Which is important. You have to have a basket to make more money! Trust me, it'll be worth it.
  4. Etc, all of your needs and all of your wants. Maybe your hobby is to buy tools from the TV Shopping program? ^_^

So, the tips in making money:

  1. Dig in the mine. Wether you like it or not, but knowing that the time stops in there and you can sell the rocks and other things with good price, you should do it.
  2. Buy a basket. Yes, this is one of the tips too, basket it very useful! Use it to dig in the mine.
  3. Pick a girl that doesn't ask too many things. I would avoid Karen if I want to make lots of money, instead I'll go for Popuri.
  4. Chicken. Don't sell the eggs but put it in the incubator and then sell the chick. Five chickens are enough to keep, and try to enter the Chicken Competition and win it so that the eggs would be more valuable.
  5. Plant Pineapple seeds. It will be available at Summer. It sells for a great price.
  6. Sweet potatoes. It will be available at Fall.

Well, I will need some time to review these tips again and again. There is always something new when you're writing the tips. But I hope this is useful for everyone, especially: you. =)

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Great Fishing Tips

Fishing in harvest moon back to nature is kind of tricky, you'll need to press the square button fast enough once the fish bites it. But if it still doesn't help, you can use this:

  1. Try not to throw trash/litter. You can keep the trash and throw it on the ground in your farm, so you're not littering any villagers' home/land.
  2. If you already have the fishing pole, then use it. There's no need to use the fishing rod once you have the fishing pole.
  3. Okay, now this is my favorite one: the perfect place. Sure you need the perfect place to catch the perfect fish. Then go to Mother Lake! I always go to Mother Lake once I have the time (check out how to manage the time in my other post)
  4. Check your vibration options. Go to your house and turn right, hit the shelf and you'll see the options. It'll need time to decide which one is good for you, with or without vibrate.
  5. The ideal time of waiting for the fish is one hour, if there's no fish after one hour, you might want to try it again by pressing the square and do it all over again.
  6. DON'T PUT FISHING AS YOUR PRIORITY! Maybe farming or planting seeds or probably digging in the mine! But not fishing because it takes too many time and it's not worth it anymore when you spend the entire day for fishing. Perhaps you can use extra time in the winter, but for the rest of the season, I suggest you to work as hard as you can! ^_^v Fight!

So there they are, the six great fishing tips. For all the fisher, don't forget that the most important thing is to be patient =) So grab your fishing pole and hit the perfect place!

Harvest Moon Diary - Praise The Lord!

Thanks God! Today I've just finished my exam and now I'm waiting for the results, I've already received a few of them, and all I can do is thank to God for all His blessings and His love. ^_^v

I'm looking forward for attending my auntie's wedding, though it means I have to pass the study tour, but it's alright, I'll work on the papers later. Hehe. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - When You Can't Milk a Cow

Sometimes, you can't milk a cow, whether a question mark pops over her head or she doesn't produce any.

There are some general reasons:
  1. Because she is not grown up enough to produce a milk. She is still a calf. A cow needs about 2 seasons after you bought her or after the birth to produce milk.
  2. She is sick. A cow can be sick if you don't feed her properly, never put her in the pasture or if you forget to put her in the barn when it's raining. You'll need to buy a medicine because she won't get healthy until you give her a medicine. Buy it from Takakura in the shipping room.
  3. You've already milk her two times a day. You can milk a cow two times a day: in the morning and in the afternoon or evening. You can't milk a cow more than two times. If you force her to, she won't produce milk but she'll lose her heart for you. You can check her heart in your diary in your room.

Cow is my favorite animal, and you can really use a help from the cow if you're looking for extra money. =)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - More Money than The Ruby Spice

This is a quick tips about getting more money than using the ruby spice. I'm not saying the ruby spice is awful, but you can do better! By ...

  1. Go fishing in the pond near the beach for about an hour, and you'll get a fish that's worth for 1,000
  2. You can make a dhibe
  3. You can buy cows--the highest class of the cow, and you can sell their milks.
  4. Always ask Van for a higher price when you sell something >100G to him.

Enjoy Harvest Moon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Planting Trees

I've write about planting trees in a website and I promise I will write the details about it in my blog ... So here it is, hope it's good enough!

  1. Go to Vesta. Buy a seed from her. Or you can buy a seed from Celia or Marlin, there is no difference in the price.
  2. Buy a fertilizer too.
  3. Hit home, plant the seed using hoe (from the tool shed--now in your rucksack) at the area next to the chicken coop (it's more fertile than the other) and water it using watering can (also from the tool shed--check your rucksack).
  4. Give the fertilizer once it grows.
  5. Wait until it's the season. Check is there any fruit, approach the tree and you'll see the button at the screen (up right) is blinking, showing you some options (in PS 2)
  6. Once your plant is already a perfect tree, you don't need to water it everyday.

Oh, and if your watering can is empty, fill it in the well near your home. Just approach the well and an option will pops out.

I just watched Death Race. Wow, it's really cool, and I have to admit that XXI really pays attention to it's facility, so I'm definitely coming back next month! Once I've reached Jogja ... :D
I also like Mary J. Blige's song featuring Ludacris, 'Grown Woman', really suits the movie!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - White Horse

I have read some questions about horse in harvest moon save the homeland, and I've seen most of you guys are after the white horse. ^_^ That reminds me of Taylor Swift's song, White Horse. Hehe ...

And so, this is the very useful tips if you want the white horse and only the white horse.

On your first day, go to Bob's store as soon as it's open. Talk to Bob, ask him about the part-time job.

Then, when you are working, enter the barn, put the fodder in the feeding-box and keep the rest in your rucksack.

After that, brush the cow, milk it.

Brush the white horse and only the white horse. Talk to him over and over (I suggest more than 5 times) and brush him again, don't stop, don't leave the pasture. You'll stop automatically when Bob calls you and say the work is done for today.

It's not over yet!

Visit Bob everyday and give him a gift. Make sure you do this everyday. Bob likes milk and eggs.

When Bob decides to give you a horse, you'll have a cut-scene.

The cut-scene: in the morning, open your door, when the music stops, you'll know there's a cut-scene!

So there you have it, a white horse!

Additional tips:
  1. You can brush other horses the next day, so the next time you take the part-time job, brush all the horses!
  2. Be friended with Bob is quite easy, just keep visiting him and give him gifts, and don't forget to talk to him at least once a day!
  3. You can't do part-time job when it's raining.
  4. I think some of you wants to pick the Horse Race Ending, so be friended with Gwen too because she is one of the characters in the Horse Race Ending.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Quick Tips

Already make your own list of things you want to do and about your goals? Share with me! And I'd like to add some quick tips while you are playing Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, here they are ...

  • Memorize the map. You don't want to waste your time getting lost in the village!
  • Pick an ending--quick. Yes, this is the your main-job: to finish an ending!
  • Take care of a dog only if you know you can do it. Yes! Or else you will be spending your time carrying your dog to Bob's or wasting your money for the medicine!
  • When the ending is getting closer, sell all your cows, cut your plants so you can get really focus on the ending.
  • If you have a memory card and you're thinking about picking another ending after this one, don't sell your animals and keep your plants, because you'll need it for the next game.
  • Don't plant too much plants on Summer, you'll be so tired and spend too much time taking care of them.
  • Pick one character to finish the ending with, and focus on them. Don't be bothered by other characters!
  • Remember, do it as fast as you can, don't wait until it's Winter to pick an ending!
  • Don't push yourself too hard in collecting money, or else you'll spend one day sleeping in your bed--because there is no spa or even doctor to help you!
  • Once again, it's all about the ending! Focus!

^_^v ^_^v ^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Watering Plants

Use watering can to water all of your plants. Remember to check the amount of the water first, if it's empty, fill it in the well near your house.

Water your plants twice a day, but if you don't have the time, water the vegetables first instead of trees. Vegetables can easily die and they only grow in certain seasons, or else, they'll die.

Sometimes when it's raining, your vegetables can die too, it's the risk of planting vegetables, so I suggest you start planting trees if you haven't.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Goals

So, the first year is the hardest part, you start with nothing, and you have to win the villagers' hearts, and of course ... The girl! ^_^

There are certain goals that you need to achieve in the first year:
  1. You already have a girl to be marry with (either you give her the blue-feather or you just add one heart and wait until the end of the first year)
  2. Having a horse (the horse is very useful!)
  3. Be friended with the villagers ... (I suggest you make Galen and Nina your priority)
  4. Make a pond.
  5. Earn money. (At the end of the year, you already have 200,000 G)
  6. Grow trees.

And for advanced, you can add this too:
  • Be friended with at least five villagers (Galen, Nina, Romana, Cody and Vesta)
Why? Well, because you need Galen for the fishing rod (you can't buy the fishing rod), Nina for the recipe (because Nina will *** at the second year >_<), Romana (she'll give more than a gift, but three!), Cody (he has two gifts for you), Vesta (same as Cody)

  • Collect Muku-muku's gift.
  • Having more than one cow.
  • A sheep.
  • At least five chicken and only one rooster.
  • A star cow.

If you have other goals, please tell me! ^_^v

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Buildings

You have saved a lot of money. You are married. Your cows produce S quality milk twice a day, everyday. Thinking about adding more buildings into your farm? It's time!

So, this is my favorite order in ordering buildings to Takakura:

  1. Make a pond first. You need a pond once you get married, because a duck (or maybe ducks) will come to your house, playing in that pond and your wife (whoever she is) will ask you to keep them. You can't buy duck because it's not for sale, so take care of it!
  2. Then make a room for producing. The room contains a butter and cheese maker, so you must have this! And this is great for raising money! Trust me, you'll need it for adding more buildings to your farm!
  3. Make a fertilizer maker. Actually this is not a room, but it's a machine ... You can throw the trashes and they'll change into fertilizer. Great for saving money.
  4. Make a seed maker. This machine works best for people who love planting fruits etc ...
  5. Make a chicken coop. To prevent your chickens running around and then disappear, and not to mention, your dog can bite the chickens if you don't feed him or if you punish him!
  6. Make a milking room. I like it manual way because I'm not that busy, so I put it last in the list ...

You can make your own list, depends on: 1. How much money you got?; 2. Your goals; 3. Your interest (farming, planting seeds); 4. Perfect timing.

Oh, and you can check all of this options in the shipping room.

Selamat berkreasi!

Warm hugs from BaliTidBits for all The Harvest Moon Stuff readers ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - TV

Even though we're playing the game about farm here, but still, TV won't do no harm, right?

TV is located next to the diary, there are 4 channels that you can choose:
  1. Weather forecast
  2. Entertainment
  3. News
  4. Horoscope

The little icon in the upper-left shows what program you are watching now.

The most useful channel is the weather forecast, watch it everyday before you go out from your home, if there is a chance of raining, put your animals into the barn, put your chickens into the chicken coop, and don't water your plants too much or they'll die! But, of course, you can stop the rain by entering the mine, dig, and then go out. The rain will stop.

Entertainment and horoscope are just for fun. Horoscope won't make your day easier and vice versa. While you can watch news to catch up the latest information!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Diary

Diary is located in your room, open your diary before and after your activities ...

There are options in your diary, each of them contains information:

  1. Happiness range (your family and dog)
  2. Buildings that you have owned
  3. Animals that you have owned (cows, horse and sheep)
  4. Animals that you have owned (chickens and ducks)
  5. The money you've made from selling your animals (except horse)
  6. The money you've made from selling your fruits, vegetables and seeds
  7. Expenses and income
  8. Items that you ever had/have from nature
  9. Games report (win/lose/draw)

This diary can be very useful if you keep tracking all the changes! So you can play the game much better, after you know about the details and information for today ... Other helpful item is TV. (read the next post)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Seeds

These are my suggestions for your very first time in planting the seeds, this is not the only options, though, many of my friends use a whole different ways, but this one is my favorite:

Visit Vesta and buy fruit seeds. Why fruit? Well, fruit can grow at every season, and it takes time for a fruit to grow, so you need to plant it fast!

  1. Buy Peach;
  2. Orange;
  3. Grape;
  4. Banana, and;
  5. Apple.

Then plant it on the first day. If you love planting seeds, ask Takakura to make new field that is better than the first and second! But keep that idea in mind until you have enough money ...


Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - First Day

First step is the most of important thing! So in your first day, you'll need to be extra specific about your activities!

  1. Learn and remember your room, check all of your things and read the notes Takakura made! But don't spend too much time! You'll be extra busy today, because it's your first day!
  2. Feed your dog with the green plant in the back of your house. If your dog is awake, pat him.
  3. Enter the barn, fill the feed-box with fodder. Take care of your cow. Milk her. At the first day she only produces B quality milk, but you can change this using Van's brush.
  4. Enter the tools room and take everything you need in your bag. (watering can, hoe, cow milker and sickle)
  5. Go visit Vesta and buy seeds. (read the post 'seeds')
  6. Buy 7 fertilizer.
  7. Go back to your farm, plant the seed.
  8. Spread the fertilizer in your pasture.
  9. Enter the barn once again to milk your cow for the second time. Touch her so she'll be happy and don't forget to refill her feed-box.
  10. Still got time to kill? Collect flowers and talk to the villagers.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Power Berry Locations

First of all, let me say ...

Happy Galungan & Kuningan ...
And let me thank you for filling surveys I made in The Harvest Moon Stuff ... ^_^
It's so hot here in Yogyakarta, 36 Celsius! Wew, even the air conditioner won't help!
So, talking about power berry ... I think nobody hates power berry, you can live (in harvest moon) even though you don't have it, but better you eat at least one power berry in the whole game, you'll notice the differences!
The locations where you can find power berry (from the easiest to hardest)
  1. Dig the ground outside your home
  2. Cut the grass in your pasture
  3. Fish in the lake near the bar
  4. Talk to Harvest Goddess in Harvest Goddess' pond
  5. Talk to the Harvest Sprites in the Harvest Sprites' home
  6. Pick the ending where you have to work with Tim/Dina. You'll get the power berry at the Sacred Land.

On 30th September 2009

The earthquake wrecked Padang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

Our prayers always for Bumi Andalas and the people there ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Questions

The questions that the Goddess asks when you play the beginning does matter!

Here, for example, if you answer the three question:

  1. Yes,
  2. Yes,
  3. Yes.

Then the game will be super easy! The people will like you faster than ever, and it'll be easier to get any items from the villager!

So, you can do it like this:

  1. Yes,
  2. Yes,
  3. Yes.

For super easy

  1. Yes,
  2. Yes,
  3. No.

For easy

  1. Yes,
  2. No,
  3. No.

For medium

  1. No,
  2. No,
  3. No.

For hard


I usually pick the super easy because it doesn't take too much time to finish the ending. But sometimes I choose the 'No' three times and I need 6 month or a year to finish it.

Walking Around the Town With My Hamster

Today is a really funny day. I've decided to give ten hamsters of mine (I have about 30) to the petshop for free. So I put them in a blue hamster house and then my Mom and I went to the petshop, Tir** M**. But it was closed. And then we felt hungry, we decided to go to a restaurant. The hamsters will stay in the car while we're eating. But, hey, when we visited Malioboro, it's so hectic the car barely moves! Then we picked another road.

We didn't have many ideas for a restaurant we would visit, all of our favorite restaurants are in the mall, and at this time, we couldn't breath in such a bizarre place. And so ...

We ended up at McD, ordering food at the drive-thru. Well, the french fries tasted better than ever, I don't know if it was because of the cook, or because I was starving.

And, well, the conclusion is, my hamster were just taking a walk through Jogja, oh yes, they had fun. But tomorrow, they have to go ... I'll bringing them to the petshop. =(

Yes, I feel sad, but what can I do? I have so many hamsters and I thought it would be mean, if I keep all of them and not taking care of them. And the hamsters are pregnant again! I have to face the truth that I cannot have more than 30 hamster! Period.

Okay, I'm still sad right now ...


It'll take time for me to forget all that cute faces that is swimming in my head right now ... My hamsters ...

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Marriage

You can marry a girl in harvest moon back to nature, you can have either a happy marriage or a terrible marriage that comes to a divorce-it's your call.

There are 5 girls:
  1. Elli
  2. Mary
  3. Popuri
  4. Karen
  5. Ann


We are talking about the heartmeter, the object that you can see when you talk to a girl. You need to look at the heart to know if the girl that you like will accept your proposal or not (read the blue feather section)

The heartmeter has 7 different kind of heart.

  1. Black : means she doesn't like you and she wants you to leave this place immediately
  2. Purple : means she is a friend of yours
  3. Blue : you're being a close friend to her
  4. Green : you're more than a close friend now
  5. Yellow : she is starting to like you more
  6. Orange : she is almost falling in love with you
  7. Red : she is falling in love deeply with you. Yaay! It's positive!!!!! She'll accepts the blue feather !!!!

Remember, to reach the red heart it takes time and about 90 gifts. Start at the first season at the first year.


Everyone loves blue feather! The day when the girl of your dream has the red heart, there will be a notification (too much facebook, yeah) tells you that there is a blue feather on sale at the Supermarket. It leads us to the understanding that you have to prepare the money when the girls reaches green heart or maybe less!

Then the salesman from china will come to your house too, offering the same blue feather which is much more expensive than the one that is in the supermarket.


After a lot of hard work, finally, the girl accepts your blue feather and she'll marry you! To know if she accepted it or not, check your rucksack. If the blue feather is not there, then the girl already accepted it! Then you shall open your calendar and see the date where there is a heart on it. It is the date of your wedding, don't forget to come to the Church on that date! And don't come late! It's very important!

Well, the real marriage begins ... You'll have a baby boy on the second year and you have to talk to your wife at least everyday (every hour is great too, but I don't do that ^_^) or her heart will descends and it's just the matter of time until the left you and return to her previous house. You can't marry again, because there is only one blue feather and you used it to marry your ex-wife! That is sad ...


Besides preparing your money to buy the blue feather, you have to prepare your money and lumbers to up-grade your house because a girl wouldn't marry you unless you a big and nice house.

And you have rival! Oh yes, each girl have the other guy that likes them too, and if you wait until winter to make your move, you get nothing and no one! So be fast and be brave ...

Every girls will have their own events and you need to pick the right answer to their question or the heart will descends ...

When you are married to a girl, you cannot go to a festival with another girl. You're a loyal husband, aren't you?


Harvest Moon Back to Nature - for PS2

I'm very curious right now ...

Is there someone out there who reached 100%?

Please tell me! Don't be shy to raise your hand ... ^_^ Such a super great achievement for you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Basket

You have to buy a basket if you want one, you can buy it at the Supermarket. I think the price is 3000 G.
Basket is an item that you use to keep the items that you want to sell. Once you put an item in the basket, you can't take it out, so be careful. Example, if you have an egg an you put it in the basket when actually you don't want to sell it, you cannot take it out.
Basket can hold 30 items, it's a great thing when you're digging at the mine, so you don't have to waste your time putting all the ores in the bin. But remember, at the end of the day before Zack comes, you have to put everything in the bin. How? First, bring your basket close to the bin. Second, hit X when you're standing in front of the bin while holding the basket. The way to know is it working or not is by holding your basket and hit start, then hit the rectangle button, if the amount of item is 0, it means all your items are now in the bin.
You cannot put items that are not for sale in the bin. The item will ends up on the ground and disappear right away.
Be careful when you dig at the winter mine, don't forget to bring out your basket when you're finish, especially on the last day of winter. If you forget, then you'll have to spend 3 seasons--until it's winter again--without your basket.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature : Stamina

It's been a while since I write post about Harvest Moon Back to Nature ... So I pick the topis stamina.

Sometimes when you're working too hard, your character will show signs that he is tired. First, he will stand and look exhausted, the second time he'll pull his handkerchief and then he'll pull his handkerchief again, and the fourth time, he'll pass out. When he passes out, you'll end up at the clinic and lost a day.

What you can do to gain stamina:
  1. Spend an hour in the hot springs
  2. Eat something
  3. Sleep
  4. Try to get power berry

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Kitchen

You can build a kitchen if you have 10.000 G
Go to the carpenter's house and click the piece of paper on the table. The option is dog's house and a kitchen.
The carpenter will need a day to build your kitchen, but it's worth the time, because you can change the milk into yogurt or cheese.
Why you need to build a kitchen?
Kitchen is not a key to achieve any ending, but for myself, I love cooking in my kitchen and give it to person I want to finish the ending with, and of course, like I wrote in the previous post, you can get a lot of energy by eating something that you cook.
Of course, sometimes you make bad food, just give it to your dog. He'll eat it and it doesn't change his heart for you!
In reality, I'm not a cooking expert, but I love to eat! Hehe. I prefer to eat rice than snacks, I don't know why but I don't like snacks very much. I love steak, but I prefer Indonesian food such as palumara, ayam betutu, karedok and nasi goreng.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Cooking

Cooking is not the main thing in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, but sure it's fun! It's a great way to please people, gain friends and gives you a lot of energy more than if you eat a fruit or herb.

In this post, I don't write about the recipe, but where you could sell your master piece!

  1. Cheese : Sunny Garden Cafe for 150 G
  2. Cranberry, Mixed Berry and Very Berry Jam : Sunny Garden Cafe for 100 G, 80 G and 80 G
  3. Yogurt : Sunny Garden Cafe & Ronald Supermarket for 350 G
  4. Blueberry Jam : Sunny Garden Cafe for 150 G

This a good way to earn money, especially when you cook the cranberry and blueberry into jam, it sells better than if you sell the fruit! Gwen loves homemade jam too, so that's a plus.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Super Secret Tips

I've decided to write this post because I think it's been too long to keep this secret to myself.
Maybe some of you already know this secret, and please correct me if I'm wrong!
So, keep reading and keep playing!
  1. The Harvest Sprite's house : it is in your farm, on the right side of the barn. You can check the dates of the full moon here.
  2. Fullmoon fruit : look for it behind the bar near the lake. It only grows at full moon, so you may want to check the dates in Harvest Sprite's house
  3. Throw a dog to the lake. You'll find something special when you fish!
  4. Throw a chicken to the lake. Then try to catch a can. You'll be surprised.
  5. Take a fodder from Bob's farm when you have your part-time job. Feed it to your animals ...
  6. If you desperately want the fishing rod, go to the lake twice at Tuesday or Thursday. You'll get a fishing rod from Joe!
  7. If you want a little bit of romance in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (you can't have a marriage in this game) try to finish the ending 'Cake Contest'.
  8. There is a secret place in the Villa.
  9. You can lost your dog one day, then usually Lila will find it. Lila might dislike you because of this event, but try to give her flowers as many as you can. Then she'll help you to finish an ending.
  10. When you sleep after you worked hard and the face in the Start menu turns blue, there is 60% you'll get sick and spend the rest of the day sleeping in your house.
  11. When you be friended with Katie, she'll visit and cook for you when you're sick.
  12. When you be friended with Tom, he'll visit you when you're sick.
  13. Gwen is the character you can be friended with to finish two endings, but you can't finish two of them at the same time.

Thirteen secrets for you guys! Hope they help ...

Anyone planning to visit Bali? E-mail me! I'll give you the list of places you can visit in Bali ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Items from Van

Van visits the village at 3 and 8 every month except when it's raining. He buys things from you and you can negotiate about the price, but you can't haggle for a lower price when you buy something from him.

In this post, it is about the items you can buy from Van. Enjoy reading!

  1. Puzzle: this is just for fun. Nothing special and there is no need to buy this item for any events.
  2. Blue ball: you can train your dog with this blue ball
  3. Car: it is not a real car! ^^ it's a miniature of car ...
  4. Brush: you'll need this to take care of your cows/horse/sheep. Better of you buy a brush, because your horse will gain hearts, sheep will has golden wool and cows will produce better milk.
  5. Record: just for fun. But it's great to hear your farm singing. =)
  6. Fishing rod: this is great! Buy this fishing rod and you'll get more money than if you don't!
  7. Red medicine
  8. Blue medicine
  9. Green medicine
  10. Doll
  11. Furniture
  12. Goat: goat is not my favorite animal ... But you can earn some money if you buy a goat ...
  13. Carpet (2)
  14. Carpet (3) : use this to decorate your house

I just bathed my dog, Choky von Pearl. Did you know that people want to pay Rp 300.000,00 only to have a puppy from him? Oh yes, I heard that from a friend of mine. Once Choky is big enough to marry a female dog, people will come and ask Choky to marry their dogs so that they can get a certificate, because Choky has a certificate. Interesting ... ^_^

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How To Take Care of Your Chicken

Chicken is the key for the 'Cake Contest' ending. You'll need a golden egg!

You can buy a chicken from Bob's farm, it's 500 G. Or you can buy an egg in the supermarket @ 50 G but you need to wait four days to have a chicken. I always buy an egg in the supermarket, it's much cheaper. Besides, I'm not in any hurry. After you have a chicken, you can put her egg in the incubator to hatch another chicken! I love that ...

You need to buy chicken feed too, it costs for 10 G per chicken feed. But better you use it only for rainy days, so you need to take your chickens out on sunny days. It's not good for them to spend all their days in the chicken coop ...

You can check your chicken's health by picking them up and try to talk with them. If your chicken is sick, you need to buy a medicine. It's from my personal experience, buy at least 2 animal medicine, because Bob only sells one medicine each day. So if two of your chickens are sick, you can cure both of them!

You cannot sell sick chickens. Healthy chickens sells for 300 G.

When you take a good care at your chicken, it'll lay golden egg! Hurray !!! Take care of that egg! Don't put it in the incubator! It's not worth it ... You need to keep it carefully, and don't throw it! (oh, yes, I throw one of them because I'm so curious. Silly me.)


Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Checking Tools

Do you have it or do you not? ^_^

Collecting tools is fun when you have the list!


So here it is, THE LIST

Watering can : use it to water your plants. Check the amount of water by pressing SELECT. Fill the water in the well next to your house.


Hoe : there is no mine in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, but you can use the hoe to dig the ground in front of your house. Don't use it for your dog!


Sickle : use this to cut grass and it will automatically turn into a fodder in the bar.


Milker : buy this from Louis if you want it for your cow. Can only be use for cows! The price is 1800 G


Brush : great tool to increase your animal's heart and happiness!


Fishing rod : first, be friended with Joe.


Super fishing rod : you can buy it from Louis, costs for 4500 G


Medicine : medicine for you, animal medicine and cow miracle potion


Super sickle : careful with this! It cuts 3 times than the normal sickle, so make sure your animals are save!


Chicken feed : buy it from Bob, it costs 10 G and you can only have 99 of them.


Try to collect them all! But don't forget to pick one ending ... ^_^

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - About Weather

First of all ...
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri
1430 H
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin
Okay ... I want to apologize for my absents .... Well, I cannot give you any good enough reason, but I'm so so so sorry ... It's almost a month I haven't write anything yet, so here it is:
In Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, there are 3 types of weather:
Rainy ==> if the TV shows 100%, then prepare for everything the day before! Take care of
your animals and don't be suprise if sometimes your crops get blown away by the wind ... After all, that is one of the risk in taking care of plants ... Right?
If you have a dog or maybe cows and plants, you have to save them! After all, this is Harvest Moon Save The Homeland ...
First, if you have a dog, then you can send it to his house when it's raining (if you already built it, if you haven't, visit the carpenter's house and look at the piece of paper on the table) or--this is better--if you already trained your dog, it can help you to send all your cows to the barn!
Methods ... :
  1. You need a flute to train your dog. Be friended with Louis.
  2. Then, train your dog with the flute, (it's in 'tools' in your rucksack) until he'll be able to send all the cows to the barn. It takes time! Be patient ...

Your dog can even helps you when you come home late and all the cows are sleeping, he can wake them up without making them mad and send them immediately to the barn!
Thank you for your attention ...
and thank you for reading this part ...
and this part too ...
Well, and this part as well ...
Honestly, I'm really really sorry for not posting ANYTHING for almost a month!
Mohon maaf ...
Keep smiling and keep loving

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World : What Can You Do With 120 Flowers

You can sell it to Van! He will give you 1,000 G. It's a pretty good way for raising money! ^_^

I just got back to Jogja, where Choky von Pearl, my lovely new friend greet me with his grinning-dog smile. He looks like Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo, I think ... <3 <3 <3 Choky! My harvest moon dog ...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Harvest Moon Diary

On 1st of August 2009, I went to Surabaya, entering Golden Piano Competition in Somerset Hotel. It went perfectly great! I love all the pianists ... They really show some talents ... And thanks for Mrs. Andriana for sending all the registration forms and administration for me in Bali. Thank you for Mrs. Fanny, guiding me for the registrations in Surabaya ... ^_^

I played Chopin, Nocturne Op. 9, such an amazing song!

Thank you for all of my friends who have prayed for me through out the competition ... And big thanks for Oma, you've made my day! Thank you for all the supports and kissess and prayers and jokes and hugs from Mommy ...

BIGGEST AND DEEPEST THANKS FOR JESUS CHRIST!! Without YOU I would never be able to touch the piano or even dream about it! Thank you GOD!!

All the harvest moon fans, thanks for supporting!! I kept checking The Harvest Moon Stuff from my phone while I'm in Surabaya, but sorry for not writing any post ... >_<

Here are some pictures from the competition and me in Surabaya ... Feel free to take a look!

This is my trophy ...

Once again, thank you Jesus ....

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Urgent Money

Do you know what 'halo' means in Indonesia? It's hello! So I think it's pretty cute, you say 'halo' to people, like you're saying they are angels. Hohoho ...

Well, I got this post from my friend, she asked me about urgent money. She can't find the cheat and she asked how can she gets money from the normal way.

Sometimes, if you start in the very beginning, there are few needs that are expensive for you. But if you think you need it so badly, or maybe you'll use it to gain more money, then here are some tips for you:

  1. Sell your cow. Then buy a cow the next year, but don't buy a cow right away after you sold the cow!!
  2. Go fishing for two days. Do not sleep. Do not eat. Then sell it to Van.
  3. Collect all the flowers and all the fruit. Sell it to Van and don't give any to the girls. Then on the third month, give flowers to the girl you like until her she has 2 or 3 hearts.
  4. Don't eat. Maybe it can slow you a little bit, so instead of working in the mine, go fishing. It's less exhausting for you and your hungry stomach. LOL.
  5. Milk your cow twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon.
  6. Go to sleep at 09.00 pm. Wake up around 5.00 am or 6.00 am and start working. I've calculated it and you can have more money if you work at this hour.
  7. People do this kind of mistake: visiting the forest too early on the next day after they collected all of the fruit yesterday. Sometimes the fruit and flowers won't grow. It means you've lost fruit and flowers for one day.
  8. Don't drink milk. I've written this in my posts and still, I think it's very important. Don't drink milk. It's not worth the price.

Lots of hugs for You've came back guys! Now show your blogger power!!!

And of course, lots of hugs for all the harvest moon fans!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


For 9 people who passed away from suicide bombs in JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel, Indonesia ...
We hope you'll rest in peace ...

"You are alive, in the heart of people who loves you."

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Dog and Rain

I was confused when it's raining and I have to feed my dog. It has a house, but I don't really trust that house. ^_^ I don't want my dog to be sick ...

So, the easiest way is to fill the dog's bowl and let him be. Or take him into the house. He'll be okay. =)

You probably want to read the post about taking care of your dog when he is sick!

P.S: Thanks for all the Harvest Moon fans that routinely read my posts, I really appreciate it, and I hope you're happy with my posts. I'll be really happy if you suggest me some ideas and questions to make The Harvest Moon Stuff more colorful. GBU ...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Legendary Fish

To catch a legendary fish:

Go to the beach on Summer and toss a little fish into the sea. Don't move, then fish in the exact spot where you threw the little fish. If you're lucky, you'll get the legendary fish.

Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life has 36.157 fans ... Not including me.
Harvest Moon has 2.399 fans ...
Harvest Moon Group has 1.191 members not including me ... Should I join?

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Another Fishing Rod

It's true you have to come see the fisher to get a fishing rod, but if you want the better fishing rod, collect 50 fishes in your pond and then the fisher will come to your house and say "whoa, that's a lot of fish" and he'll gives you the better fishing rod.

The key to save your fishes during winter is to take all of them into the refrigerator. Do not cook it, do not give it to anyone, don't do anything until it's spring again, and then put all fishes back to the pond. They will not die. Trust me. ^_^

Does harvest moon has a facebook? I'll check it!

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Power Berry

You'll need power berry to build a two-story house and win the swimming competition on Summer. It's not the most important thing in Harvest Moon Back To Nature but yes it's fun to have! You can have a power berry from the mine if you dig randomly, but this is my favorite:

toss 3 cucumbers in the lake on Winter
But maybe you'll need another power berry from the mine or maybe when you are fishing because winter comes after summer, so it's too late to win the swimming competition (except you wait for next year)
I took a quiz and it said I'm a nerd. Really?

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Mystery Quest

What is mystery quest? Honestly, I don't know. But reading this question in Yahoo, I decided to write about the mystery quest in Harvest Moon Back To Nature ...

You can up-grade your house into two story house, but you need to ...:

  1. Earn all the items in Harvest Moon Back To Nature including power berry, legendary fish etc.
  2. Fill your chicken coop, barn, etc until they are full.
  3. Sell all the items until it's 999
  4. The year is more than 9 years in Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Then, the carpenter will come to your house and ask if he can build a two story house for you. It's free!

But you must not use game-shark, the system will not work that way ...

Happy Harvest Moon!

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Cooking Utensils

Some recipes will need few cooking utensils that you don't have and the villagers won't give you one. The only way is to buy it. You can buy it from the seller in the town, they will send it to you right away when you call them.

First, watch the shopping channel on your TV on Saturday, then check what they sell that day. They only sell one utensil a day. Then go to the inn and use the phone to call the market in town, if you buy it you'll receive it in your home and they will charge you based on how much the cooking utensil costs (they will tell the price on TV) Happy shopping! Best regards from BaliTidBits ...

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Chicken Problemo

Outside is raining, there's nothing left to feed your chicken, Poultry's Farm is closed. Now what should you do???

Well, you can:

  1. Leave your chicken be. They won't give you eggs, but you don't feed them, so that's fair.
  2. Bring it to Popuri's house

I prefer bringing my chickens to Popuri's house ... Enjoy playing harvest moon!

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - UpGrade Your Farm

You'll need to up-grade your farm if you want to marry a girl. She won't marry you until you up-grade everything except the glass house. And how to up-grade your farm?

All you need to do is go to the carpenter house on a work-hour, and ask him to up-grade your farm, he will need lumber and money to up-grade your farm. You can collect the lumber and give it to him to up-grade your house, chicken coop, barn, build a glass house, or you can buy lumber from him, but it will cost you a lot. So, if you have the time and stamina you better start collecting lumber by cutting the trees using your tool. Enjoy up-grading! =)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Girl's Heart

My friend asked me a question and then I did a little experiment and this is the result:

In giving presents to the girl that you like, sometimes you cannot give her favorite thing to her, so maybe you'll give something that she doesn't like, but not hate. The question is, will she hates you? (Decreasing heart meter) Nope. Her heart meter won't change. So I think it would be worthless to give a girl present that she doesn't like!

Try to pick one girl and give her all her favorite presents, then when her heart meter already reached three hearts, stop. Wait until the end of the year, and she'll come to your house, confessing about her feelings, and it will be GAME OVER if you don't marry her, so marry her when she confesses her feelings for you ... I have tried it in PS 2 ^_^

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - What You Can Do In Chapter 2

Year 2 or the next chapter when you finished 4 seasons is called Chapter 2 ... And there are things that you can do in Chapter 2 that you cannot do yet in Chapter 1, few things like:

  1. Get married with the girl you chose and fought for ^_^
  2. Having a child (boy or girl), but only ONE child.
  3. Influence your child's job
  4. Death of Nina
  5. Play the game about brushing Nina's grave ...
  6. Meet the new family next to Chris' house
  7. Watch the kids grow ...
  8. Bigger mine for you to dig
  9. Have a fishing rod from Gallen
  10. Have duck(s)
  11. Etc

Harvest Moon Diary

Hello ... And sorry ... I'm so sorry I haven't post for 13 days! I'm in Jogja, and Pak Ali just finished repairing my computer ... Thank you Pak! Don't really know what is the problem ... But my computer is healthy as it can be right now! Hehehe ...

I just read second comment in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Azure Flower Ending, I already wrote in the comment box for anonymous ... Please read it!

In this post I won't give you any Harvest Moon tips ... Because I think I need a whole post to write about my days in Jakarta. I love Jakarta, I really do, but I just can't stand watching all that traffic from my window ... It even gets worst if I'm in a cab or something! But I bought piano books that I'll never find in Yogya or even Bali! So that really cheers me up.

Did I tell you that I went to Jakarta for preparing my aunt's wedding? Well, not necessarily preparing, but I think I helped! Hehe ... ^_^ Love you Auntie!! I think I have to ask my aunt first if I want to upload her photo ... Anyway, her apartment is beautiful! It's so cute ... Anyone who enter that room will want to decorate it ... It's so "decorable"! =)

My details in Jakarta:
Woke up ==> Ate breakfast with Papa (my Mom skipped breakfast) ==> Went to Taman Anggrek, met my auntie, uncle, oma, opung, and uncle-soon-to-be. ==> Ate @ Sapo ==> Bought Tokubetsu ==> Found clay miniature ==> Bought clothes ==> Spent time in J.Co (Papa's fav) ==> Went to aunt's apartment ==> Slept @ 1.00 am

Woke up @ 07.00 am ==> Ate breakfast with Papa (again, my Mom skipped breakfast) ==> Went to ...

We kept the same schedule for the next five days (but we visitted different places) and I realized my Mom had breakfast only for one day ... Why she hates breakfast in hotel? I don't know ... And why did I only need six hours to sleep in Jakarta but eight hours in Bali? And six hours in Yogya too... I never use alarm in Jakarta and Yogya! Weird? Yes. Just when I need to wake up fast and go to school ... I look like a vampire with big eyes ... (~__~ )

I think that's it for the diary ... Thank you for reading !!! ^_^

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Cow

I write a full post about cow! Hope you like it!

In the beginning, Takakura gave you a cow and you have to take care of it: milk it, brush it, feed it. After you raise your money, you can buy another cow from Takakura, just write it down in the shipping room. Takakura will give you a cow on the next day.

You have to feed a cow with a fodder twice a day, a healthy cow eats twice a day, if your cow won't eat until afternoon, you have to put a fodder in your hand and give it directly to your cow.

Grass is main food of your cow, don't forget to control the grass with fertilizer, the grass will grow in 13 days. You can check the amount of your fodder in the barn, next to the fodder bin. You can put a fodder into the bin by cutting the grass in your pasture. Once you cut it, it will automatically deliver itself to the fodder bin ^_^


Don't try to check the whole pasture! It's useless, if you don't give fertilizers, your grass won't grow itself. You can watch your cow dies, or you can BUY a fodder from Takakura, but IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE (200 G). After you bought it from Takakura, don't forget to buy fertilizer!


Hit the red button. There is a red button in the barn, if you hit it, your cow(s) will go to the pasture. If you hit a red button outside the barn, your cow(s) will go to the barn.


You can check green board in the barn.


Buy a medicine from Takakura! (200 G) I suggest if you already have enough money, buy one medicine just in case, if your animal get sick. Don't put a sick cow in the pasture.

P.S: Try not to sell the first cow in the beginning because it gives you milk! It's not funny if you sell the first cow and then buy another cow the next day.

You can raise money just from milking the cow! So take care of your cow! Romana likes it too! If you give milk to Romana, you'll get a cat etc ... (read Villager's Gift in previous post)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Sheep

You don't own a sheep in the first play, but you can buy it from Takakura.

How To Take Care of Sheep:
It's not complicated, it's like taking care of cow! It needs fodder, and you need to take it out to the pasture on sunny days.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is you have to BRUSH it, and BATHE it. And you need a scissor too! Then, it will gives you a white/golden wool. Golden wool is the greatest quality of sheep's wool. It's sale for 720 G.

Take care of your sheep(s)!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Duck

You can only have a duck once you get married AND already built a pon AND have more than 3 chickens in the chicken coop.

If you want to get a duck, wake up later than your wife and she will tell you that a duck came this morning and ask you to keep it. If you say yes, she'll be happy. Then, the duck will follow you into the chicken coop

After you own a duck, if you put the egg in an incubator, it can be a chick or a duck. There is no differences between duck's egg and chicken's egg.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Fishes

According to the book that I bought and fishes that I caught, these are the fishes:

  1. Small Colombo - 10 G

  2. Colombo - 20 G

  3. Big Colombo - 40 G

  4. Super Colombo - 100 G

  1. Small Snelt - 20 G

  2. Snelt - 30 G

  3. Big Snelt - 60 G

  4. Super Snelt - 100 G

  1. Small Nyamame - 50 G

  2. Nyamame - 60 G

  3. Big Nyamame - 130 - 156 G

  4. Super Nyamame - 200 - 240 G

  1. Small Huchen - 60 G

  2. Huchen - 90 G

  3. Big Huchen - 170 - 204 G

  4. Super Huchen - 250 - 300 G

  1. Small Rainbob - 70 G

  2. Rainbob - 80 G

  3. Big Rainbob - 150 - 180 G

  4. Super Rainbob - 500 - 600 G

  1. Small Yamada - 300 - 360 G

  2. Yamada - 500 - 600 G

  3. Big Yamada -

  4. Super Yamada - 2.000 - 2.400 G

  1. Small Arna - 300 - 360 G

  2. Arna - 405 - 486 G

  3. Big Arna - 800 - 960 G

  4. Super Arna -

  1. Small Yamame -

  2. Yamame - 500 - 600 G

  3. Big Yamame -

  4. Super Yamame -

If there is no price, it means it's not for sale!

Go Harvest Moon !!! ^o^

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Rain

In Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, you can't stop the rain though you enter the room etc. Some tips when it's raining:

  1. Go fishing, you'll get a big fish!
  2. Dig in front of your house, you'll get more when it's raining
  3. Don't pick up your dog! It usually gets mad.
  4. No part-time in Brown's Farm
  5. Put your cow(s) in the barn

But careful, you need to check your health status (press start in PS 2) and eat something before you get sick tomorrow. I got sick for digging non-stop when it's raining, and I'm working on The Cake Contest ending, because I already be friended with Katie, she visited me and cooked for me. When I'm working on Hidden Treasure and got sick, Tim came to my house! It's sweet ....

You can check the weather for tomorrow in the TV, unless it's raining badly and the TV will show you gray dots ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Sleeping

Sometimes I wonder if there is an exact time for your character to go to sleep, but I'm still searching right now, and I think, it's not the time that matters, it's the activity.

His sleep duration depends on his activity today!

I think this is my shortest post ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - When It's Raining

Well, first post while I'm in Jogja ... I just got here yesterday, but this morning my grandma/opung called my Mom and we ended up meeting in Jakarta. I'm speechless. I just got to Jogja and I didn't sleep the night before I hit the airport! My Mom said I look like "celepuk" LOL.

Anyway, I already planned everything I want to do with my Mom in Jakarta. I prefer not to bring my clay with me, and so I will hit PS 2 stores! They got the coolest one in Jakarta, I'll be there! If there is anyone who knows another cool places where they sell PS 2 games, please tell me! Thanks before ... ^_^

About Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, most of my friends ask me how to stop the rain, but I found that raining isn't that bad, it can water your plants and save your energy, and you'll find bigger fishes than when you fish on sunny days.

But if you really want to stop the rain, I suggest you'd better go to the mines and dig the ground maybe twice or three times and then go out. The rain will stops. It's not always 100%, but it's the only way I know ...

I'll write a list why my friends hate it when it's raining

  1. If it's raining on 3d or 8th, Van won't come

  2. You have to put your animal in the barn and that means fodder!

  3. It's harder to get a cut-scene when it's raining than when it's sunny

  4. Sometimes your plant can die if it won't stop raining

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How to Get A Dog, A Horse and A Part-Time Job

I really appreciate the creator for giving the dog and not cat, because I don't like cat! Well, if the cat just sits in front of my house, that is okay ... I would probably feed it. But just that, nothing more.

So, first, TO GET A DOG:

Put a weed in the dog's plate next to your house, and then if you enter your house and go out again, you'll might find a dog, if you walk to him he'll run. That's good. Make him run to a fence or anything that cannot make him runaway, then hit X. If he is your dog, there will be an option saying "Keep this dog?" keep trying, it may not work in the first try.


Go to Brown's farm, and ask Bob in store for a part-time, then like I wrote before, milk the cow, put the fodder in the barn and brush ONLY ONE HORSE that you like. When Bob decides to give you a horse, it will be the one that you like!


Ask Bob in the store in Brown's farm before evening. You cannot do a part-time when it's dark and the fee is based on how is your work, how long, and have you milked the cow, take care of that fodder and horses.

N.B: When you get a horse, it means you can finish the Horse Race ending!

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - More About Azure Flower

Hello! I'm writing again after celebrating my birthday! Yaay! Oh yes, you are reading the posts of 14 years old girl, not 13 anymore ... There are so many memories, I don't realize a year just flew like that!

This is the picture of my father and I (my mom is the photographer)

Simple and sweet, I don't really like loud party or anything like that, besides my friends are in Jogja, and I'm in Bali right now.

That is my house, weird, isn't? I'd love to show you photo of my Harvest Moon home in Jogja. ^_^

Well, back to Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - More About Azure Flower:
I just got the very-first comment from anonymous, and the question is about the seed in The Azure Flower ...

Yes, to plant Azure you need the seed and you got it from Lila (read the previous post, The Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Azure Flower). To plant it, you need to go to the soil ground at the Goddess' pond. Go to that soil ground, stand in front of it and select a hoe, then dig ONE time. There will be an option, "Do you want to plant the seed?" You have to say yes, because the seed is in the key item, you cannot take it by yourself.

this is my personal experience, but if you really want to complete the game by using Azure Flower ending, try not to dig the soil ground in Harvest Goddess' pond until you have the seed, because I've tried to plant the seed after I dig it about 20 times in different days, and the option won't come out. So I dig the ground when I already have the seed.
I hope this helps!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Villagers Gift

Just got home from the airport, and yes, still in Bali, I still cannot decide when should I go to Jogja. Anyway, I love writing about this topic! It is about the villagers gift for YOU. If you give a villager a present, he/she will give something to you that you cannot buy neither from Van or Takakura (there is one exception though). But you can still sell it! I prefer not to, if we calculate how many presents we have to give to the villagers and then sell their gift to someone, it doesn't cover our expenses.

Starting from ...
  1. Takakura: he will give you a special talking plant named Tartan, you can make Dhibe, a really special seed and the fruit is very expensive! Before he gives Tartan, he will give you a horse (don't need to give him a present for this) in the first chapter/The Beginning in summer. Try not to buy anything from him, then Takakura will give you a horse on 1st of Summer (if you order or sell something from the shipping room, he will give you a horse on 8th of Summer)
  2. Vesta: the weird hoe. You can use this hoe, so it's useful.
  3. Marlin: I don't know yet, but I remember my friend told me that Marlin gave her something ...
  4. Celia: - (her heart! ^_^)
  5. Ruby: the spice, and a recipe.
  6. Tim: weird hoe, same like Vesta
  7. Rock: -
  8. Nami: -
  9. Griffin: Marine Jazz Record
  10. Muffy: -
  11. Nina: a recipe
  12. Gallen: fishing rod (can only be given in the second chapter/A Birth)
  13. Hugh: -
  14. Chris: -
  15. Wallie: wool cutter (or something like that, sorry, I have no idea what is the name of that thing)
  16. Patrick: various things, if you play the traditional chess with him AND WIN.
  17. Kassey: same like Patrick
  18. Cody: some kind of statue, and a weird sickle he found near the sea
  19. Daryl: fertilizer maker (this one is the exception, you can buy it from Takakura, TRY TO GET IT FROM DARYL! It's cheaper)
  20. Romana: a cat, a watering can, a piano score
  21. Sebastian: a recipe
  22. Lumina: -

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Harvest Moon Diary II

This is the picture I wrote about in the previous post!

Tadaa!! Wow, I have to give a compliment to Badan Lingkungan Hidup Jogjakarta for always having a creative idea! The toilet! Hahaha ... I just love Jogja, the town is so peaceful, creative and full of art!

And here is Benteng Vrederburg ...


Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Hard Deciding Who Should You Marry?

Most of my friends love to raise their money, but when it comes to wife, they are very confused, they like all the girls! Me too! Muffy is energetic, and Lumina is sooo sweet. So, I made up a simple quiz! Enjoy!

Rules: Each answer has it own score, for example; no. 1;10 + no.2; 30 + no.3 ...
1. You want your child to be:
a. a farmer (10)
b. a musician (40)
c. a scholar (30)
d. an athlete (10)

2. Describe your favorite girl in one word:
a. cool (30)
b. energetic (10)
c. sweet (40)
d. caring (20)

3. Your favorite object is :
a. piano (40)
b. statue from the mine (30)
c. seed (20)
d. red dress (10)

4. You want to focus on
a. love life (40)
b. money (10)
c. family (20)
d. intelligency (30)

5. You love visitting
a. the inn (30)
b. the bar (10)
c. villa (40)
d. seed market (20)

And the result is ...

50-90 : MUFFY
You should marry Muffy if ou want an energetic girl next to you, and probably if you want to focus in raising money, Muffy doesn't cost a lot of money!

100-120 : CELIA
This sweet girl from Vesta's farm will be happy to help you with your plants if you wake up later that she is. Celia's child is the most lovable child while he/she is a teenager.

150-160 : NAMI
Calm and peaceful, your life will be in a total zen if you married Nami, but your child can be a little shy just like her mother ...

190-200 : LUMINA
The youngest bride, her child will love music but not very helpful in the farm.

Hope this helps! And please tell me your result in the comment box! Thanks!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - THE VILLAGERS

Hello! I'm in Bali now, waiting for my mom to finish her work, and I'll catch the earliest flight to Jogja! Haha! Ehem ... Because I left my PS 2 AND PS 1 in Jojga, I have nothing to do here in Bali except playing piano, finishing my cross-stitch and probably watch 90210. So ... About the villagers in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World ... They are :

  1. You

  2. Takakura

  3. Vesta

  4. Marlin

  5. Celia*

  6. Ruby

  7. Tim

  8. Rock

  9. Nami*

  10. Griffin

  11. Muffy*

  12. Nina

  13. Gallen

  14. Hugh

  15. Chris

  16. Wallie

  17. Patrick

  18. Kassey

  19. Cody

  20. Daryl

  21. Romana

  22. Sebastian

  23. Lumina*

* is the girl that you can marry, but of course, you should be friended with other villagers too, because some characters will give you certain items that you cannot buy from Takakura or even Van!

There will be new character in Year 2, A Birth, and they will give you a gift too! I'll give you a very useful tip I always use when it comes to accepting gifts.

When you already give the villagers things they like and they alwats turn their heads when they see you, it's time to accepting their gifts!

Follow them when they are entering a room/a house (usually their houses), then you'll get a cut-scene

Or you can stand in front of the door and hit X (O for Japan) when he/her is trying to get out. You'll get a cut-scene!

I'd love to show you the photo I mentioned in the previous post, but because I'm in Bali and the internet network is soooooo slloooow ... So I have to wait until I get back to Jogja. Everytime I try to upload the photo, the internet stops working! Grrhh .. Well, next week I'll be in Jogja! There'll be a lot of posts!!!! ^_^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MYTH from Harvest Moon A Wonderful World

While having a chatty-chat with my friends, someone popped up a question; "Is it true that you cannot have a daughter if you marry Lumina or Nami?"

So I decided to write about Myth from Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, there are few things that people believe will ruin the game, like that Lumina and Nami case ... So, hope you enjoy this post!

  1. You can marry Muffy, Nami, Celia and Lumina too (in PS 2) and you can have a daughter.
  2. THE GRASS WON'T GROW IT SELF! Use fertilizer from Vesta's shop
  3. Yes, you're cow can be sick if you don't feed it, and they can die too. There's no reason why it won't die, right?
  4. The girl DO hates you if you pick the wrong answer in a Cut-Scene. So careful!
  5. When you walk and you see the villager turn his/her head, then they like you, it's a HINT. Use it to know when you will receive certain gifts from the villager.
  6. You DON'T have to give the girl you like her favorite thing, sometimes when you're out of stock, just give her mugwort (but not fodder!) and she'll be happy. Just keep giving her present everyday.
  7. See the weird building in your farm that you cannot enter? The creator of the game made it so that we can use it, be he changed his mind and took the function but he left the house.
  8. Many people say you can't negotiate with Van if he refuses it three times. THAT'S FALSE! I've tried and it works! Though I click Van about 15 times, but it works!

And about wife, some people say that they're all the same, but it's not true. Muffy is the easiest to get and Lumina is the hardest. So, it's Muffy-Celia-Nami-Lumina

I have to go to the airport now, flight to Bali. But I'll be writing some fun stuff about Harvest Moon and some new tips! So keep in touch!

*Blinking* Wow, I will upload the photo of this toilet in Jogja/Benteng Vrederburg. Haha ...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Eating in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World

I think my character is healthy and strong, but sometimes he will get dizzy if he works too hard and his stomach will make a sound "Grouuu ..."

My friend told me to buy energizer from Van or drink at Griffin's Bar but it doesn't really work. I prefer Tiny Yamame or Huchep. NEVER DRINK MILK! And in my strategy, I give milk to Romana after I'm rich and have more than three cows. Then she will give me

  1. A Cat
  2. A Watering Can
  3. A Piano Score

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - FISHING TIPS

I have tips for fishing in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, I spent 2 days in Harvest Moon for fishing. It makes a lot of money! So whenever I need extra cash, I will fish!

  1. When you swing your rod, hit L1 and R1 until the fish bite the lure. It really works!
  2. Stay for two days in the Spring to fish Big Arna, worth 800-900 G! Don't forget to hit L1 and R1
  3. If you want a lot of fish, go fishing in the stream, but if you want Arna, go fish in the Spring, and the pond near Daryl's house for ShaShark. My friend once caught ShaShark but she spent two days to catch one.

Hope this helps!

My Diary

My friend lost her wallet in Bali and she thinks it's because she saw a money, Rp 1.000,00 and it belongs to Leak (ancient spirit, created by a man that have magical spirit). I wonder, does my friend can see Leak? Because there is Nyepi, the day when we have to keep silent, can't use water, light and fire. We cannot work or communicate with each other, and some people say that the man practices his magical power by sending Leak to the street at Nyepi night.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World (If You Leave The Village)


Whatever you do, don't leave the village!!! If you follow Chris, she always walks to the town. Don't follow her! Three Harvest Spirits will stop you, but if you force them 3 times, they will give up and allow you to go to the town and ...


Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - HORSE RACE

Level : Easy

When you got a horse from Bob (I wrote tips about getting a horse in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Tips), take a VERY good care of it and give it a good name (my friend told me this) such as Faith, Love, Win etc ... Then go to Bob's farm and never mind the part-time, it's time to focus with the horse race! Talk to Bob and he'll offer you a horse race training. Come to his farm on Tuesday to challenge Gwen. When you win from Gwen, Bob will say that you're ready, and he'll send your horse to the race.

Bob and Gwen then will come to your house and tell you that your horse win the race, and the village will not be destroyed. Then the credits will appeared about the time you have spent with your horse, and your effort to practice ... *softly crying* the ending is very touching ...

I'm so sorry, but I can't write The Treasure Hunt I and The Treasure Hunt II ending because my friends and I still working on it. We're not really sure, but we think these endings are really hard! You have to plant special seeds and I messed it up! So I have to play it over and over again .. *Sigh* If someone out there knows how these endings work, please tell me!

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE GODDESS DRESS

Level : Easy

Be friended with the girl in the villa (not Dia) what's her name? Hmm ... I think it's Gina. Be friended with Louis too, he will help you in selling the silk thread (you have to buy it).

Gina is designing a clothes for winning the fashion competition in Flowerbud (where you came from) and she asks for your help. All you need to do is visit the Harvest Spirits and she'll thread the silk thread (buy it from Louis), then Gina will take it and win the competition.

Then, for the ending, Gina and you will become more closer and I even think that my character has a crush on Gina! Maybe ... ^_^ I wish I can marry someone in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE ENDANGEREED WEASEL

Level : Medium

I think the hardest part in this ending is making Gwen likes you. She's a really tough and cool girl, she acts like she doesn't need you. Give her home-made jam.

Pot + 3x blueberries
Then, when you visit here, there will be a cut-scene about a weasel, you'll work with Gwen. The weasel is quite cute!
I just bought from Studio One:
  1. Harvest Moon Back To Nature for PC,
  2. Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town
  3. Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - CAKE CONTEST

Level : Medium

It's easy when you already have golden egg and golden milk, just be friended with Dia (she loves blueberries) and she will give Katie a book, and then Katie will try to make a cake to win the contest, then Katie will ask your help, bla bla ...

This is my favorite part: You will need a MoonDrop Dew and you need to go the Goddess Lake to create that with the girl that loves you! Then both of your love with make a MoonDrop Dew *I'm blushing, almost crying*. Then Katie will use it to make a cake.

Then, as an ending, Katie, Lyla and Gwen will show up in front of your house and tell you that you've saved the homeland. And Katie tell you that she will be off to the town to learn about culinary, then your character will be quiet for a second, (probably gazing into Katie's eyes) and agrees in a gentleman way. *blushing again*

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE BLUEBIRD

Level: Easy

All you gotta do is be friended with the Louis, he will give a flute. Use it to train your dog, and you'll be able to play the flute. When you're an expert, go to the lake at afternoon, and you will get a cut-scene. Louis is giving food to the birds and tells you a story about the blue bird. He says that people believe blue bird's feather brings happiness, and he wishes that blue bird will appear and save the homeland (which it's actually you that save the homeland). Then bring your flute with you, go to the lake at afternoon once again, and Louis and you will play a duet! DON'T MESSED UP THE DUET! Then both of you will see the blue-bird flying. Taadaa!!