Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Farm/House Upgrades

This post is a second post about farm/house upgrades in Harvest Moon Back to Nature,  the difference from the first post is, it's the complete list about farm/house upgrades!!!

I'm in love with bold writings, as you can see. ;)

  1. First House Upgrade : adds a kitchen with a refrigerator. Price - 4700 G, Lumbers - 370 
  2. Second House Upgrade : bigger kitchen, a living room, second bed room and a fire place. A must before you propose your girlfriend. Price - 10.000 G, Lumbers - 750 
  3. Barn Extension : hold up to 20 animal. Price - 6800 G, Lumbers 500 
  4. Chicken Coop Extension : hold up to 10 animal. Price - 5000 G, Lumbers - 420 
  5. Greenhouse : very useful for planting your seeds in Winter, but easily broken by tornado. Price - 30.000 G, Lumbers - 580 

Cute, isn't it? Well, one thing for sure, you have to work hard on the first chapter/year one because you have to upgrade your house if you want to get a wife. Cut the lumbers and save up your money, or else, though her heart turns red for you, she will marry someone else (your rival, based on the girl you choose) at the end of year one. 

~Keep Working in Harvest Moon!~

After all, that's the fun part right? ;) 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Music Box

Okay. This one is actually a secret. There are only a few people that knows this special music box. I'm writing the complete step by step to have this music box! You can't invent, can't buy it, can't ask for someone to give it to you! I'm telling you, this is a rare item!

Near the dog's house and a tree in your farm, there is an old music box burried inside. Grab your hoe and dig around the place. When you've found it, talk to Rick until he offers a help to fix the broken music box for free.  

Once Rick is done, the music box is yours. You can keep it in the shelf in your up-graded house, or give it to your girlfriend or wife.

~Harvest Moon!~

Friday, July 2, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Festivals

I think I've wrote one post about Goddess Festival, but I haven't really write about the complete list of festivals in Harvest Moon Back to Nature.

Personally, I love festivals. Here in Bali there are some interesting tons of festivals. Harvest festival, to be exact. ;)

Okay, let's proceed. Shall we? :)


  1. New Year Festival: it is held in Rose Square, but you can also drink beer with the guys in Inn. This festival starts from second year and so on.
  2. Spring Goddess Festival: held in Rose Square. You can ask a girl to go with you. Just make sure she has the heart. :) Ask her a day before the festival. 
  3. Thanksgiving Festival: when you have a kitchen, make chocolate! Give the chocolate to your girl-friend! 
  4. Horse Race: You can place your bet and try to win power berry. 
  5. Cooking Festival: same like thanksgiving, this festival will be more fun when you have a kitchen. Enter the contest and cook your best!


  1. Sea Opening: usually you'll need at least one power berry to win. Practice your fingers, read a book about winning the swimming competition in Mary's library. 
  2. Chicken Festival: my favorite one. Nurture your chicken until she has 10 hearts. I guarantee she'll win and the golden egg is yours! ;)
  3. Tomato Festival: throwing tomatoes at your enemy, a complete hilarious war. 
  4. Cow Festival: held in Yodel Ranch. Cow's heart will influent the result of the competition. 
  5. Fire Works Display: Ask your girl-friend a day before to go out with you. 


  1. Music Festival: don't be late! Go to church, the festival starts at 6 p.m.
  2. Harvest Festival: held in Rose Square, starts at 10 a.m. Bring a nice item to throw into the big pot and the rest of the villagers will be happy. 
  3. Moon Viewing Festival: in this festival, you'll meet the girl that has the biggest heart for you in the village.
  4. Sheep Festival: held in Yodel Ranch. You can enter the competition if you have a sheep that is big enough, not pregnant and you haven't cut the hair yet. 
  5. Fall Horse Race: the village is loving the horse race, am I right? 


  1. Dog Race: held in Rose Square, 10 a.m. buy a ball from Won to teach your dog.
  2. Winter Thanksgiving Festival: The girl that doesn't have a black heart for you will give you a gift. It depends on her heart level, greater level brings greater gift. 
  3. Star Night Festival: the girl that at least has a purple heart for you will invite you to come to her house for a dinner party. It starts at 6 p.m. 
  4. New Year: go to Mother Hill. Try to find the rare snow flower and show it to Elli's grandma before she dies. 

Nineteen festivals, four season, one Harvest Moon! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm in wikiHow!

I'm writing about Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life in wikiHow, and I'm looking forward to write another Harvest Moon articles. I'm about to surf and think about what topic should I write. ;) Would love to hear some advice from you

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Flute from Louis

This flute is a magical flute, well, at least for the villagers, because it'll Save The Homeland. :) Here is how to get a flute from Louis, the guy in the drugstore.

When you choose to use the flute for an ending, it means you'll choosing the Blue-bird Ending. Befriend Louis, give him herbs and talk to him everyday. His shop is the shop near Lila's Flower Shop. He is a shy guy, so it'll take more time to make friends with him, but I'm sure it won't take more than one season/month. 

One afternoon, come to the lake to find Louis is playing his flute, there will be an event when Louis is giving the flute for you. I believe I've wrote a post about complete blue-bird ending.

Now, it's about using the flute to teach your dog. Teaching him what? Teaching him some tricks just for fun--and the most important thing is, teaching him to put the cows back in the farm. Remember, you need to be discipline so that your dog will be able to do his job. 

Select the flute in your inventory, hit X to use it, and select to view this options: 

Sit                         : UP, LEFT, DOWN
Down                   : UP, DOWN, DOWN
Heel                     : LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT
Drive animals  : RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
Jump                   : LEFT, UP, RIGHT
Sit up                   : DOWN, UP, UP 

Also, you can use this to herd your cows, using the 'Drive Animals',  all of the cows will go straight to the barn. But you need at least 4 hearts from each cow to do this :) 

~Harvest Moon rocks!~

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Animal & Pasture

Sometimes it's frustating when you have to push the cows, one by one to get them outside the barn. Well, your character got to do what a character got to do. Here is my personal ways when it comes to taking care of my cows and horse. :)

  1. Enter the barn, walk to the fodder place.
  2. Take fodder as much as you need, prepare a brush in my inventory
  3. Approach one of your cow, 
  4. Put the fodder in the cow's fodder box
  5. Brush her and talk to her. When the dialogue shows a cute words like 'You look happy', Talk to her again and again. Believe me, you'll earn more heart, and more golden milk. ;) 
  6. Do the same thing all over again to the rest of your animal (including horse) 
  7. Push them one by one to get them to the pasture when it's sunny.
  8. Let them enjoy their day, do your other chores 

Tiring? Why, yes, this is a farm! You have to do your chores and there is no room service, sweetie. ;) But there is no need to be in a rush, because time stops by when you're in a room.  

And when you want to put the animal back in the barn? 

There is one simple way: teaching your dog. Use the flute you got from Lois, the guy from the drug store. I'll write another post about the magical flute, and how it can save your day--and your homeland. :) 

~Don't stop Harvest Mooning!~