Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Rain

In Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, you can't stop the rain though you enter the room etc. Some tips when it's raining:

  1. Go fishing, you'll get a big fish!
  2. Dig in front of your house, you'll get more when it's raining
  3. Don't pick up your dog! It usually gets mad.
  4. No part-time in Brown's Farm
  5. Put your cow(s) in the barn

But careful, you need to check your health status (press start in PS 2) and eat something before you get sick tomorrow. I got sick for digging non-stop when it's raining, and I'm working on The Cake Contest ending, because I already be friended with Katie, she visited me and cooked for me. When I'm working on Hidden Treasure and got sick, Tim came to my house! It's sweet ....

You can check the weather for tomorrow in the TV, unless it's raining badly and the TV will show you gray dots ...

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