Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Goals

So, the first year is the hardest part, you start with nothing, and you have to win the villagers' hearts, and of course ... The girl! ^_^

There are certain goals that you need to achieve in the first year:
  1. You already have a girl to be marry with (either you give her the blue-feather or you just add one heart and wait until the end of the first year)
  2. Having a horse (the horse is very useful!)
  3. Be friended with the villagers ... (I suggest you make Galen and Nina your priority)
  4. Make a pond.
  5. Earn money. (At the end of the year, you already have 200,000 G)
  6. Grow trees.

And for advanced, you can add this too:
  • Be friended with at least five villagers (Galen, Nina, Romana, Cody and Vesta)
Why? Well, because you need Galen for the fishing rod (you can't buy the fishing rod), Nina for the recipe (because Nina will *** at the second year >_<), Romana (she'll give more than a gift, but three!), Cody (he has two gifts for you), Vesta (same as Cody)

  • Collect Muku-muku's gift.
  • Having more than one cow.
  • A sheep.
  • At least five chicken and only one rooster.
  • A star cow.

If you have other goals, please tell me! ^_^v

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