Saturday, July 18, 2009


For 9 people who passed away from suicide bombs in JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel, Indonesia ...
We hope you'll rest in peace ...

"You are alive, in the heart of people who loves you."

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Dog and Rain

I was confused when it's raining and I have to feed my dog. It has a house, but I don't really trust that house. ^_^ I don't want my dog to be sick ...

So, the easiest way is to fill the dog's bowl and let him be. Or take him into the house. He'll be okay. =)

You probably want to read the post about taking care of your dog when he is sick!

P.S: Thanks for all the Harvest Moon fans that routinely read my posts, I really appreciate it, and I hope you're happy with my posts. I'll be really happy if you suggest me some ideas and questions to make The Harvest Moon Stuff more colorful. GBU ...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Legendary Fish

To catch a legendary fish:

Go to the beach on Summer and toss a little fish into the sea. Don't move, then fish in the exact spot where you threw the little fish. If you're lucky, you'll get the legendary fish.

Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life has 36.157 fans ... Not including me.
Harvest Moon has 2.399 fans ...
Harvest Moon Group has 1.191 members not including me ... Should I join?

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Another Fishing Rod

It's true you have to come see the fisher to get a fishing rod, but if you want the better fishing rod, collect 50 fishes in your pond and then the fisher will come to your house and say "whoa, that's a lot of fish" and he'll gives you the better fishing rod.

The key to save your fishes during winter is to take all of them into the refrigerator. Do not cook it, do not give it to anyone, don't do anything until it's spring again, and then put all fishes back to the pond. They will not die. Trust me. ^_^

Does harvest moon has a facebook? I'll check it!

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Power Berry

You'll need power berry to build a two-story house and win the swimming competition on Summer. It's not the most important thing in Harvest Moon Back To Nature but yes it's fun to have! You can have a power berry from the mine if you dig randomly, but this is my favorite:

toss 3 cucumbers in the lake on Winter
But maybe you'll need another power berry from the mine or maybe when you are fishing because winter comes after summer, so it's too late to win the swimming competition (except you wait for next year)
I took a quiz and it said I'm a nerd. Really?

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Mystery Quest

What is mystery quest? Honestly, I don't know. But reading this question in Yahoo, I decided to write about the mystery quest in Harvest Moon Back To Nature ...

You can up-grade your house into two story house, but you need to ...:

  1. Earn all the items in Harvest Moon Back To Nature including power berry, legendary fish etc.
  2. Fill your chicken coop, barn, etc until they are full.
  3. Sell all the items until it's 999
  4. The year is more than 9 years in Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Then, the carpenter will come to your house and ask if he can build a two story house for you. It's free!

But you must not use game-shark, the system will not work that way ...

Happy Harvest Moon!

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Cooking Utensils

Some recipes will need few cooking utensils that you don't have and the villagers won't give you one. The only way is to buy it. You can buy it from the seller in the town, they will send it to you right away when you call them.

First, watch the shopping channel on your TV on Saturday, then check what they sell that day. They only sell one utensil a day. Then go to the inn and use the phone to call the market in town, if you buy it you'll receive it in your home and they will charge you based on how much the cooking utensil costs (they will tell the price on TV) Happy shopping! Best regards from BaliTidBits ...

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Chicken Problemo

Outside is raining, there's nothing left to feed your chicken, Poultry's Farm is closed. Now what should you do???

Well, you can:

  1. Leave your chicken be. They won't give you eggs, but you don't feed them, so that's fair.
  2. Bring it to Popuri's house

I prefer bringing my chickens to Popuri's house ... Enjoy playing harvest moon!

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - UpGrade Your Farm

You'll need to up-grade your farm if you want to marry a girl. She won't marry you until you up-grade everything except the glass house. And how to up-grade your farm?

All you need to do is go to the carpenter house on a work-hour, and ask him to up-grade your farm, he will need lumber and money to up-grade your farm. You can collect the lumber and give it to him to up-grade your house, chicken coop, barn, build a glass house, or you can buy lumber from him, but it will cost you a lot. So, if you have the time and stamina you better start collecting lumber by cutting the trees using your tool. Enjoy up-grading! =)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Girl's Heart

My friend asked me a question and then I did a little experiment and this is the result:

In giving presents to the girl that you like, sometimes you cannot give her favorite thing to her, so maybe you'll give something that she doesn't like, but not hate. The question is, will she hates you? (Decreasing heart meter) Nope. Her heart meter won't change. So I think it would be worthless to give a girl present that she doesn't like!

Try to pick one girl and give her all her favorite presents, then when her heart meter already reached three hearts, stop. Wait until the end of the year, and she'll come to your house, confessing about her feelings, and it will be GAME OVER if you don't marry her, so marry her when she confesses her feelings for you ... I have tried it in PS 2 ^_^

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - What You Can Do In Chapter 2

Year 2 or the next chapter when you finished 4 seasons is called Chapter 2 ... And there are things that you can do in Chapter 2 that you cannot do yet in Chapter 1, few things like:

  1. Get married with the girl you chose and fought for ^_^
  2. Having a child (boy or girl), but only ONE child.
  3. Influence your child's job
  4. Death of Nina
  5. Play the game about brushing Nina's grave ...
  6. Meet the new family next to Chris' house
  7. Watch the kids grow ...
  8. Bigger mine for you to dig
  9. Have a fishing rod from Gallen
  10. Have duck(s)
  11. Etc

Harvest Moon Diary

Hello ... And sorry ... I'm so sorry I haven't post for 13 days! I'm in Jogja, and Pak Ali just finished repairing my computer ... Thank you Pak! Don't really know what is the problem ... But my computer is healthy as it can be right now! Hehehe ...

I just read second comment in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Azure Flower Ending, I already wrote in the comment box for anonymous ... Please read it!

In this post I won't give you any Harvest Moon tips ... Because I think I need a whole post to write about my days in Jakarta. I love Jakarta, I really do, but I just can't stand watching all that traffic from my window ... It even gets worst if I'm in a cab or something! But I bought piano books that I'll never find in Yogya or even Bali! So that really cheers me up.

Did I tell you that I went to Jakarta for preparing my aunt's wedding? Well, not necessarily preparing, but I think I helped! Hehe ... ^_^ Love you Auntie!! I think I have to ask my aunt first if I want to upload her photo ... Anyway, her apartment is beautiful! It's so cute ... Anyone who enter that room will want to decorate it ... It's so "decorable"! =)

My details in Jakarta:
Woke up ==> Ate breakfast with Papa (my Mom skipped breakfast) ==> Went to Taman Anggrek, met my auntie, uncle, oma, opung, and uncle-soon-to-be. ==> Ate @ Sapo ==> Bought Tokubetsu ==> Found clay miniature ==> Bought clothes ==> Spent time in J.Co (Papa's fav) ==> Went to aunt's apartment ==> Slept @ 1.00 am

Woke up @ 07.00 am ==> Ate breakfast with Papa (again, my Mom skipped breakfast) ==> Went to ...

We kept the same schedule for the next five days (but we visitted different places) and I realized my Mom had breakfast only for one day ... Why she hates breakfast in hotel? I don't know ... And why did I only need six hours to sleep in Jakarta but eight hours in Bali? And six hours in Yogya too... I never use alarm in Jakarta and Yogya! Weird? Yes. Just when I need to wake up fast and go to school ... I look like a vampire with big eyes ... (~__~ )

I think that's it for the diary ... Thank you for reading !!! ^_^