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Harvest Moon Back to Nature - List of Legendary Fish

Care for some fishing adventure? Try to collect the legendary fishes as many as you can! 

  1. Sea Brem. You can fish this legendary fish after you sold at least 200 fishes. Check how many fishes you've sold at the start menu. You can try this by sea in Spring, Summer or Fall.
  2. Squid. You'll need a bait for this one, take a little fish from your house and throw it to the sea, then try to fish with your fishing pole. One bait will last for a day.
  3. Angler. Can only be found at the sea and it has to be Winter. Try to fish from 08.00 pm until 11.00 pm
  4. Char. Collect sashimi, sushi and  grilled fish recipe and then hit the lake to try.
  5. Catfish. Same as Angler, you depend on the season, but the interesting part is that you will have to fish at the Winter Mine :)
  6. Carp. The last legendary fish. After you completed the five stages, go fish at Mother's Lake. 

While fishing may be an abstract, confusing activity, you can still enjoy the thrill when you're holding the legendary fish :) 

~Legendary Harvest Moon!~

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Percentage

When you open the start menu, you can check your percentage in Harvest Moon Back to Nature. You can tell your progress by looking at the percentage. And how, exactly, can you boost up the meter?

  1. Earn your beloveds' hearts. Your wife, son, dog and horse. They will give you total 40% 
  2. Upgrade your tools and utensils, such as hoe, watering can, sickles, etc. Use them everyday and upgrade each of them in Saibara's shop.
  3. Find your power berries. The super fruit :)
  4. Catch legendary fish. You have to be an expert fisher, or, at least, spend some quality time fishing on your own.
  5. Try to ship various items. Like crops (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pineapple, etc) and from the farm: milk, eggs and wool. 
  6. Upgrade your farm. This is also the condition for marrying a girl, so you got the bonus :) 
  7. Ten hearts from Harvest Sprites. They live behind the church, you can visit them when they're not having a tea party. Do not show up with big animals. They will hate you. 
  8. Buying cows and sheep. From Yodel's Ranch.
  9. Be a great chef. Cook as many recipes as you can. 
  10. Be generous. Spare some of your items (I suggest not in year 1) and your cooking for the villagers.
  11. Nurture the hearts. Losing hearts may cause decreasing percentage
  12. Save your animals. Animal medicine is a must have item when you have a cow. Death of a cow will cost some of the percentage. 

I'm having fun building up my percentage. I hope you do too! 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Money tips

In the beginning, you usually struggle in financial issues. Here are some starting tips:

Making money
is the most important thing to do in year one. Besides marrying a girl, you have to raise a lot of money for the house up-grade, buying animals, buying seeds, etc.

  1. Know the shipping bin. It's the box where you should put the items you want to sell.
  2. Hit the mine. Mine is the great place to earn fast money, since you don't waste any time at all. 
  3. Collect fruits and other items from the forest 
  4. Get a fishing rod from the fisher-man on Saturday 
  5. Buy a bin. It's expensive, but it's worth it. Use it when you're at the mine. 
  6. Slow down on giving gifts. Year one is not about the villagers, it's about raising your money and trying to get a wife. 

Personally, I don't buy cows in Harvest Moon Back to Nature, I make money from harvesting, digging at the mine  (especially that mine in the Winter), fishing, taking eggs from my chickens (I have a coop full of chickens) and selling items to Zack. I did try to take care a cow, but somehow it didn't feel right ... 

How about you? :) 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Treasure Hunt 2

Treasure Hunt 2 is a lot more simple than Treasure Hunt 1, and for those who have finished the Treasure Hunt 1, I'm sure there is no problem at all in finishing the second part ;)

All you have to do is to do the same exact step by step walkthrough like Treasure Hunt 1, but then we'll have a difference in the villa. Instead of taking your dog to the villa, you have to befriend Dia and Maria, and make sure to visit them everyday and give their favorite gifts. Dia loves blueberries and Maria likes flowers. 

Dia will come to your farm after you're friends with her, she'll ask you to go to the Clove Villa and shows you a bag of seed that she found. 

We're heading to the most important parts and yes, sometimes it can be a bit complicated ... I'll make points:

  1. Go the Sacred Land, look for the big stone. You'll find some symbols (musical notes, stars, square, etc) and you have to match it with the seeds (red crop = tomato, root = potato, brown = breadfruit, yellow = corn)
  2. Plant the seeds on the correct square in Sacred Land based from the symbols. Remember to plant it on the same day you read the symbols, because it will always change until you plant the seeds.
  3. Water the plants everyday. That is a must: everyday.
  4. Wait until all the plants are ripe. Don't harvest them. 
  5. You'll get a bag of seeds. 
  6. Dia will show up at your farm again and she'll plant the seeds next to Lyla's shop
  7. Wait for the cut-scenes
  8. Happy ending

~Harvest Moon is indeed a treasure. Right? Right! ;) ~ 

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Treasure Hunt 1

The most complicated but yet fascinating ending in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. In some articles, they call it with 'Sacred Land' which is also correct because it is the main criteria in finishing the Treasure Hunt 1 and Treasure Hunt 2 

The person you'll need is the little guy, Tim. Befriend Tim by giving him sweets and eggs at least one everyday, you can find him near the supermarket every morning. Don't forget the big brother, Bob. He loves cooked fish and anything that is home made. And two additional are Dia--spoiled rich girl and Maria--the main from the villa.

One day, Tim will show up at your house with a map and asks you to join a treasure hunt. Clear your schedule by saying 'yes' :) And then you'll find yourself with Tim at the lake, looking at the toys that Tim's father buried when he was a boy. Okay, so phase one is complete. It's not about the old toys, it's about Tim finding his new partner. You.

After that, you'll be facing the real treasure hunt, guys, this is ...

Treasure Hunt 1

It will happen after your first adventure with Tim. Tim will show up at your house, again, with a new map. Now this is important because you'll keep this one. 

Tim will leave you with the map, and that is the right time to befriend your dog. When your dog's heart is up--check your diary next to the bed--take your dog the Clove's villa, then you'll be having a cut-scene where your dog found a path to the Sacred Land. 

You'll get a seed from the Sacred Land, and make sure to plant it next to Lila's Flower Shop. Do not forget to water them everyday. 

Prepare yourself for the ending ;)

~Flowery Harvest Moon!~ :) 

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Digging

Digging is one of my favourite things to do to earn some money, especially when it is rainy. You can get a lot from digging, when you know the right ways ;) 

  1. Check your character's stamina. Check the round face in the start menu, you must stop before it turns blue.
  2. Check the weather for tomorrow. TV will be your best guide, prepare your hoe.
  3. Pick out location. The best one is in front of your house :) You can go near the Goddess' lake or the secret place in the back of the villa. 

While digging in Harvest Moon Back to Nature seems like the best idea to earn money fast, I suggest to put digging as a part-time job in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. Why?

  1. Time does fly. Not like Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you dig outside the room, so the clock keeps ticking. 
  2. The price of the items. You cannot really sell them at high prices, so it's better to put this as a part-time activity.
  3. Your health. The best time to dig is when it's wet, means when it's rainy, but it's not good for your health at all.

And some random tips for digging ... :
  1. The complete shop that will buy your items is Louis' Shop 
  2. Try to dig in the morning or afternoon, but never midnight
  3. Careful when you're digging, make sure your dog is far away
  4. Watch your crops. You can't dig the ground you're using for your crops. 
  5. Manage your time. Digging may seems easy and fast, but it does spend your time.

~Harvest Moon Save The Homeland!~ 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Vacation House

To be honest, I have to say that this vacation house is only for show-off, or at least, I'll say it's only for fun. 

But okay, here are some reasons why you should purchase a vacation house in Harvest Moon Back to Nature:

  1. You have a new home in other side of the village for you, so you can choose the nearest one whenever you want to go home. 
  2. Good for pumping the percentage. You can check your percentage in the start menu, can you reach 100%? :) 
  3. Great way to befriend Gotz, he'll like you more when the vacation house is done. 

Now it's time to purchase the house ... Hit Gotz's house and talk to him, you'll need 999 lumbers and 100,000,000 G. If you can't make all the lumbers, you can buy from Gotz ... :) 

The vacation house is located near the beach and Kai's house. Enjoy your new home! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Common Crop Mistakes

You may have your own ups and downs as a farmer, like I have mine ;) I just gathered all the informations and stories from my friends, and here I'll write about the common mistakes a new farmer can do in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life:a

  1. Planting trees too close to each other. Sometimes you will have an event where you go out from your house, and an insect tells you about the problem. 
  2. Keep watering trees everyday when it's already big and sturdy. You don't have too, you only have to water a small tree everyday, not the big and tall one. 
  3. Using sickle. Do not use sickle near your plants, accidents can happen. 
  4. Giving fertilizer for vegetables. The price of the fertilizer is more expensive than the vegetables. 
  5. Picking the wrong land. Remember, the land right next to your house is the bad one, next to it is the pretty good one, and the next land that you can buy from Takakura is the great one. 

So hopefully we can avoid the common mistakes :) 

~You Go Harvest Moon Farmer!~

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Secret Wife

Secret wife is a rumor that you'll hear when you're playing Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. There is no such girl called secret wife. You can marry a girl you love at the end of year one, and then you'll have a child at year two, but you can't have a secret wife.

But you can lose you wife, though. When you ignore her and keep giving her the items she hates, she will eventually leave you. While you can only have one bluefeather in the game, you have to be careful with your wife's feelings. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Villager's Room

In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can visit every villagers' houses as long as they are there to open the door for you (though you never actually see them opening it), because they lock their doors when they are out. 

What about 'secret' room? 

Yes, the 'secret' room is the most private room belongs to a villager. For example, Basil, the botanist. He has his own room and you can't enter this room, or the second story of the Poultry Farm, and there are many more. 

The question is, can you really enter that room?

Yes you do! :) 

All you got to do is befriend the of owner of the room. This is a great  parameter too, you can check wether they like you or not by trying to enter their rooms. But remember, don't try too often, if they say 'no' don't try it again and again. Give them their favorite gifts and then you can try again. :) 

And why do we have to do such things? 

I say, to get along with the villagers -- after all, that's what we're up to, right? -- and to fill your precentage until it's 100% 

So go on, try to open that door! :) 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Strange Tools

Strange tools are the tools you don't get from the very first beginning and you can't buy from Takakura.

For example, the Inn guy will give you a strange hoe. You can't buy a strange hoe because it's never on sale.

Just some quick tips about dealing with the strange tools:

  1. Always accept. It maybe strange, but that's the point! ;) Accept a strange tool from anyone, anytime. 
  2. Collect them. Just for fun, but you'll be happy when you're browsing through your collections. 
  3. Don't use them. Collection is just a collection.

Don't use them? Why? Well, because most of the strange tools are heavy, and you don't want to waste your time and your energy when you have your own easy and non-strange tools. Right? I'm sure you do. ;) 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Food & Eat

At the beginning, your character is a healthy boy. But along the way, will it last? It depends on you, how you eat and what you eat, how long do you spend your time working and walking around the village, etc ...

Ways to know your character's health:
  1. Check your diary, you can check the stamina, appetite, etc. 
  2. Check your character when he's walking, he can shows certain moves or even stops walking if he's really hungry.
  3. Hit the start button, look at the screen and see your character on the left side. He'll show certain moves after a while. 

Ways to fill the empty stomach:

  1. Fish. It's the easiest and cheapest food. All you need is a fishing rod, kitchen, and a chef attitude. ;)
  2. Plants. Go behind your house and you can see that little green plant. It's great for a snack. 
  3. Milk. Great when you're really starving, but still have to work. But my friends say it's a waste to drink such an expensive milk. 

And I'm sure there are plenty of other items to boost up your character's energy, but in my opinion, that's the top three. :) 

My Wish ... :)

I'm not the kind of person who writes down a wish list or something, but this Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life merchandise is so tempting. Don't you agree? 

Well, I'm dreaming someday they'll open this kind of store in Bali. :) Amen. 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Banana Tree

Alright, farmer, grab your tools! :) Because we're going to plant a banana tree that we can buy from Vesta. Yes, the lady that has some kind of windmill near her house. You can buy the seed of a banana tree, then you can plant it in your farm.

I have an interesting way to raise money from your banana tree. :)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Animal Medicine

Animal medicine is an essential item in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life especially when you're into the milking stuff. :D I'm just writing it down to persuade you to buy the animal medicine at least one bottle. I mean, who knows? You can have these kind of days:

  1. Raining and forgot to put your cows inside.
  2. No fodder left, not one.
  3. Your cow is stressed out so she refuses to eat.

And many more! 

In that case, animal medicine is the best solution. You can check your cow's health on the board in the barn, and all you got to do is just give her the medicine, and she'll be fine at no time. 

Where to buy the animal medicine? It's in the selling & buying room near your home. Now remember, Takakura will need one day to go to the city and buy an animal medicine for you, so make sure you've managed your time to save your sick cow(s) from death.

~Harvest Moo-n!~ :) 

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Tie Frenzy

Alright. This craziness started a while ago, after I attended my new senior high school.

Before I got in, I never realized that I have to wear a tie for my new uniform. And now, I have to find a way to learn how to tie a tie, or else, you don't want to know. :(

I think the only character who wears a tie in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life is Sebastian, and I know the only one who puts her attention into that kind of thing is Romana. I have no idea about the function of a tie. ;) But hey, when you're playing Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can see the Mayor and that snobby photographer next to Elli's house. :p

Anyway, you can see me wearing my school uniform, check out the tie, we have our school's logo in it! :D

I'm still practicing now, how to make my tie looks tidy and neat.

Care for some tie-day?

Visit this amazing site.  I'm using pratt knot. Looking forward to see yours! :)

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Download Harvest Moon Back to Nature

I made a promise to Nurul and Fairy--the Harvest Moon fans--to post a link where you can download Harvest Moon Back to Nature for free. I thought I've put a box for that link, but I have no idea how that link could escape from The Harvest Moon Stuff without saying a word. :p

So, here it is, how to download &install. Don't forget to drop your comment! :) 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Pond Function

I browsed faqs in a website and found this interesting question: what is the function of a pond?

Yes, this is serious, we have to pay Takakura to build the pond and we don't even know what it is for? 

The pond is for the ducks to swim. Duck is the animal you can't buy from Takakura or even Van. You need special terms and conditions in order to get the duck, and one of them is having a pond. 

So I think that's the only function of the pond. Well, it's my opinion, but I think the pond is worth it. You will need a duck (or ducks) in your chicken coop, and it lays eggs too. :) 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Accident on The Bridge

The title sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? This post is about the broken bridge that you will face when you’re in the year 10. It’s a long way to go, yes, and it’s not so important at all, but I think I’ll write down some interesting things from this story. Oh, and perhaps I should put this sign:


Where do we start ... ?

At the year 10, you will have an event where the bridge will fall down. Now, you can only have this event when you’re spending your time on the bridge. All you need to do is to walk to the bridge, stand and hold your character, don’t do anything, don’t press anything. Just wait until your character gets bored and starts to sit around and taking a nap. And then, voila, you’ll see your wife, your child, and Harris are looking very worried at you.

Few days later, Gotz will meet you and ask for your help to re-build the bridge. Of course you will be paid for your part-time job, 200 lumbers and 1000 G per day (you will work for five days). I think at this point we will say yes, right friends? ;)

~Part-time Job in Harvest Moon Back to Nature!~ 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Ellen’s Pie

Hmm ... I hope this post is good enough for the newest post in The Harvest Moon Stuff. I’m having a hard time in deciding which post is good enough to be published first, but after thinking and re-thinking, I picked this one. :D

Okay, back to Ellen’s Pie.

Ellen’s Pie is one of the cut-scenes that you will find in Harvest Moon Back to Nature. But this cut-scene is, well, special. It’s not in the “cut-scene for marriage” categories, but the gift that you will get will bounce up your future wife’s heart-level. Trust me, it works all the time. ;)

Step by step:

  1.  When you’re close enough with the Mayor, one day he’ll come to your farm. He’ll ask you to get a pie from Inn that he ordered and hand it to Ellen, Elli’s grandmother.
  2. Go to the Inn, you’ll see Ann is working. Oh, and you don’t need to pay anything, Mayor has paid for the pie. Just take the pie and head over to Ellen’s place.
  3. Ellen lives with her grand-daughter, it’s the house next to the library. Enter the house and you’ll find her sitting on a rock-chair.
  4. Hand the pie to her, she’ll thank you and she’ll try to give you a tip. Now this is the tricky one, my friends usually say ‘yes’, of course a tip sounds good, but believe me, when you say no, Ellen, Elli and the Mayor will love you more. 
  5.  After you gave the pie to Ellen, Elli will come, she’s having a break from the clinic and really happy to see you giving the pie to her grandmother. She’ll give you another pie. This is the gift I wrote about, this is the special gift that you can give to the girl you love, including Elli. :D Don’t give the pie to regular villagers, give it to the one you love.
  6. The next day, Mayor will pay you a visit once again, and he’ll give you a cake. You can do whatever you like with the cake, it doesn’t really help in the heart-level, so I suggest you to eat it if you want to.

There they are, the six steps you should take. And remember, never ever ever take the tip. It’ll ruin everything, remembering that this cut-scene will only happen once, I think we should be careful with our answers and options. 

~At the end, Harvest Moon always Rocks!~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Back! (At Long Last ...)

I DO apologize. -___- At this point, I'm totally speechless. I don't know what to say, I don't have any good excuses for my absents in these past two months. I think there is no reason that is good enough for me to neglect The Harvest Moon Stuff, but I did! :'(

So ... Will you forgive me?

Well, perhaps you do. Because you're still reading this paragraph. :D :D :D I just want to let you know, I checked my web counter, and I'm so happy knowing that there are a lot of Harvest Moon fans out there! 

Hmm ... What else do I want to tell you ... ? ;) I have a lot of stories from August - September and I really want to share it all with you! :) 

Okay, started from My School

I'm a senior high student now! And inside that uniform--I guess--there are a lot of responsibilities and tons of tasks to do. I'm enjoying every single moment of it, although, I must say, it is exhausting. School starts from 07.00 am to 02.00 pm, then we'll have extracurricular and lots of stuff. I think words can't describe, don't they? ;)

School's Uniform ...
That's me on the left. :) 

This is my other uniform

Time with my friends ... 

My Family

We are the harvest moon family. Papa is busy with his jobs and hobbies, Mama is busy with her paintings, business, floweries, and arranging our house until it looks like a perfect country cottage. Me, well, I'm the same old me. ;)

My Father and I, Mama as the photographer ... 

My Plans

Various. :) And one of them is upgrading The Harvest Moon Stuff

So, I hope you will enjoy the next posts that I'm going to write!

~Harvest Moon Hugs!~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Farm/House Upgrades

This post is a second post about farm/house upgrades in Harvest Moon Back to Nature,  the difference from the first post is, it's the complete list about farm/house upgrades!!!

I'm in love with bold writings, as you can see. ;)

  1. First House Upgrade : adds a kitchen with a refrigerator. Price - 4700 G, Lumbers - 370 
  2. Second House Upgrade : bigger kitchen, a living room, second bed room and a fire place. A must before you propose your girlfriend. Price - 10.000 G, Lumbers - 750 
  3. Barn Extension : hold up to 20 animal. Price - 6800 G, Lumbers 500 
  4. Chicken Coop Extension : hold up to 10 animal. Price - 5000 G, Lumbers - 420 
  5. Greenhouse : very useful for planting your seeds in Winter, but easily broken by tornado. Price - 30.000 G, Lumbers - 580 

Cute, isn't it? Well, one thing for sure, you have to work hard on the first chapter/year one because you have to upgrade your house if you want to get a wife. Cut the lumbers and save up your money, or else, though her heart turns red for you, she will marry someone else (your rival, based on the girl you choose) at the end of year one. 

~Keep Working in Harvest Moon!~

After all, that's the fun part right? ;) 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Music Box

Okay. This one is actually a secret. There are only a few people that knows this special music box. I'm writing the complete step by step to have this music box! You can't invent, can't buy it, can't ask for someone to give it to you! I'm telling you, this is a rare item!

Near the dog's house and a tree in your farm, there is an old music box burried inside. Grab your hoe and dig around the place. When you've found it, talk to Rick until he offers a help to fix the broken music box for free.  

Once Rick is done, the music box is yours. You can keep it in the shelf in your up-graded house, or give it to your girlfriend or wife.

~Harvest Moon!~

Friday, July 2, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Festivals

I think I've wrote one post about Goddess Festival, but I haven't really write about the complete list of festivals in Harvest Moon Back to Nature.

Personally, I love festivals. Here in Bali there are some interesting tons of festivals. Harvest festival, to be exact. ;)

Okay, let's proceed. Shall we? :)


  1. New Year Festival: it is held in Rose Square, but you can also drink beer with the guys in Inn. This festival starts from second year and so on.
  2. Spring Goddess Festival: held in Rose Square. You can ask a girl to go with you. Just make sure she has the heart. :) Ask her a day before the festival. 
  3. Thanksgiving Festival: when you have a kitchen, make chocolate! Give the chocolate to your girl-friend! 
  4. Horse Race: You can place your bet and try to win power berry. 
  5. Cooking Festival: same like thanksgiving, this festival will be more fun when you have a kitchen. Enter the contest and cook your best!


  1. Sea Opening: usually you'll need at least one power berry to win. Practice your fingers, read a book about winning the swimming competition in Mary's library. 
  2. Chicken Festival: my favorite one. Nurture your chicken until she has 10 hearts. I guarantee she'll win and the golden egg is yours! ;)
  3. Tomato Festival: throwing tomatoes at your enemy, a complete hilarious war. 
  4. Cow Festival: held in Yodel Ranch. Cow's heart will influent the result of the competition. 
  5. Fire Works Display: Ask your girl-friend a day before to go out with you. 


  1. Music Festival: don't be late! Go to church, the festival starts at 6 p.m.
  2. Harvest Festival: held in Rose Square, starts at 10 a.m. Bring a nice item to throw into the big pot and the rest of the villagers will be happy. 
  3. Moon Viewing Festival: in this festival, you'll meet the girl that has the biggest heart for you in the village.
  4. Sheep Festival: held in Yodel Ranch. You can enter the competition if you have a sheep that is big enough, not pregnant and you haven't cut the hair yet. 
  5. Fall Horse Race: the village is loving the horse race, am I right? 


  1. Dog Race: held in Rose Square, 10 a.m. buy a ball from Won to teach your dog.
  2. Winter Thanksgiving Festival: The girl that doesn't have a black heart for you will give you a gift. It depends on her heart level, greater level brings greater gift. 
  3. Star Night Festival: the girl that at least has a purple heart for you will invite you to come to her house for a dinner party. It starts at 6 p.m. 
  4. New Year: go to Mother Hill. Try to find the rare snow flower and show it to Elli's grandma before she dies. 

Nineteen festivals, four season, one Harvest Moon! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm in wikiHow!

I'm writing about Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life in wikiHow, and I'm looking forward to write another Harvest Moon articles. I'm about to surf and think about what topic should I write. ;) Would love to hear some advice from you

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Flute from Louis

This flute is a magical flute, well, at least for the villagers, because it'll Save The Homeland. :) Here is how to get a flute from Louis, the guy in the drugstore.

When you choose to use the flute for an ending, it means you'll choosing the Blue-bird Ending. Befriend Louis, give him herbs and talk to him everyday. His shop is the shop near Lila's Flower Shop. He is a shy guy, so it'll take more time to make friends with him, but I'm sure it won't take more than one season/month. 

One afternoon, come to the lake to find Louis is playing his flute, there will be an event when Louis is giving the flute for you. I believe I've wrote a post about complete blue-bird ending.

Now, it's about using the flute to teach your dog. Teaching him what? Teaching him some tricks just for fun--and the most important thing is, teaching him to put the cows back in the farm. Remember, you need to be discipline so that your dog will be able to do his job. 

Select the flute in your inventory, hit X to use it, and select to view this options: 

Sit                         : UP, LEFT, DOWN
Down                   : UP, DOWN, DOWN
Heel                     : LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT
Drive animals  : RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
Jump                   : LEFT, UP, RIGHT
Sit up                   : DOWN, UP, UP 

Also, you can use this to herd your cows, using the 'Drive Animals',  all of the cows will go straight to the barn. But you need at least 4 hearts from each cow to do this :) 

~Harvest Moon rocks!~

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Animal & Pasture

Sometimes it's frustating when you have to push the cows, one by one to get them outside the barn. Well, your character got to do what a character got to do. Here is my personal ways when it comes to taking care of my cows and horse. :)

  1. Enter the barn, walk to the fodder place.
  2. Take fodder as much as you need, prepare a brush in my inventory
  3. Approach one of your cow, 
  4. Put the fodder in the cow's fodder box
  5. Brush her and talk to her. When the dialogue shows a cute words like 'You look happy', Talk to her again and again. Believe me, you'll earn more heart, and more golden milk. ;) 
  6. Do the same thing all over again to the rest of your animal (including horse) 
  7. Push them one by one to get them to the pasture when it's sunny.
  8. Let them enjoy their day, do your other chores 

Tiring? Why, yes, this is a farm! You have to do your chores and there is no room service, sweetie. ;) But there is no need to be in a rush, because time stops by when you're in a room.  

And when you want to put the animal back in the barn? 

There is one simple way: teaching your dog. Use the flute you got from Lois, the guy from the drug store. I'll write another post about the magical flute, and how it can save your day--and your homeland. :) 

~Don't stop Harvest Mooning!~

Friday, June 25, 2010

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - Gray

After playing Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town, surfing around the Internet and talk to some friends, I think it's time to write about Gray. And of course, I hope Lorry can find something interesting in this post! :)

Gray is a grandson of Saibara. Privately, I think Gray is so stressed-out when it comes to facing his grandfather. And so, because of that, he will need a very good wife that can wipe that sad expression off his face.

Some people say that there are 7 levels of heart: Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. But when I played the game, I found there are only 6 levels, because I didn't see any orange. But at the end, we will come to a conclusion that we have to reach the Red colour in order to marry him.

Now, if you want to win Gray's heart, always make sure you have these stuff in your rucksack:
  1. Jewels
  2. Ores
  3. Chocolate
  4. Branches

And avoid visiting Gray when he is working, cause there will be a scene between him and Mary, your rival.


The boy loves you, his heart is red, you've been through the cut-scenes and all, and you gave all the gifts to him. Now what? Why can't you marry him?

When you want to marry someone (not only Gray) you will need to pay a visit to the wood crafter near your farm. Yup ladies, we need to expand our house and all that stuff.

  1. Upgrade your house to the fullest (except for the Glass House)
  2. Buy everything from the TV Shop (except the Power Berry)
  3. Buy Vase from Won, the oriental sales man.

Last but not least, the Blue Feather in your rucksack will propose him when you're ready. (:

After he accepted your proposal, remember to check the calendar in your home, see where there is a date with a heart ornament. It is your wedding date!

Oh No!

Made some mistakes in the past? It's okay.

If your answer to some of his question is not quite right, you don't have to reset the game all over again, just make sure to answer the next question right.

That's all for now, Hurray for Harvest Moon! (;

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Animal

    In this post, I will write a few tips about
    1. Cow
    2. Horse
    3. Dog
    4. Sheep

    This one is so loveable, you can milk a cow twice a day and sell it to Takakura, Van, or give it to the villagers.
    When your cow is sleeping, and you have to milk her, don't click the X/O to wake her up, but push her around the barn. Keep doing this until she is fully awake, and you can milk her without making her mad.

    Horse will never die. You can stop feeding your horse and he will be fine, but his heart will decrease eventually.
    You can still ride your horse when it's raining, and same like a cow, push him around to wake him up. :)
    Horse loves brush, so don't forget to brush him everyday, and talk to him until he pops a heart icon on his head.
    You will get a horse for free from Takakura

    Dog is the first pet that you will have when you start Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. There are two options, but you can only pick one dog.
    Train your dog so he can chase Murray the burglar when he enters your farm to steal some food in the food storage.

    You can buy a sheep from Takakura, and you need to buy the tools too, scissor and brush.
    Brush and bathe the sheep everyday, and he'll produce a wool.
     When you're taking a really good care of your sheep, he will produce a golden wool. It's not a myth, guys! Trust me! :)

    I'm looking forward to write posts based on questions from here and there. I love collecting my friends' questions and strolling from web to web to make fresh new posts.

    ~The luxury of playing the Harvest Moon!~ :D

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Things You'll Never Know

    Somethings are made to be a secret. In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can find tons of secrets spreading all across the village, and it's up to you to find them. :)

    1. The girl you met when you were a kid. *I think any girl that you marry will confess that she was the girl, but who knows?
    2. Aja. *She never come back, and you can only know her from Manna's story
    3. The conversation on full moon. *Your wife promised that she'll tell a story, but she never did
    4. Cliff's family. *No one will ever know
    5. Zack's house. *You can never enter Zack's house

    They were just a few from all the Harvest Moon Back to Nature's secret. I'm looking forward to find another! :D

    ~Harvest Moon Detective!~

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Spa Boiled Egg

    Spa boiled egg is a great gift for some villagers, and the best thing is, it's cheap! You can give spa boiled egg to Popuri to win her heart, or you can give it to the Yodel Ranch grandpa so he will give you the pony. :)

    And how to make a spa boiled egg:
    1. Have a chicken, wait until it gives an egg
    2. Go to hot spring, near the mining site. The place that you usually find Popuri and Ann in the morning.
    3. Stand near the hot spring, but don't enter it. Hold the egg on your hands and press X to throw it into the hot spring. Soon, the egg will jump right back to your hands, and voila! It's spa boiled egg!

    You can only make a spa boiled egg by coming to the hot spring. :)

    ~Cherish Harvest Moon!~

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Golden Egg, Things to do

    So you've nurtured your chicken very well and you got something in return! Yes my friend, it is a golden egg. An egg that is, well, gold. :D

    The question is, what should you do with that?

    That is an interesting topic, because golden egg is one of the main ingredients to finish the Cake Contest with Katie, Wallace's daughter.

    Sell it! The price is good! 

    One thing for sure, do not ever try to cook any golden egg. You'll expect a golden scrambled or something like it, while you just get a normal one.

    Want to know how to have a golden egg?

    Let your chicken out when it's sunny, let it be until 5.00 or 6.00 o'clock, just put it back in the coop before it falls asleep. When it's raining, put your chicken in the coop and feed it. Talk to it and make it happy by picking it up and putting it down again. When your chicken is in a bad mood, don't talk to it over and over again, it'll increase the bad mood ever worse.

    Oh, you can also collect the golden eggs. I don't know what for, but I just love to check them in my rucksack. :)

    ~Happy Harvest Mooning!~

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - The 'No' Answer

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland offers you tons of items, characters, and events to enjoy. But still, there is a 'no' answer for a few things.

    1. Can you get a gift from every villager? No. Some characters will give you a gift, and some of them will not.
    2. Can you have two horses? No. You can only pick one, and you won't get a replacement because horse won't die. 
    3. Will you marry a girl? No. There is no marriage in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. 
    4. Can you have two dogs? No. There are two types of dog and you can pick one.
    5. Can you go to a hot spring? No. When you're tired, you can eat something. There is no hot spring nor doctor.
    6. Can you get a bull? No. There is no bull, there is only cow with a miracle potion that you can buy from Bob.
    7. Can you take your cows outside the farm? No. You can only see your cow in the barn and in the pasture.
    8. Can you control the weather? No. Not like Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, there is no trick to stop the weather. So make you sure you watch TV everyday.
    9. Can you steal something from someone? No. You can't even open their refrigerator (not that I've tried that ... Haven't I?)
    10. Can you go outside the village? No. In Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, you can try to enter the city because there is a road, but in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, you can't even find a road to go outside!

    I think they are the top 10 of the 'no' answer for this post. If you have any questions, just drop a comment and I'll give a yes-no answer for that. :)

    ~Enjoy Harvest Moon!~

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Fishing from the Pot

    What is a pot? A pot is one of the utensils in your kitchen, but I'm not writing about that pot right now, I'm writing about the Big Pot.

    Yes, the pot that they use in the Harvest Festival, where every villagers bring their own items and ingredients to toss into the big pot.

    Now, in order to fish from that pot, you have to join the festival and bring your own item. It doesn't have to be expensive, just make sure you bring something edible-not grass, wood or poisonous mushroom.

    Wait until the villagers stop eating, and then, with the fishing rod that you've prepared from home, climb the stair and start fishing. You'll get a fish!

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Basket and Horse Race

    Horse race is an event that is held every year in the town-square, from time to time, you can tell the villagers say the exact same dialogue like they said last year. :p

    But here is something important, in a horse race, you bet your favorite horse (or you can enter yours) and get a point if the horse wins. Then, you can trade the point with gifts from the Mayor.

    Maybe this is some kind of spoiler, but the greatest gift is a power berry.

    So what is the use of basket in this event? I'll tell you something important, sometimes you are very lucky, you will win so many gifts that you don't even have any space in your rucksack. Well, if you leave the event, your point will disappear, so that's a big no-no.

    Make sure you bring your basket everytime you go to the Horse Race.

    Place your bets! ;)

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    New Friends from Mojokerto and Singapore!

    On 29 May, I was attending a perfect graduation party for the ninth grader (I'll write about that in the next post, :) ). It was great, the bands were spectacular, and the modern dancers rocked the stage. :D

    But the story started when I was walking home after the party. My teacher called me and asked if I can come to school on 31 May, to meet students from Singapore.

    And so, there I was, 31 May, 08.00 o'clock sharp, raining and found out that my class was empty and got no idea where to put my bag. Thank God I coped with that. :)

    I met my teacher and he gave me a quick briefing about the event, then I had a chit-chat with the English Club, took a walk around the school, found the Balinese dancers in the 'school clinic'-no, they were not sick, it's just that they already got dressed way before the event and can't walk in the rain. haha. :p -

    So 15 minutes before the students arrived, the English Club got together and talked about the plans. Sadly, almost half of our crew was out for a remedial (mostly in Bio and Physic), but they promised to join us as soon as they can. I was walking upstairs, heading to the hall and found the balinese dancers were already there, mysteriously. Lol. :)

    I took pictures from the preparation:

    Then, the students from Bedok South Secondary School - Singapore arrived. We showed them the seats, we took chairs for ourselves, prepared the chairs for SMP N 1 Mojokerto too, and tada! We made it! Hurray!!!

    Half of the English Club showed up just in time, before the event started. 

    The event went well, then my teacher told the English Club to give a tour around the school. It was raining, but I believe the tour was fun. :) Would love to show them the swimming pool, but there is not enough time. We saw the classes, bio lab, physic lab, and we took a break at the library.

    At the end, I made new friends and had a real good time that day. Got tons of gifts from Bedok South Secondary School, (thank u sooo much guys!! :D ) and I'm preparing some gifts for them too, I'm heading to the post office first thing in the morning. :)

    My gifts for them ... :) Hope they'll love them


    Oh, and I would like to say thank you for my English teacher, Mr. Kawi, the one that asked me to come to school on 31 May. I never thought it could be so much fun! Thanks, Mr. Kawi!   

    The Event:

    Bedok South Secondary School Dance Team :)

    Our amazing yet misterious Balinese dancers. :p

    My new friends! :D

    Sitting near Gamelan, our traditional music instrument.

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Horse

    Not like in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life or Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, in Harvest Moon Back to Nature you can only ride your horse in your farm. So you can't ride your horse around the village.

    It's a choice wether you want it or not, but I say, what's the risk? :)

    Suppose you want a horse, these are the tips:
    1. Talk to Barley everyday 
    2. Give Barley boiled eggs from the hot-steam near the mine
    3. Visit Barley's ranch everyday, hope soon you'll get a cut-scene.

    In the cut-scene, Barley will offer you a pony. Wait. It's not a horse? No, not yet. But it will be, and all you have to do is to take care of it. Go to Saibara and buy a brush from him, brush your pony everyday and don't forget to chat. Your pony will grow into a beautiful horse.

    Now, like I said in the first paragraph, you can only ride your horse and not your pony. :) Horse needs fodder or grass, while pony won't need anything but brush and a conversation.

    This next thing will happen if you don't take a good care of your horse. Barley will come to your farm, his face is sad, and at the end of the cut-scene you can see him taking back the horse. You can get it back by planting grass (buy the seeds from the Supermarket) Some say 40, buy some say 200, I haven't been through this stage, buy I believe it's 40, not 200.

    At the end, horse is a great animal that you can have, besides, you can get it from Barley for free, so why not?

    Sunday, May 23, 2010

    Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Odd

    Have you noticed that all of the animal that you bought can die, while the pets that are gifts from the villagers won't die even if you don't feed them?

    I know this is odd, but hey, you can take advantage from this. If you're having financial trouble or just wanting to save up your money for more important thing, you can stop feeding your pets. Now, I know this is very rude, and I never do this, but I respect different point of views, so that is an option. 

    Don't do that in real world though, your pets will actually die, and the one that gave you the pets probably will get angry at you. :p 

    Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Cow Won't Milk

    I've written a post about Cow for Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, but then I found out that I haven't write about the most common thing that puts a question mark above everybody's head (including me)

    Here it is:

    You bought a new cow (maybe a star, normal cow, etc) and take a very very good care of her, you brush her, you feed her, you talk to her everyday. And she is healthy, she is happy, she eats all the fodder that you gave her. What's the problem then?

    The problem is, you can't milk her. You've tried with your cow milker and with your own hands, but your cow just pops out a question mark above her head. At this point, I am writing this with bold letters so that nobody will do the same mistake again: don't sell your cow! She is perfectly fine!

    You just need to wait for the right time to order a bull to make your cow pregnant. Go to the building near your house, right across the barn, where you can sell your things to Takakura. Check the option where you can buy cows and bulls, and your cow's name will pops out there. If she is old enough, Takakura will agree to send a bull for your cow.

    She's pregnant. She gave a birth. You got yourself a calf. And you can milk her, just like the first cow you get from Takakura.

    ~Go Harvest Moon Go!~

    Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Daryl

    There is something fishy about this professor. He is hiding something from the villager.

    The good news is, you can befriend him and open his secret.

    Try to give him stuff he loves (Daryl loves fossil), and try to get that cut-scene in the evening.

    How to get the cut-scene:
    It's about 7 or 8 p.m, go home and take five steps or so, then open your door to walk outside the house. When you are friends with Daryl, you will get a cut-scene where Daryl is trying to catch Muku-Muku

    Oh, and like I said before, Daryl will also give you a fertilizer for free if you're a friend of his. He's really a fishy-yet nice-guy.  :)

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - Fast Money

    Fast money is from the golden lumber. You can have the golden lumber from Gotz, the carpenter. Then you can sell it Won for 50,000 G

    Although it makes me wonder, do you really want to sell the golden lumber, after all the hard-work and efforts in charming Gotz?

    Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - Wrong Answer in Heart-Event

    Heart-event is a part of cut-scene.

    You'll need this heart-event if you want to marry someone, and the color of his heart will turns faster, which means, if you do this right, you can marry him at the third season. ;)

    Now, I have to say this, you can only do the heart-event once. When you pick the wrong answer, you can't go back to the same event, the only way is to reset the game or just keep moving on, although his heart will increase slowly. And make sure you choose the right answer for the next heart-event!

    Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town: Get Married

    Same like Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you will need to expand your house with a help from the carpenter near your farm and the magical blue feather from Won or Supermarket.

    I say, go to the Supermarket and buy that feather. Won sells the exact same blue feather for crazy price.

    In expanding your house, try to work on the lumber by yourself if you have the time, then maybe, buy 15 or 20 lumbers from the carpenter. That way, you can save a lot of money.

    When your guy's heart isn't red yet, don't show the feather to him, he won't accept it anyway, and he'll lose his heart for you.

    Marriage is a choice, don't push yourself too hard if you have other aspirations, such as farming or cooking.

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    Backstage, Make-up and Other Stuff

    I guess I have to categorized this one as a special diary, remembering the hours I spent practicing the songs and the play with my classmates. As a matter of fact, at that time, it is a very big deal for my classmates and I, because this is our final exam in arts and music. Which means we have to work harder to gain good grades in our reports.

    So, we were playing the instrument/singing Auld Lang Syne with a whole new lyric, and then a perfectly beautiful Balinese song called Sentana, which is also sang in Asia Music Festival about 10 years ago.

    And the one that is taking the job as the play-writer wrote us something that I believe is his obsession :) : one criminal organization with two morons that will put the organization down. I got the part in that play, and the play-writer said I'm 'The head-boss' secretary/girlfriend' Well, that's a role. :p

    There are ups and downs of course, head-ache about the costumes is one thing for sure, not to mention the crazy schedule (putting 40 students in a same room with instruments in their hands is kind of a disaster) and technical issues such as lightning, microphones, etc.

    The night before the D-day, the play-writer went angry with the actors, we realized that we haven't make any move for the songs yet, almost half of the singers forgot the lyrics, and the teachers walked in to see how we are doing. ;)

    Then, the D-day.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that we also have a Balinese dance. I think that's a must in Bali. :) So my friend and I went to the dressing room to check them out, and they looked gorgeous, just like exotic fairies. We took pictures here and there, before we went upstairs and practiced the songs and the play once more.

    I played the secretary and she played the housekeeper

    I must say, our dancers were spectacular, and the teachers admitted that. Our songs, well, 7/10. But there is a trouble with the play. My microphone went dead in the middle of my line and the technician stepped in and changed a new microphone (hope the teacher thought he was a cameo or something), one of the actor forgot the dialogue with the actress-that sadly only have this one scene-so he ignored her through the scene. Knowing that she wouldn't show up at any scene no more, and that she will need that score for her report, she went crazy in the backstage chasing the actor. Thank goodness there were only styrofoam and clothes, not a screwdriver or hammer. :p 

    After all that, we got ourself a nice lunch with tired muscles and messy make-up, we had a wonderful conversation about how this event is really something-that we all will go our separate ways in a week or so, and how rare it will be: just to have this one simple lunch like one big family.

    Well, I think we'll miss all that. Right 9D? :) I love you guys.

    Old Stuff

    I'm checking old songs in my folder, re-listened and found the melancholy one:

    Your smile brings light into my days
    The thoughts of you, warm my night
    To hold you in my arms,
    Even in my dreams it feels so right loving you...

    You never see the way I look into your eyes
    You never realize the love I feel inside
    Pain and sorrow that haunted me, cause words I've left unsaid

    Now you found someone else to love
    Deep in my heart, my love won't fade away
    To hold you in my arms
    Even in my dreams it feels so right loving you

    You never see the way I look into your eyes
    You never realize the love I feel inside
    Pain and sorrow that haunted me, cause words I've left unsaid

    You never see the way I look into your eyes
    You never realize the love I feel inside
    Pain and sorrow that haunted me, cause words I've left unsaid to you...

    Cute, isn't it? The singer wrote this song for his first album, his own true story. I listened this song through out my days when I was a seventh grader. It's nice to hear it back.

    Here is Afgan Syah Reza, proud to say he is an Indonesian. :)

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature: Complete Items from TV Shopping

    I'm having hard time deciding is this post a spoiler or not. Because I'm writing down the complete list of items from TV Shopping that you can buy. Oh well, placing one warning won't hurt. ;)


    1. Knife for 3000 G
    2. Frying pan for 2500 G
    3. Pot for 2000 G
    4. Mixer for 2500 G
    5. Whisk - 1000 G
    6. Rolling pin for 1500 G
    7. Oven for 5000G
    8. Seasonings set for 5000 G
    9. Power berry for 5000 G

    I put them in order, yes, the power berry is the last item that you can buy, means that you have to buy the 8 items wether you like it or not, to get your power berry. :)

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Tools You'll Need

    At the beginning, you can only have 4 tools:
    1. Cow Milker
    2. S Watering Can
    3. Heavy Sickle
    4. Heavy Hoe

    I'm sure after you work hard and save a lot of money, you can buy plenty of tools from Takakura and Van. But do they worth it? Why would you spend your money on a clipper when you don't even have a sheep? So I'm writing about 'the best buy' that you can have from Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

    1. Fishing Rod. This tool is worth every single penny of it. Plus, there are many spots for you to fish in the Forgotten Valley.
    2. Brush. Works for every animal (except pets)

    There you go. Two. Just two? Yes indeed, you won't need any better sickle or anything. You won't need a bigger watering can considering that the well is in your farm, not far far away. This way, you can save a lot of money for better purpose, like, purchasing pond, a new field, buying marble cows, etc.

    P.S: Just remember, there are tools that you have to buy in certain cases. When you have a sheep, then the clipper is a must. But I believe you will never ever need a better sickle. :)

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Complete Fish Ending

    Materials needed:
    1. Fishing rod from Joe,
    2. Fishing rod from Louis' Shop
    3. Fishing rod from Kurt
    4. Gifts for Joe, Kurt and Woody (fish, fruit, tomato, and ore)
    5. Some money (about 14,620 G)

    Characters needed:
    1. Your character
    2. Joe
    3. Kurt
    4. Woody
    5. Louis
    6. Lila

    Step by step:

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Upgrading Fishing Rod #2

    I'm re-writing about upgrading the fishing rod, hopefully the new details will help. Enjoy! :D

    So, you went to Louis' Shop with enough money and a fishing rod in your inventory/tools section, but there is no any 'upgrade fishing rod' option in the 'buy section' in Louis' Shop! What should you do?

    Well, here is the trick: You should fish everyday and give Joe a medium or big fish everyday (even better if you can cook it first in your kitchen), give Kurt some fresh tomatoes from your farm, and dig ores for Woody. Do this for seven days or more.

    After that, enter the Louis' Shop again, cross your fingers, and hopefully you can see the 'upgrade' option in the 'buy section'

    Wait for the complete step by step in finishing the Fish Ending in the next post! :)

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: Cooking Utensils

    My friends are asking about the cooking utensils, like, where to buy a pot because they want to make a cheese and etc ...

    Well, the only way you can have the cooking utensils is by purchasing the kitchen from the carpenter, and it costs 10,000 G. You can't buy the cooking utensils separately from the kitchen ...

    Save your money and the kitchen and all it's stuff will come eventually! :D

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: Feeding Your Chicken

    Chicken is cheap, chicken is cute, chicken is loveable. :D

    No need to buy a chicken from Bob's store, just buy an egg from Ronald's Supermarket and put it in the incubator in the chicken coop. Then the egg will hatch.

    You won't need to feed a chick, because it won't be sick no matter what. But you need to feed a chicken though (there is no rooster in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland) And here is how to feed a chicken:

    1. Earn some money, then go to Bob's store
    2. Buy a chicken feed. 
    3. Go home, enter your chicken coop.

    Now don't worry if you can't find any chicken feed in your rucksack, because you are looking at the 'item' section, while the chicken feed is in the 'tool' section. So go to the tool section and click the chicken feed, then hit the square button when you are facing the feeding box.

    Spend quality time with your chicken! ;)

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: If You Don't Want to Keep a Dog

    Most of players are dying to have a dog, but I'll respect your point of view if you don't want to have any dog in your farm. So here are the ways to avoid keeping a dog:

    1. Don't chase any dog, especially clicking the X button when you're standing in front of a dog
    2. Don't put any food (grass, fruit, etc) in the blue dog dish next to your house 
    3. If you accidentally pick a dog and the option pops out, don't choose the 'keep it' option! 

    I think a few players refuse to have dog because they don't want to spend their money on the medicine if the dog is sick, but I know if you give him a food everyday, he won't be sick! Trust me! :) 

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: Upgrading Fishing Rod

    I think nobody hates fishing. And fulfilling my promise to Damon I am writing about Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, and now it's about upgrading your fishing rod.

    In my previous post, I wrote about getting the fishing rod from Joe, the carpenter with something on his head. :p You won't need worms or anything to fish, just the fishing rod and the sea.

    So, when you want to upgrade your fishing rod, make sure that you already have enough money. Go to Louis' shop and hit 'buy' option, there will be an option to upgrade your fishing rod. It'll take time for Louis to upgrade your fishing rod, so be patient.

    Praise The Lord Jesus, I Finished My National Exam!

    Praise the Lord Jesus, I finished my National Exam! 

    I took the test from 29th of March until 1st of April, and I got the result on 7th of May!

    Want to know the result? Here it is ... 

    38.10 / 40.00

    I didn't finish my breakfast. :D I was so happy, I got butterflies in my stomach, I hopped here and there, I smiled everywhere, and I made some phone calls, thanking my teachers and all my angels. :) And of course, I prayed, with trembling hands caused by excitement, sending tons of thank you to Lord Jesus, for giving me this present, that no one can ever give!

    Oh, I forgot to tell you, the National Exam (Ujian Nasional) is the test that we have to take in order to continue to Junior High, Senior High, or University. All students in Indonesia must take this test as a legal certificate for their education.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you God!