Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - What You Can Do In Chapter 2

Year 2 or the next chapter when you finished 4 seasons is called Chapter 2 ... And there are things that you can do in Chapter 2 that you cannot do yet in Chapter 1, few things like:

  1. Get married with the girl you chose and fought for ^_^
  2. Having a child (boy or girl), but only ONE child.
  3. Influence your child's job
  4. Death of Nina
  5. Play the game about brushing Nina's grave ...
  6. Meet the new family next to Chris' house
  7. Watch the kids grow ...
  8. Bigger mine for you to dig
  9. Have a fishing rod from Gallen
  10. Have duck(s)
  11. Etc

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