Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - More About Azure Flower

Hello! I'm writing again after celebrating my birthday! Yaay! Oh yes, you are reading the posts of 14 years old girl, not 13 anymore ... There are so many memories, I don't realize a year just flew like that!

This is the picture of my father and I (my mom is the photographer)

Simple and sweet, I don't really like loud party or anything like that, besides my friends are in Jogja, and I'm in Bali right now.

That is my house, weird, isn't? I'd love to show you photo of my Harvest Moon home in Jogja. ^_^

Well, back to Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - More About Azure Flower:
I just got the very-first comment from anonymous, and the question is about the seed in The Azure Flower ...

Yes, to plant Azure you need the seed and you got it from Lila (read the previous post, The Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Azure Flower). To plant it, you need to go to the soil ground at the Goddess' pond. Go to that soil ground, stand in front of it and select a hoe, then dig ONE time. There will be an option, "Do you want to plant the seed?" You have to say yes, because the seed is in the key item, you cannot take it by yourself.

this is my personal experience, but if you really want to complete the game by using Azure Flower ending, try not to dig the soil ground in Harvest Goddess' pond until you have the seed, because I've tried to plant the seed after I dig it about 20 times in different days, and the option won't come out. So I dig the ground when I already have the seed.
I hope this helps!

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