Monday, June 8, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - FISHING TIPS

I have tips for fishing in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, I spent 2 days in Harvest Moon for fishing. It makes a lot of money! So whenever I need extra cash, I will fish!

  1. When you swing your rod, hit L1 and R1 until the fish bite the lure. It really works!
  2. Stay for two days in the Spring to fish Big Arna, worth 800-900 G! Don't forget to hit L1 and R1
  3. If you want a lot of fish, go fishing in the stream, but if you want Arna, go fish in the Spring, and the pond near Daryl's house for ShaShark. My friend once caught ShaShark but she spent two days to catch one.

Hope this helps!

My Diary

My friend lost her wallet in Bali and she thinks it's because she saw a money, Rp 1.000,00 and it belongs to Leak (ancient spirit, created by a man that have magical spirit). I wonder, does my friend can see Leak? Because there is Nyepi, the day when we have to keep silent, can't use water, light and fire. We cannot work or communicate with each other, and some people say that the man practices his magical power by sending Leak to the street at Nyepi night.

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