Friday, June 25, 2010

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - Gray

After playing Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town, surfing around the Internet and talk to some friends, I think it's time to write about Gray. And of course, I hope Lorry can find something interesting in this post! :)

Gray is a grandson of Saibara. Privately, I think Gray is so stressed-out when it comes to facing his grandfather. And so, because of that, he will need a very good wife that can wipe that sad expression off his face.

Some people say that there are 7 levels of heart: Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. But when I played the game, I found there are only 6 levels, because I didn't see any orange. But at the end, we will come to a conclusion that we have to reach the Red colour in order to marry him.

Now, if you want to win Gray's heart, always make sure you have these stuff in your rucksack:
  1. Jewels
  2. Ores
  3. Chocolate
  4. Branches

And avoid visiting Gray when he is working, cause there will be a scene between him and Mary, your rival.


The boy loves you, his heart is red, you've been through the cut-scenes and all, and you gave all the gifts to him. Now what? Why can't you marry him?

When you want to marry someone (not only Gray) you will need to pay a visit to the wood crafter near your farm. Yup ladies, we need to expand our house and all that stuff.

  1. Upgrade your house to the fullest (except for the Glass House)
  2. Buy everything from the TV Shop (except the Power Berry)
  3. Buy Vase from Won, the oriental sales man.

Last but not least, the Blue Feather in your rucksack will propose him when you're ready. (:

After he accepted your proposal, remember to check the calendar in your home, see where there is a date with a heart ornament. It is your wedding date!

Oh No!

Made some mistakes in the past? It's okay.

If your answer to some of his question is not quite right, you don't have to reset the game all over again, just make sure to answer the next question right.

That's all for now, Hurray for Harvest Moon! (;

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Animal

    In this post, I will write a few tips about
    1. Cow
    2. Horse
    3. Dog
    4. Sheep

    This one is so loveable, you can milk a cow twice a day and sell it to Takakura, Van, or give it to the villagers.
    When your cow is sleeping, and you have to milk her, don't click the X/O to wake her up, but push her around the barn. Keep doing this until she is fully awake, and you can milk her without making her mad.

    Horse will never die. You can stop feeding your horse and he will be fine, but his heart will decrease eventually.
    You can still ride your horse when it's raining, and same like a cow, push him around to wake him up. :)
    Horse loves brush, so don't forget to brush him everyday, and talk to him until he pops a heart icon on his head.
    You will get a horse for free from Takakura

    Dog is the first pet that you will have when you start Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. There are two options, but you can only pick one dog.
    Train your dog so he can chase Murray the burglar when he enters your farm to steal some food in the food storage.

    You can buy a sheep from Takakura, and you need to buy the tools too, scissor and brush.
    Brush and bathe the sheep everyday, and he'll produce a wool.
     When you're taking a really good care of your sheep, he will produce a golden wool. It's not a myth, guys! Trust me! :)

    I'm looking forward to write posts based on questions from here and there. I love collecting my friends' questions and strolling from web to web to make fresh new posts.

    ~The luxury of playing the Harvest Moon!~ :D

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Things You'll Never Know

    Somethings are made to be a secret. In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can find tons of secrets spreading all across the village, and it's up to you to find them. :)

    1. The girl you met when you were a kid. *I think any girl that you marry will confess that she was the girl, but who knows?
    2. Aja. *She never come back, and you can only know her from Manna's story
    3. The conversation on full moon. *Your wife promised that she'll tell a story, but she never did
    4. Cliff's family. *No one will ever know
    5. Zack's house. *You can never enter Zack's house

    They were just a few from all the Harvest Moon Back to Nature's secret. I'm looking forward to find another! :D

    ~Harvest Moon Detective!~

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Spa Boiled Egg

    Spa boiled egg is a great gift for some villagers, and the best thing is, it's cheap! You can give spa boiled egg to Popuri to win her heart, or you can give it to the Yodel Ranch grandpa so he will give you the pony. :)

    And how to make a spa boiled egg:
    1. Have a chicken, wait until it gives an egg
    2. Go to hot spring, near the mining site. The place that you usually find Popuri and Ann in the morning.
    3. Stand near the hot spring, but don't enter it. Hold the egg on your hands and press X to throw it into the hot spring. Soon, the egg will jump right back to your hands, and voila! It's spa boiled egg!

    You can only make a spa boiled egg by coming to the hot spring. :)

    ~Cherish Harvest Moon!~

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Golden Egg, Things to do

    So you've nurtured your chicken very well and you got something in return! Yes my friend, it is a golden egg. An egg that is, well, gold. :D

    The question is, what should you do with that?

    That is an interesting topic, because golden egg is one of the main ingredients to finish the Cake Contest with Katie, Wallace's daughter.

    Sell it! The price is good! 

    One thing for sure, do not ever try to cook any golden egg. You'll expect a golden scrambled or something like it, while you just get a normal one.

    Want to know how to have a golden egg?

    Let your chicken out when it's sunny, let it be until 5.00 or 6.00 o'clock, just put it back in the coop before it falls asleep. When it's raining, put your chicken in the coop and feed it. Talk to it and make it happy by picking it up and putting it down again. When your chicken is in a bad mood, don't talk to it over and over again, it'll increase the bad mood ever worse.

    Oh, you can also collect the golden eggs. I don't know what for, but I just love to check them in my rucksack. :)

    ~Happy Harvest Mooning!~

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - The 'No' Answer

    Harvest Moon Save The Homeland offers you tons of items, characters, and events to enjoy. But still, there is a 'no' answer for a few things.

    1. Can you get a gift from every villager? No. Some characters will give you a gift, and some of them will not.
    2. Can you have two horses? No. You can only pick one, and you won't get a replacement because horse won't die. 
    3. Will you marry a girl? No. There is no marriage in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. 
    4. Can you have two dogs? No. There are two types of dog and you can pick one.
    5. Can you go to a hot spring? No. When you're tired, you can eat something. There is no hot spring nor doctor.
    6. Can you get a bull? No. There is no bull, there is only cow with a miracle potion that you can buy from Bob.
    7. Can you take your cows outside the farm? No. You can only see your cow in the barn and in the pasture.
    8. Can you control the weather? No. Not like Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, there is no trick to stop the weather. So make you sure you watch TV everyday.
    9. Can you steal something from someone? No. You can't even open their refrigerator (not that I've tried that ... Haven't I?)
    10. Can you go outside the village? No. In Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, you can try to enter the city because there is a road, but in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, you can't even find a road to go outside!

    I think they are the top 10 of the 'no' answer for this post. If you have any questions, just drop a comment and I'll give a yes-no answer for that. :)

    ~Enjoy Harvest Moon!~

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Fishing from the Pot

    What is a pot? A pot is one of the utensils in your kitchen, but I'm not writing about that pot right now, I'm writing about the Big Pot.

    Yes, the pot that they use in the Harvest Festival, where every villagers bring their own items and ingredients to toss into the big pot.

    Now, in order to fish from that pot, you have to join the festival and bring your own item. It doesn't have to be expensive, just make sure you bring something edible-not grass, wood or poisonous mushroom.

    Wait until the villagers stop eating, and then, with the fishing rod that you've prepared from home, climb the stair and start fishing. You'll get a fish!

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Basket and Horse Race

    Horse race is an event that is held every year in the town-square, from time to time, you can tell the villagers say the exact same dialogue like they said last year. :p

    But here is something important, in a horse race, you bet your favorite horse (or you can enter yours) and get a point if the horse wins. Then, you can trade the point with gifts from the Mayor.

    Maybe this is some kind of spoiler, but the greatest gift is a power berry.

    So what is the use of basket in this event? I'll tell you something important, sometimes you are very lucky, you will win so many gifts that you don't even have any space in your rucksack. Well, if you leave the event, your point will disappear, so that's a big no-no.

    Make sure you bring your basket everytime you go to the Horse Race.

    Place your bets! ;)

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    New Friends from Mojokerto and Singapore!

    On 29 May, I was attending a perfect graduation party for the ninth grader (I'll write about that in the next post, :) ). It was great, the bands were spectacular, and the modern dancers rocked the stage. :D

    But the story started when I was walking home after the party. My teacher called me and asked if I can come to school on 31 May, to meet students from Singapore.

    And so, there I was, 31 May, 08.00 o'clock sharp, raining and found out that my class was empty and got no idea where to put my bag. Thank God I coped with that. :)

    I met my teacher and he gave me a quick briefing about the event, then I had a chit-chat with the English Club, took a walk around the school, found the Balinese dancers in the 'school clinic'-no, they were not sick, it's just that they already got dressed way before the event and can't walk in the rain. haha. :p -

    So 15 minutes before the students arrived, the English Club got together and talked about the plans. Sadly, almost half of our crew was out for a remedial (mostly in Bio and Physic), but they promised to join us as soon as they can. I was walking upstairs, heading to the hall and found the balinese dancers were already there, mysteriously. Lol. :)

    I took pictures from the preparation:

    Then, the students from Bedok South Secondary School - Singapore arrived. We showed them the seats, we took chairs for ourselves, prepared the chairs for SMP N 1 Mojokerto too, and tada! We made it! Hurray!!!

    Half of the English Club showed up just in time, before the event started. 

    The event went well, then my teacher told the English Club to give a tour around the school. It was raining, but I believe the tour was fun. :) Would love to show them the swimming pool, but there is not enough time. We saw the classes, bio lab, physic lab, and we took a break at the library.

    At the end, I made new friends and had a real good time that day. Got tons of gifts from Bedok South Secondary School, (thank u sooo much guys!! :D ) and I'm preparing some gifts for them too, I'm heading to the post office first thing in the morning. :)

    My gifts for them ... :) Hope they'll love them


    Oh, and I would like to say thank you for my English teacher, Mr. Kawi, the one that asked me to come to school on 31 May. I never thought it could be so much fun! Thanks, Mr. Kawi!   

    The Event:

    Bedok South Secondary School Dance Team :)

    Our amazing yet misterious Balinese dancers. :p

    My new friends! :D

    Sitting near Gamelan, our traditional music instrument.