Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How to Get A Dog, A Horse and A Part-Time Job

I really appreciate the creator for giving the dog and not cat, because I don't like cat! Well, if the cat just sits in front of my house, that is okay ... I would probably feed it. But just that, nothing more.

So, first, TO GET A DOG:

Put a weed in the dog's plate next to your house, and then if you enter your house and go out again, you'll might find a dog, if you walk to him he'll run. That's good. Make him run to a fence or anything that cannot make him runaway, then hit X. If he is your dog, there will be an option saying "Keep this dog?" keep trying, it may not work in the first try.


Go to Brown's farm, and ask Bob in store for a part-time, then like I wrote before, milk the cow, put the fodder in the barn and brush ONLY ONE HORSE that you like. When Bob decides to give you a horse, it will be the one that you like!


Ask Bob in the store in Brown's farm before evening. You cannot do a part-time when it's dark and the fee is based on how is your work, how long, and have you milked the cow, take care of that fodder and horses.

N.B: When you get a horse, it means you can finish the Horse Race ending!

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