Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Buildings

You have saved a lot of money. You are married. Your cows produce S quality milk twice a day, everyday. Thinking about adding more buildings into your farm? It's time!

So, this is my favorite order in ordering buildings to Takakura:

  1. Make a pond first. You need a pond once you get married, because a duck (or maybe ducks) will come to your house, playing in that pond and your wife (whoever she is) will ask you to keep them. You can't buy duck because it's not for sale, so take care of it!
  2. Then make a room for producing. The room contains a butter and cheese maker, so you must have this! And this is great for raising money! Trust me, you'll need it for adding more buildings to your farm!
  3. Make a fertilizer maker. Actually this is not a room, but it's a machine ... You can throw the trashes and they'll change into fertilizer. Great for saving money.
  4. Make a seed maker. This machine works best for people who love planting fruits etc ...
  5. Make a chicken coop. To prevent your chickens running around and then disappear, and not to mention, your dog can bite the chickens if you don't feed him or if you punish him!
  6. Make a milking room. I like it manual way because I'm not that busy, so I put it last in the list ...

You can make your own list, depends on: 1. How much money you got?; 2. Your goals; 3. Your interest (farming, planting seeds); 4. Perfect timing.

Oh, and you can check all of this options in the shipping room.

Selamat berkreasi!

Warm hugs from BaliTidBits for all The Harvest Moon Stuff readers ...

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