Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Questions

The questions that the Goddess asks when you play the beginning does matter!

Here, for example, if you answer the three question:

  1. Yes,
  2. Yes,
  3. Yes.

Then the game will be super easy! The people will like you faster than ever, and it'll be easier to get any items from the villager!

So, you can do it like this:

  1. Yes,
  2. Yes,
  3. Yes.

For super easy

  1. Yes,
  2. Yes,
  3. No.

For easy

  1. Yes,
  2. No,
  3. No.

For medium

  1. No,
  2. No,
  3. No.

For hard


I usually pick the super easy because it doesn't take too much time to finish the ending. But sometimes I choose the 'No' three times and I need 6 month or a year to finish it.

Walking Around the Town With My Hamster

Today is a really funny day. I've decided to give ten hamsters of mine (I have about 30) to the petshop for free. So I put them in a blue hamster house and then my Mom and I went to the petshop, Tir** M**. But it was closed. And then we felt hungry, we decided to go to a restaurant. The hamsters will stay in the car while we're eating. But, hey, when we visited Malioboro, it's so hectic the car barely moves! Then we picked another road.

We didn't have many ideas for a restaurant we would visit, all of our favorite restaurants are in the mall, and at this time, we couldn't breath in such a bizarre place. And so ...

We ended up at McD, ordering food at the drive-thru. Well, the french fries tasted better than ever, I don't know if it was because of the cook, or because I was starving.

And, well, the conclusion is, my hamster were just taking a walk through Jogja, oh yes, they had fun. But tomorrow, they have to go ... I'll bringing them to the petshop. =(

Yes, I feel sad, but what can I do? I have so many hamsters and I thought it would be mean, if I keep all of them and not taking care of them. And the hamsters are pregnant again! I have to face the truth that I cannot have more than 30 hamster! Period.

Okay, I'm still sad right now ...


It'll take time for me to forget all that cute faces that is swimming in my head right now ... My hamsters ...

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Marriage

You can marry a girl in harvest moon back to nature, you can have either a happy marriage or a terrible marriage that comes to a divorce-it's your call.

There are 5 girls:
  1. Elli
  2. Mary
  3. Popuri
  4. Karen
  5. Ann


We are talking about the heartmeter, the object that you can see when you talk to a girl. You need to look at the heart to know if the girl that you like will accept your proposal or not (read the blue feather section)

The heartmeter has 7 different kind of heart.

  1. Black : means she doesn't like you and she wants you to leave this place immediately
  2. Purple : means she is a friend of yours
  3. Blue : you're being a close friend to her
  4. Green : you're more than a close friend now
  5. Yellow : she is starting to like you more
  6. Orange : she is almost falling in love with you
  7. Red : she is falling in love deeply with you. Yaay! It's positive!!!!! She'll accepts the blue feather !!!!

Remember, to reach the red heart it takes time and about 90 gifts. Start at the first season at the first year.


Everyone loves blue feather! The day when the girl of your dream has the red heart, there will be a notification (too much facebook, yeah) tells you that there is a blue feather on sale at the Supermarket. It leads us to the understanding that you have to prepare the money when the girls reaches green heart or maybe less!

Then the salesman from china will come to your house too, offering the same blue feather which is much more expensive than the one that is in the supermarket.


After a lot of hard work, finally, the girl accepts your blue feather and she'll marry you! To know if she accepted it or not, check your rucksack. If the blue feather is not there, then the girl already accepted it! Then you shall open your calendar and see the date where there is a heart on it. It is the date of your wedding, don't forget to come to the Church on that date! And don't come late! It's very important!

Well, the real marriage begins ... You'll have a baby boy on the second year and you have to talk to your wife at least everyday (every hour is great too, but I don't do that ^_^) or her heart will descends and it's just the matter of time until the left you and return to her previous house. You can't marry again, because there is only one blue feather and you used it to marry your ex-wife! That is sad ...


Besides preparing your money to buy the blue feather, you have to prepare your money and lumbers to up-grade your house because a girl wouldn't marry you unless you a big and nice house.

And you have rival! Oh yes, each girl have the other guy that likes them too, and if you wait until winter to make your move, you get nothing and no one! So be fast and be brave ...

Every girls will have their own events and you need to pick the right answer to their question or the heart will descends ...

When you are married to a girl, you cannot go to a festival with another girl. You're a loyal husband, aren't you?


Harvest Moon Back to Nature - for PS2

I'm very curious right now ...

Is there someone out there who reached 100%?

Please tell me! Don't be shy to raise your hand ... ^_^ Such a super great achievement for you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Basket

You have to buy a basket if you want one, you can buy it at the Supermarket. I think the price is 3000 G.
Basket is an item that you use to keep the items that you want to sell. Once you put an item in the basket, you can't take it out, so be careful. Example, if you have an egg an you put it in the basket when actually you don't want to sell it, you cannot take it out.
Basket can hold 30 items, it's a great thing when you're digging at the mine, so you don't have to waste your time putting all the ores in the bin. But remember, at the end of the day before Zack comes, you have to put everything in the bin. How? First, bring your basket close to the bin. Second, hit X when you're standing in front of the bin while holding the basket. The way to know is it working or not is by holding your basket and hit start, then hit the rectangle button, if the amount of item is 0, it means all your items are now in the bin.
You cannot put items that are not for sale in the bin. The item will ends up on the ground and disappear right away.
Be careful when you dig at the winter mine, don't forget to bring out your basket when you're finish, especially on the last day of winter. If you forget, then you'll have to spend 3 seasons--until it's winter again--without your basket.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature : Stamina

It's been a while since I write post about Harvest Moon Back to Nature ... So I pick the topis stamina.

Sometimes when you're working too hard, your character will show signs that he is tired. First, he will stand and look exhausted, the second time he'll pull his handkerchief and then he'll pull his handkerchief again, and the fourth time, he'll pass out. When he passes out, you'll end up at the clinic and lost a day.

What you can do to gain stamina:
  1. Spend an hour in the hot springs
  2. Eat something
  3. Sleep
  4. Try to get power berry

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Kitchen

You can build a kitchen if you have 10.000 G
Go to the carpenter's house and click the piece of paper on the table. The option is dog's house and a kitchen.
The carpenter will need a day to build your kitchen, but it's worth the time, because you can change the milk into yogurt or cheese.
Why you need to build a kitchen?
Kitchen is not a key to achieve any ending, but for myself, I love cooking in my kitchen and give it to person I want to finish the ending with, and of course, like I wrote in the previous post, you can get a lot of energy by eating something that you cook.
Of course, sometimes you make bad food, just give it to your dog. He'll eat it and it doesn't change his heart for you!
In reality, I'm not a cooking expert, but I love to eat! Hehe. I prefer to eat rice than snacks, I don't know why but I don't like snacks very much. I love steak, but I prefer Indonesian food such as palumara, ayam betutu, karedok and nasi goreng.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Cooking

Cooking is not the main thing in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, but sure it's fun! It's a great way to please people, gain friends and gives you a lot of energy more than if you eat a fruit or herb.

In this post, I don't write about the recipe, but where you could sell your master piece!

  1. Cheese : Sunny Garden Cafe for 150 G
  2. Cranberry, Mixed Berry and Very Berry Jam : Sunny Garden Cafe for 100 G, 80 G and 80 G
  3. Yogurt : Sunny Garden Cafe & Ronald Supermarket for 350 G
  4. Blueberry Jam : Sunny Garden Cafe for 150 G

This a good way to earn money, especially when you cook the cranberry and blueberry into jam, it sells better than if you sell the fruit! Gwen loves homemade jam too, so that's a plus.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Super Secret Tips

I've decided to write this post because I think it's been too long to keep this secret to myself.
Maybe some of you already know this secret, and please correct me if I'm wrong!
So, keep reading and keep playing!
  1. The Harvest Sprite's house : it is in your farm, on the right side of the barn. You can check the dates of the full moon here.
  2. Fullmoon fruit : look for it behind the bar near the lake. It only grows at full moon, so you may want to check the dates in Harvest Sprite's house
  3. Throw a dog to the lake. You'll find something special when you fish!
  4. Throw a chicken to the lake. Then try to catch a can. You'll be surprised.
  5. Take a fodder from Bob's farm when you have your part-time job. Feed it to your animals ...
  6. If you desperately want the fishing rod, go to the lake twice at Tuesday or Thursday. You'll get a fishing rod from Joe!
  7. If you want a little bit of romance in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (you can't have a marriage in this game) try to finish the ending 'Cake Contest'.
  8. There is a secret place in the Villa.
  9. You can lost your dog one day, then usually Lila will find it. Lila might dislike you because of this event, but try to give her flowers as many as you can. Then she'll help you to finish an ending.
  10. When you sleep after you worked hard and the face in the Start menu turns blue, there is 60% you'll get sick and spend the rest of the day sleeping in your house.
  11. When you be friended with Katie, she'll visit and cook for you when you're sick.
  12. When you be friended with Tom, he'll visit you when you're sick.
  13. Gwen is the character you can be friended with to finish two endings, but you can't finish two of them at the same time.

Thirteen secrets for you guys! Hope they help ...

Anyone planning to visit Bali? E-mail me! I'll give you the list of places you can visit in Bali ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Items from Van

Van visits the village at 3 and 8 every month except when it's raining. He buys things from you and you can negotiate about the price, but you can't haggle for a lower price when you buy something from him.

In this post, it is about the items you can buy from Van. Enjoy reading!

  1. Puzzle: this is just for fun. Nothing special and there is no need to buy this item for any events.
  2. Blue ball: you can train your dog with this blue ball
  3. Car: it is not a real car! ^^ it's a miniature of car ...
  4. Brush: you'll need this to take care of your cows/horse/sheep. Better of you buy a brush, because your horse will gain hearts, sheep will has golden wool and cows will produce better milk.
  5. Record: just for fun. But it's great to hear your farm singing. =)
  6. Fishing rod: this is great! Buy this fishing rod and you'll get more money than if you don't!
  7. Red medicine
  8. Blue medicine
  9. Green medicine
  10. Doll
  11. Furniture
  12. Goat: goat is not my favorite animal ... But you can earn some money if you buy a goat ...
  13. Carpet (2)
  14. Carpet (3) : use this to decorate your house

I just bathed my dog, Choky von Pearl. Did you know that people want to pay Rp 300.000,00 only to have a puppy from him? Oh yes, I heard that from a friend of mine. Once Choky is big enough to marry a female dog, people will come and ask Choky to marry their dogs so that they can get a certificate, because Choky has a certificate. Interesting ... ^_^

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How To Take Care of Your Chicken

Chicken is the key for the 'Cake Contest' ending. You'll need a golden egg!

You can buy a chicken from Bob's farm, it's 500 G. Or you can buy an egg in the supermarket @ 50 G but you need to wait four days to have a chicken. I always buy an egg in the supermarket, it's much cheaper. Besides, I'm not in any hurry. After you have a chicken, you can put her egg in the incubator to hatch another chicken! I love that ...

You need to buy chicken feed too, it costs for 10 G per chicken feed. But better you use it only for rainy days, so you need to take your chickens out on sunny days. It's not good for them to spend all their days in the chicken coop ...

You can check your chicken's health by picking them up and try to talk with them. If your chicken is sick, you need to buy a medicine. It's from my personal experience, buy at least 2 animal medicine, because Bob only sells one medicine each day. So if two of your chickens are sick, you can cure both of them!

You cannot sell sick chickens. Healthy chickens sells for 300 G.

When you take a good care at your chicken, it'll lay golden egg! Hurray !!! Take care of that egg! Don't put it in the incubator! It's not worth it ... You need to keep it carefully, and don't throw it! (oh, yes, I throw one of them because I'm so curious. Silly me.)


Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Checking Tools

Do you have it or do you not? ^_^

Collecting tools is fun when you have the list!


So here it is, THE LIST

Watering can : use it to water your plants. Check the amount of water by pressing SELECT. Fill the water in the well next to your house.


Hoe : there is no mine in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, but you can use the hoe to dig the ground in front of your house. Don't use it for your dog!


Sickle : use this to cut grass and it will automatically turn into a fodder in the bar.


Milker : buy this from Louis if you want it for your cow. Can only be use for cows! The price is 1800 G


Brush : great tool to increase your animal's heart and happiness!


Fishing rod : first, be friended with Joe.


Super fishing rod : you can buy it from Louis, costs for 4500 G


Medicine : medicine for you, animal medicine and cow miracle potion


Super sickle : careful with this! It cuts 3 times than the normal sickle, so make sure your animals are save!


Chicken feed : buy it from Bob, it costs 10 G and you can only have 99 of them.


Try to collect them all! But don't forget to pick one ending ... ^_^

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - About Weather

First of all ...
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri
1430 H
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin
Okay ... I want to apologize for my absents .... Well, I cannot give you any good enough reason, but I'm so so so sorry ... It's almost a month I haven't write anything yet, so here it is:
In Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, there are 3 types of weather:
Rainy ==> if the TV shows 100%, then prepare for everything the day before! Take care of
your animals and don't be suprise if sometimes your crops get blown away by the wind ... After all, that is one of the risk in taking care of plants ... Right?
If you have a dog or maybe cows and plants, you have to save them! After all, this is Harvest Moon Save The Homeland ...
First, if you have a dog, then you can send it to his house when it's raining (if you already built it, if you haven't, visit the carpenter's house and look at the piece of paper on the table) or--this is better--if you already trained your dog, it can help you to send all your cows to the barn!
Methods ... :
  1. You need a flute to train your dog. Be friended with Louis.
  2. Then, train your dog with the flute, (it's in 'tools' in your rucksack) until he'll be able to send all the cows to the barn. It takes time! Be patient ...

Your dog can even helps you when you come home late and all the cows are sleeping, he can wake them up without making them mad and send them immediately to the barn!
Thank you for your attention ...
and thank you for reading this part ...
and this part too ...
Well, and this part as well ...
Honestly, I'm really really sorry for not posting ANYTHING for almost a month!
Mohon maaf ...
Keep smiling and keep loving