Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - TV

Even though we're playing the game about farm here, but still, TV won't do no harm, right?

TV is located next to the diary, there are 4 channels that you can choose:
  1. Weather forecast
  2. Entertainment
  3. News
  4. Horoscope

The little icon in the upper-left shows what program you are watching now.

The most useful channel is the weather forecast, watch it everyday before you go out from your home, if there is a chance of raining, put your animals into the barn, put your chickens into the chicken coop, and don't water your plants too much or they'll die! But, of course, you can stop the rain by entering the mine, dig, and then go out. The rain will stop.

Entertainment and horoscope are just for fun. Horoscope won't make your day easier and vice versa. While you can watch news to catch up the latest information!

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