Monday, December 28, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - How to Have Honey

This is a question from a friend of mine ...

Honey is a great item for you to sell. You can drink it too for extra energy.

How can you have a honey?

First, you need to visit Won in the inn and buy flower seed from him. Plant the seed and wait until the bees come to your farm. Then you will find the bees on the tree next to your pond.

If you want better price for your honey, go visit Louis in the carpenter's house and give him a honey. The next day you will get a cut-scene, Louis will come to your house and he'll tell you that the bees are rare kind and you should sell it with higher price. After that, the price will change automatically.

Run to the inn and let's buy flower seed from Won! v^_^v

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