Sunday, August 9, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Urgent Money

Do you know what 'halo' means in Indonesia? It's hello! So I think it's pretty cute, you say 'halo' to people, like you're saying they are angels. Hohoho ...

Well, I got this post from my friend, she asked me about urgent money. She can't find the cheat and she asked how can she gets money from the normal way.

Sometimes, if you start in the very beginning, there are few needs that are expensive for you. But if you think you need it so badly, or maybe you'll use it to gain more money, then here are some tips for you:

  1. Sell your cow. Then buy a cow the next year, but don't buy a cow right away after you sold the cow!!
  2. Go fishing for two days. Do not sleep. Do not eat. Then sell it to Van.
  3. Collect all the flowers and all the fruit. Sell it to Van and don't give any to the girls. Then on the third month, give flowers to the girl you like until her she has 2 or 3 hearts.
  4. Don't eat. Maybe it can slow you a little bit, so instead of working in the mine, go fishing. It's less exhausting for you and your hungry stomach. LOL.
  5. Milk your cow twice a day. In the morning and in the afternoon.
  6. Go to sleep at 09.00 pm. Wake up around 5.00 am or 6.00 am and start working. I've calculated it and you can have more money if you work at this hour.
  7. People do this kind of mistake: visiting the forest too early on the next day after they collected all of the fruit yesterday. Sometimes the fruit and flowers won't grow. It means you've lost fruit and flowers for one day.
  8. Don't drink milk. I've written this in my posts and still, I think it's very important. Don't drink milk. It's not worth the price.

Lots of hugs for You've came back guys! Now show your blogger power!!!

And of course, lots of hugs for all the harvest moon fans!!

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