Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - White Horse

I have read some questions about horse in harvest moon save the homeland, and I've seen most of you guys are after the white horse. ^_^ That reminds me of Taylor Swift's song, White Horse. Hehe ...

And so, this is the very useful tips if you want the white horse and only the white horse.

On your first day, go to Bob's store as soon as it's open. Talk to Bob, ask him about the part-time job.

Then, when you are working, enter the barn, put the fodder in the feeding-box and keep the rest in your rucksack.

After that, brush the cow, milk it.

Brush the white horse and only the white horse. Talk to him over and over (I suggest more than 5 times) and brush him again, don't stop, don't leave the pasture. You'll stop automatically when Bob calls you and say the work is done for today.

It's not over yet!

Visit Bob everyday and give him a gift. Make sure you do this everyday. Bob likes milk and eggs.

When Bob decides to give you a horse, you'll have a cut-scene.

The cut-scene: in the morning, open your door, when the music stops, you'll know there's a cut-scene!

So there you have it, a white horse!

Additional tips:
  1. You can brush other horses the next day, so the next time you take the part-time job, brush all the horses!
  2. Be friended with Bob is quite easy, just keep visiting him and give him gifts, and don't forget to talk to him at least once a day!
  3. You can't do part-time job when it's raining.
  4. I think some of you wants to pick the Horse Race Ending, so be friended with Gwen too because she is one of the characters in the Horse Race Ending.

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