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Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Cow

I write a full post about cow! Hope you like it!

In the beginning, Takakura gave you a cow and you have to take care of it: milk it, brush it, feed it. After you raise your money, you can buy another cow from Takakura, just write it down in the shipping room. Takakura will give you a cow on the next day.

You have to feed a cow with a fodder twice a day, a healthy cow eats twice a day, if your cow won't eat until afternoon, you have to put a fodder in your hand and give it directly to your cow.

Grass is main food of your cow, don't forget to control the grass with fertilizer, the grass will grow in 13 days. You can check the amount of your fodder in the barn, next to the fodder bin. You can put a fodder into the bin by cutting the grass in your pasture. Once you cut it, it will automatically deliver itself to the fodder bin ^_^


Don't try to check the whole pasture! It's useless, if you don't give fertilizers, your grass won't grow itself. You can watch your cow dies, or you can BUY a fodder from Takakura, but IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE (200 G). After you bought it from Takakura, don't forget to buy fertilizer!


Hit the red button. There is a red button in the barn, if you hit it, your cow(s) will go to the pasture. If you hit a red button outside the barn, your cow(s) will go to the barn.


You can check green board in the barn.


Buy a medicine from Takakura! (200 G) I suggest if you already have enough money, buy one medicine just in case, if your animal get sick. Don't put a sick cow in the pasture.

P.S: Try not to sell the first cow in the beginning because it gives you milk! It's not funny if you sell the first cow and then buy another cow the next day.

You can raise money just from milking the cow! So take care of your cow! Romana likes it too! If you give milk to Romana, you'll get a cat etc ... (read Villager's Gift in previous post)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Sheep

You don't own a sheep in the first play, but you can buy it from Takakura.

How To Take Care of Sheep:
It's not complicated, it's like taking care of cow! It needs fodder, and you need to take it out to the pasture on sunny days.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is you have to BRUSH it, and BATHE it. And you need a scissor too! Then, it will gives you a white/golden wool. Golden wool is the greatest quality of sheep's wool. It's sale for 720 G.

Take care of your sheep(s)!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Duck

You can only have a duck once you get married AND already built a pon AND have more than 3 chickens in the chicken coop.

If you want to get a duck, wake up later than your wife and she will tell you that a duck came this morning and ask you to keep it. If you say yes, she'll be happy. Then, the duck will follow you into the chicken coop

After you own a duck, if you put the egg in an incubator, it can be a chick or a duck. There is no differences between duck's egg and chicken's egg.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Fishes

According to the book that I bought and fishes that I caught, these are the fishes:

  1. Small Colombo - 10 G

  2. Colombo - 20 G

  3. Big Colombo - 40 G

  4. Super Colombo - 100 G

  1. Small Snelt - 20 G

  2. Snelt - 30 G

  3. Big Snelt - 60 G

  4. Super Snelt - 100 G

  1. Small Nyamame - 50 G

  2. Nyamame - 60 G

  3. Big Nyamame - 130 - 156 G

  4. Super Nyamame - 200 - 240 G

  1. Small Huchen - 60 G

  2. Huchen - 90 G

  3. Big Huchen - 170 - 204 G

  4. Super Huchen - 250 - 300 G

  1. Small Rainbob - 70 G

  2. Rainbob - 80 G

  3. Big Rainbob - 150 - 180 G

  4. Super Rainbob - 500 - 600 G

  1. Small Yamada - 300 - 360 G

  2. Yamada - 500 - 600 G

  3. Big Yamada -

  4. Super Yamada - 2.000 - 2.400 G

  1. Small Arna - 300 - 360 G

  2. Arna - 405 - 486 G

  3. Big Arna - 800 - 960 G

  4. Super Arna -

  1. Small Yamame -

  2. Yamame - 500 - 600 G

  3. Big Yamame -

  4. Super Yamame -

If there is no price, it means it's not for sale!

Go Harvest Moon !!! ^o^

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Rain

In Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, you can't stop the rain though you enter the room etc. Some tips when it's raining:

  1. Go fishing, you'll get a big fish!
  2. Dig in front of your house, you'll get more when it's raining
  3. Don't pick up your dog! It usually gets mad.
  4. No part-time in Brown's Farm
  5. Put your cow(s) in the barn

But careful, you need to check your health status (press start in PS 2) and eat something before you get sick tomorrow. I got sick for digging non-stop when it's raining, and I'm working on The Cake Contest ending, because I already be friended with Katie, she visited me and cooked for me. When I'm working on Hidden Treasure and got sick, Tim came to my house! It's sweet ....

You can check the weather for tomorrow in the TV, unless it's raining badly and the TV will show you gray dots ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Sleeping

Sometimes I wonder if there is an exact time for your character to go to sleep, but I'm still searching right now, and I think, it's not the time that matters, it's the activity.

His sleep duration depends on his activity today!

I think this is my shortest post ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - When It's Raining

Well, first post while I'm in Jogja ... I just got here yesterday, but this morning my grandma/opung called my Mom and we ended up meeting in Jakarta. I'm speechless. I just got to Jogja and I didn't sleep the night before I hit the airport! My Mom said I look like "celepuk" LOL.

Anyway, I already planned everything I want to do with my Mom in Jakarta. I prefer not to bring my clay with me, and so I will hit PS 2 stores! They got the coolest one in Jakarta, I'll be there! If there is anyone who knows another cool places where they sell PS 2 games, please tell me! Thanks before ... ^_^

About Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, most of my friends ask me how to stop the rain, but I found that raining isn't that bad, it can water your plants and save your energy, and you'll find bigger fishes than when you fish on sunny days.

But if you really want to stop the rain, I suggest you'd better go to the mines and dig the ground maybe twice or three times and then go out. The rain will stops. It's not always 100%, but it's the only way I know ...

I'll write a list why my friends hate it when it's raining

  1. If it's raining on 3d or 8th, Van won't come

  2. You have to put your animal in the barn and that means fodder!

  3. It's harder to get a cut-scene when it's raining than when it's sunny

  4. Sometimes your plant can die if it won't stop raining

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Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How to Get A Dog, A Horse and A Part-Time Job

I really appreciate the creator for giving the dog and not cat, because I don't like cat! Well, if the cat just sits in front of my house, that is okay ... I would probably feed it. But just that, nothing more.

So, first, TO GET A DOG:

Put a weed in the dog's plate next to your house, and then if you enter your house and go out again, you'll might find a dog, if you walk to him he'll run. That's good. Make him run to a fence or anything that cannot make him runaway, then hit X. If he is your dog, there will be an option saying "Keep this dog?" keep trying, it may not work in the first try.


Go to Brown's farm, and ask Bob in store for a part-time, then like I wrote before, milk the cow, put the fodder in the barn and brush ONLY ONE HORSE that you like. When Bob decides to give you a horse, it will be the one that you like!


Ask Bob in the store in Brown's farm before evening. You cannot do a part-time when it's dark and the fee is based on how is your work, how long, and have you milked the cow, take care of that fodder and horses.

N.B: When you get a horse, it means you can finish the Horse Race ending!

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - More About Azure Flower

Hello! I'm writing again after celebrating my birthday! Yaay! Oh yes, you are reading the posts of 14 years old girl, not 13 anymore ... There are so many memories, I don't realize a year just flew like that!

This is the picture of my father and I (my mom is the photographer)

Simple and sweet, I don't really like loud party or anything like that, besides my friends are in Jogja, and I'm in Bali right now.

That is my house, weird, isn't? I'd love to show you photo of my Harvest Moon home in Jogja. ^_^

Well, back to Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - More About Azure Flower:
I just got the very-first comment from anonymous, and the question is about the seed in The Azure Flower ...

Yes, to plant Azure you need the seed and you got it from Lila (read the previous post, The Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Azure Flower). To plant it, you need to go to the soil ground at the Goddess' pond. Go to that soil ground, stand in front of it and select a hoe, then dig ONE time. There will be an option, "Do you want to plant the seed?" You have to say yes, because the seed is in the key item, you cannot take it by yourself.

this is my personal experience, but if you really want to complete the game by using Azure Flower ending, try not to dig the soil ground in Harvest Goddess' pond until you have the seed, because I've tried to plant the seed after I dig it about 20 times in different days, and the option won't come out. So I dig the ground when I already have the seed.
I hope this helps!

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Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Villagers Gift

Just got home from the airport, and yes, still in Bali, I still cannot decide when should I go to Jogja. Anyway, I love writing about this topic! It is about the villagers gift for YOU. If you give a villager a present, he/she will give something to you that you cannot buy neither from Van or Takakura (there is one exception though). But you can still sell it! I prefer not to, if we calculate how many presents we have to give to the villagers and then sell their gift to someone, it doesn't cover our expenses.

Starting from ...
  1. Takakura: he will give you a special talking plant named Tartan, you can make Dhibe, a really special seed and the fruit is very expensive! Before he gives Tartan, he will give you a horse (don't need to give him a present for this) in the first chapter/The Beginning in summer. Try not to buy anything from him, then Takakura will give you a horse on 1st of Summer (if you order or sell something from the shipping room, he will give you a horse on 8th of Summer)
  2. Vesta: the weird hoe. You can use this hoe, so it's useful.
  3. Marlin: I don't know yet, but I remember my friend told me that Marlin gave her something ...
  4. Celia: - (her heart! ^_^)
  5. Ruby: the spice, and a recipe.
  6. Tim: weird hoe, same like Vesta
  7. Rock: -
  8. Nami: -
  9. Griffin: Marine Jazz Record
  10. Muffy: -
  11. Nina: a recipe
  12. Gallen: fishing rod (can only be given in the second chapter/A Birth)
  13. Hugh: -
  14. Chris: -
  15. Wallie: wool cutter (or something like that, sorry, I have no idea what is the name of that thing)
  16. Patrick: various things, if you play the traditional chess with him AND WIN.
  17. Kassey: same like Patrick
  18. Cody: some kind of statue, and a weird sickle he found near the sea
  19. Daryl: fertilizer maker (this one is the exception, you can buy it from Takakura, TRY TO GET IT FROM DARYL! It's cheaper)
  20. Romana: a cat, a watering can, a piano score
  21. Sebastian: a recipe
  22. Lumina: -

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My Harvest Moon Diary II

This is the picture I wrote about in the previous post!

Tadaa!! Wow, I have to give a compliment to Badan Lingkungan Hidup Jogjakarta for always having a creative idea! The toilet! Hahaha ... I just love Jogja, the town is so peaceful, creative and full of art!

And here is Benteng Vrederburg ...


Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Hard Deciding Who Should You Marry?

Most of my friends love to raise their money, but when it comes to wife, they are very confused, they like all the girls! Me too! Muffy is energetic, and Lumina is sooo sweet. So, I made up a simple quiz! Enjoy!

Rules: Each answer has it own score, for example; no. 1;10 + no.2; 30 + no.3 ...
1. You want your child to be:
a. a farmer (10)
b. a musician (40)
c. a scholar (30)
d. an athlete (10)

2. Describe your favorite girl in one word:
a. cool (30)
b. energetic (10)
c. sweet (40)
d. caring (20)

3. Your favorite object is :
a. piano (40)
b. statue from the mine (30)
c. seed (20)
d. red dress (10)

4. You want to focus on
a. love life (40)
b. money (10)
c. family (20)
d. intelligency (30)

5. You love visitting
a. the inn (30)
b. the bar (10)
c. villa (40)
d. seed market (20)

And the result is ...

50-90 : MUFFY
You should marry Muffy if ou want an energetic girl next to you, and probably if you want to focus in raising money, Muffy doesn't cost a lot of money!

100-120 : CELIA
This sweet girl from Vesta's farm will be happy to help you with your plants if you wake up later that she is. Celia's child is the most lovable child while he/she is a teenager.

150-160 : NAMI
Calm and peaceful, your life will be in a total zen if you married Nami, but your child can be a little shy just like her mother ...

190-200 : LUMINA
The youngest bride, her child will love music but not very helpful in the farm.

Hope this helps! And please tell me your result in the comment box! Thanks!

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The Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - THE VILLAGERS

Hello! I'm in Bali now, waiting for my mom to finish her work, and I'll catch the earliest flight to Jogja! Haha! Ehem ... Because I left my PS 2 AND PS 1 in Jojga, I have nothing to do here in Bali except playing piano, finishing my cross-stitch and probably watch 90210. So ... About the villagers in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World ... They are :

  1. You

  2. Takakura

  3. Vesta

  4. Marlin

  5. Celia*

  6. Ruby

  7. Tim

  8. Rock

  9. Nami*

  10. Griffin

  11. Muffy*

  12. Nina

  13. Gallen

  14. Hugh

  15. Chris

  16. Wallie

  17. Patrick

  18. Kassey

  19. Cody

  20. Daryl

  21. Romana

  22. Sebastian

  23. Lumina*

* is the girl that you can marry, but of course, you should be friended with other villagers too, because some characters will give you certain items that you cannot buy from Takakura or even Van!

There will be new character in Year 2, A Birth, and they will give you a gift too! I'll give you a very useful tip I always use when it comes to accepting gifts.

When you already give the villagers things they like and they alwats turn their heads when they see you, it's time to accepting their gifts!

Follow them when they are entering a room/a house (usually their houses), then you'll get a cut-scene

Or you can stand in front of the door and hit X (O for Japan) when he/her is trying to get out. You'll get a cut-scene!

I'd love to show you the photo I mentioned in the previous post, but because I'm in Bali and the internet network is soooooo slloooow ... So I have to wait until I get back to Jogja. Everytime I try to upload the photo, the internet stops working! Grrhh .. Well, next week I'll be in Jogja! There'll be a lot of posts!!!! ^_^

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MYTH from Harvest Moon A Wonderful World

While having a chatty-chat with my friends, someone popped up a question; "Is it true that you cannot have a daughter if you marry Lumina or Nami?"

So I decided to write about Myth from Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, there are few things that people believe will ruin the game, like that Lumina and Nami case ... So, hope you enjoy this post!

  1. You can marry Muffy, Nami, Celia and Lumina too (in PS 2) and you can have a daughter.
  2. THE GRASS WON'T GROW IT SELF! Use fertilizer from Vesta's shop
  3. Yes, you're cow can be sick if you don't feed it, and they can die too. There's no reason why it won't die, right?
  4. The girl DO hates you if you pick the wrong answer in a Cut-Scene. So careful!
  5. When you walk and you see the villager turn his/her head, then they like you, it's a HINT. Use it to know when you will receive certain gifts from the villager.
  6. You DON'T have to give the girl you like her favorite thing, sometimes when you're out of stock, just give her mugwort (but not fodder!) and she'll be happy. Just keep giving her present everyday.
  7. See the weird building in your farm that you cannot enter? The creator of the game made it so that we can use it, be he changed his mind and took the function but he left the house.
  8. Many people say you can't negotiate with Van if he refuses it three times. THAT'S FALSE! I've tried and it works! Though I click Van about 15 times, but it works!

And about wife, some people say that they're all the same, but it's not true. Muffy is the easiest to get and Lumina is the hardest. So, it's Muffy-Celia-Nami-Lumina

I have to go to the airport now, flight to Bali. But I'll be writing some fun stuff about Harvest Moon and some new tips! So keep in touch!

*Blinking* Wow, I will upload the photo of this toilet in Jogja/Benteng Vrederburg. Haha ...

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Eating in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World

I think my character is healthy and strong, but sometimes he will get dizzy if he works too hard and his stomach will make a sound "Grouuu ..."

My friend told me to buy energizer from Van or drink at Griffin's Bar but it doesn't really work. I prefer Tiny Yamame or Huchep. NEVER DRINK MILK! And in my strategy, I give milk to Romana after I'm rich and have more than three cows. Then she will give me

  1. A Cat
  2. A Watering Can
  3. A Piano Score

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - FISHING TIPS

I have tips for fishing in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, I spent 2 days in Harvest Moon for fishing. It makes a lot of money! So whenever I need extra cash, I will fish!

  1. When you swing your rod, hit L1 and R1 until the fish bite the lure. It really works!
  2. Stay for two days in the Spring to fish Big Arna, worth 800-900 G! Don't forget to hit L1 and R1
  3. If you want a lot of fish, go fishing in the stream, but if you want Arna, go fish in the Spring, and the pond near Daryl's house for ShaShark. My friend once caught ShaShark but she spent two days to catch one.

Hope this helps!

My Diary

My friend lost her wallet in Bali and she thinks it's because she saw a money, Rp 1.000,00 and it belongs to Leak (ancient spirit, created by a man that have magical spirit). I wonder, does my friend can see Leak? Because there is Nyepi, the day when we have to keep silent, can't use water, light and fire. We cannot work or communicate with each other, and some people say that the man practices his magical power by sending Leak to the street at Nyepi night.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World (If You Leave The Village)


Whatever you do, don't leave the village!!! If you follow Chris, she always walks to the town. Don't follow her! Three Harvest Spirits will stop you, but if you force them 3 times, they will give up and allow you to go to the town and ...


Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - HORSE RACE

Level : Easy

When you got a horse from Bob (I wrote tips about getting a horse in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Tips), take a VERY good care of it and give it a good name (my friend told me this) such as Faith, Love, Win etc ... Then go to Bob's farm and never mind the part-time, it's time to focus with the horse race! Talk to Bob and he'll offer you a horse race training. Come to his farm on Tuesday to challenge Gwen. When you win from Gwen, Bob will say that you're ready, and he'll send your horse to the race.

Bob and Gwen then will come to your house and tell you that your horse win the race, and the village will not be destroyed. Then the credits will appeared about the time you have spent with your horse, and your effort to practice ... *softly crying* the ending is very touching ...

I'm so sorry, but I can't write The Treasure Hunt I and The Treasure Hunt II ending because my friends and I still working on it. We're not really sure, but we think these endings are really hard! You have to plant special seeds and I messed it up! So I have to play it over and over again .. *Sigh* If someone out there knows how these endings work, please tell me!

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE GODDESS DRESS

Level : Easy

Be friended with the girl in the villa (not Dia) what's her name? Hmm ... I think it's Gina. Be friended with Louis too, he will help you in selling the silk thread (you have to buy it).

Gina is designing a clothes for winning the fashion competition in Flowerbud (where you came from) and she asks for your help. All you need to do is visit the Harvest Spirits and she'll thread the silk thread (buy it from Louis), then Gina will take it and win the competition.

Then, for the ending, Gina and you will become more closer and I even think that my character has a crush on Gina! Maybe ... ^_^ I wish I can marry someone in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE ENDANGEREED WEASEL

Level : Medium

I think the hardest part in this ending is making Gwen likes you. She's a really tough and cool girl, she acts like she doesn't need you. Give her home-made jam.

Pot + 3x blueberries
Then, when you visit here, there will be a cut-scene about a weasel, you'll work with Gwen. The weasel is quite cute!
I just bought from Studio One:
  1. Harvest Moon Back To Nature for PC,
  2. Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town
  3. Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - CAKE CONTEST

Level : Medium

It's easy when you already have golden egg and golden milk, just be friended with Dia (she loves blueberries) and she will give Katie a book, and then Katie will try to make a cake to win the contest, then Katie will ask your help, bla bla ...

This is my favorite part: You will need a MoonDrop Dew and you need to go the Goddess Lake to create that with the girl that loves you! Then both of your love with make a MoonDrop Dew *I'm blushing, almost crying*. Then Katie will use it to make a cake.

Then, as an ending, Katie, Lyla and Gwen will show up in front of your house and tell you that you've saved the homeland. And Katie tell you that she will be off to the town to learn about culinary, then your character will be quiet for a second, (probably gazing into Katie's eyes) and agrees in a gentleman way. *blushing again*

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE BLUEBIRD

Level: Easy

All you gotta do is be friended with the Louis, he will give a flute. Use it to train your dog, and you'll be able to play the flute. When you're an expert, go to the lake at afternoon, and you will get a cut-scene. Louis is giving food to the birds and tells you a story about the blue bird. He says that people believe blue bird's feather brings happiness, and he wishes that blue bird will appear and save the homeland (which it's actually you that save the homeland). Then bring your flute with you, go to the lake at afternoon once again, and Louis and you will play a duet! DON'T MESSED UP THE DUET! Then both of you will see the blue-bird flying. Taadaa!!

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, Azure Flower

Level: Hard

I think this ending is girly, be friended with Lila and she will give you a seed that you have to plant in the Goddess Area. See the one soil ground in the Goddess Area? That's where you will plant the flower. Don't forget to water it everyday. Then, after the flower blooms, a rare butterfly will appear. You and Lila will take the picture using camera from the nerdy guy next to Lila's house, and you will send it to the town people. You've saved the homeland!

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: ENDING

There are 9 endings in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (my friends say it's 7, but I think it's 9)

It's ...

  1. The Azure Swallowtail
  2. The Bluebird
  3. The Cake Contest
  4. The Endangered Weasel
  5. A Fishy Story (check my previous post)
  6. The Goddess Dress
  7. The Horse Race

And, there are 8) Treasure Hunt I and 9) Treasure Hunt II

There are explanations about the ending on the next posts!



there's a question about fishing. I love fishing! In harvest moon and in real life. And in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, my money depends on fishing and my cows. So this is the answer

When you swing your fishing rod to the LAKE near the bar/restaurant (not the Harvest Spirit's pond), there will be an arrow blinking and there's a circle with dark-blue colour. It means a fish (or a trash).

hit X AT THE SAME TIME follow the arrow that'sblinking, like when -> (right) is blinking, then push your analog stick to the right.

After the carpenter guy gave you the fishing rod, keep giving him presents! Now that you got fishing rod, give the little fish that cannot be sale to that guy! Even better if you have a kitchen, you can cook it first! Just click the pan and select fish, then give it to him. He will give you SPECIAL FISHING ROD, and then, you will get the chance to play the ending about the magical fish! You have to catch that fish and the town people that want to destroy the island will stop, because it's a rare fish and they don't want to kill it, bla bla bla ...

Hope this helps!

N.B: I have to wear glasses now, and it's +! The guy at the store said it's because I spent too much time in front of the computer and TV. *typing* *clicking* *playing PS 2* am I? ^_^

I love Jodi Picoult! I love Goenawan Moehammad! I love Pramoedya Ananta Tour! I love Mandiri Bank!


About two days ago, I wrote an answer about Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life,
and I wrote about TWILIGHT. Attention!! This is very interesting! In Twilight, you are an old grandpa with a child. If you really want to know what's will happen, read this paragraph, but if you want to solve it by yourself, better not read this, because I will be very honest! Hehehe ...


Like I said, you will become an old man with a teenage child, and of course people in Forget-Me-Not Valley already changed (or gone, ex: Nina). All the children grew up. And you will play 4 seasons in Twilight, then ...


Hurray! You are young, you're child is a teen, your wife is young, and the best of all, you are rich! (well, depends on how you've worked for your life!) There's no ending!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thinking Bulb

Before I give you the my piece of mind about Harvest Moon, I would like to tell you a story about last night party! I spent my evening working on my hair and make-up, it took 15 minutes for my hair and other 15 minutes for my make-up, and one and a half hour playing PS 2. The party is great, although I'm not much a social-person (I tend to be a loner, like my mom), I love the atmosphere in that building. And I especially love the souvenir they gave, it's a clock with traditional bride and groom. My mom and I will stitch cute things for the clock, and we will use the traditional statue as ... Hmm ... I have no idea, but I will use it anyway! It's so cute ...

Okay ... When I play Harvest Moon in PS 2 and PS 1, there are a lot of questions and ideas in my mind, and they keep bugging me so I've decided to share my questions with you. Help!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World (PS 2)

  1. Does Takakura have a past? And what would it be? Because he is so tough and quiet. Where does he come from?

  2. I wanna cross that sea~! What can I see if I cross that sea?
  3. When you see the boat in the shore, it's actually your boat (my friends told me that) your father used to travel the village with that. Is it true?

  4. Don't you agree with me if I say that Sebastian loves Romana?

  5. My character seems to be a truly loner, but when I start a new game, it seems that he always smile and bla bla ... I know I'm the one who control him, is it me that have two personality? LOL.

Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS 1)

  1. I lost my chicken when I took it out from my farm. How could this happen?

  2. In the opening, there's a little girl (your first love). Who do you think she is? Elli? Marry? Karen? Popuri? Or that tomboyish girl in the inn?

  3. What will happen if you sickle one of the girl? I'm not being evil, but I just want to know how she will react.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (PS 2)

  1. I want to marry the Harvest Goddess!
  2. I want to build a store in front of Bob's store! (I even dreamt about it in my sleep)
  3. I want to swim!!!
  4. I'm a little annoyed by that bag in my back that keeps moving if I run. I can imagine that sound will be "Boing! Boing! Boing!"
  5. Why is that cow in Bob's farm always gives S Milk, while my cow already gives Golden Milk? That's weird. It's like everything stops growing in Bob's farm.
  6. Does Gwen have a crush on Bob?

There's still a lot of things about Harvest Moon in my head, but I just can't remember it. Maybe I should write them in my harvest moon. Ooh .. Yes! I forget to tell you, I made a harvest moon note, noticing that every time I play Harvest Moon and stop, I forget where to continue. So I write my goals, the name of my wife, my dog's name, what I will do tomorrow, etc ... I'll give you the photo!

I want to buy Harvest Moon Sun Sparking & Friends and Harvest Moon Boy Meets Girl .. !!! I haven't got time to visit my friend's store, and there's no way I will visit the PS 2 store in Bali after I read about sick building syndrome. It's scary! I match all the signs of sick building syndrome and I'm sure I got it from that from the store in Bali!

Bla Bla Bla ...

Here are some random ideas Harvest Moon, most of them are my personal experience ... *yawning* I'm so sleepy, just got out from the plane and spent 2 hours for my beauty sleep ... *yawning* My mother is preparing for this party and same as usual, I always follow her like a duck. LOL. I L.O.V.E my mother! She's the best mom in the world! (I'd love to show you her photo, but ... She didn't agree).

I just read Girlfriend magazine in the plane. The July edition sure is cool!

Well ...

*) Buat yang tinggal di Indonesia !!!!!!
Karena banyak sekali teman-temanku yang mengeluh nggak bisa main harvest moon ... Nggak ngerti caranya. Ada bukunya lho! Aku udah punya
  1. Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS 1)
  2. Harvest Moon Save The Homeland (PS 2),
  3. Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (PS 2)
  4. Harvest Moon Innocent Life / Futuristic Harvest Moon (PS 2)

*) Harvest Moon is a RPG--Role Playing Game--so if you find that you love it very much, maybe you're a RPG lover! Check out other Harvest Moon series or maybe what Natsume published! It's cool! You'll probably love The Sims too, I found that mostly the Harvest Moon fans enjoy playing The Sims.

*) This has nothing to do with Harvest Moon, but Metropolismania is cool! It's Natsume!


Personally, I never play Harvest Moon using the cheat. I never pay attention to the Harvest Moon cheat at all! (maybe because I know if I look at it, I'll try it. LOL) It ruins the whole game!

Wait for the next posts! There are some special tips about cut-scene for Harvest Moon A Wonderful World!

Tips for MAKING MONEY in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition (PS2)

I was googling randomly and found this tips. Thank you Amjad Farhan!!!

Tips for MAKING MONEY in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition (PS2)Don't actually know whether it would work in HMAWLI'm giving all of you a complete set of 'Money - Making Guide'.

Table of Contents:
1. Planting turnips (starting Method)
2. Fishing
3. Collecting wild plants and flowers (saving Money - Method)
4. Digsite/Excavation site
5. Banana trees
6. Seed maker
7. Dhibe cakes
8. Eggplants
9. Normal cow
10. Star cow
11. Golden eggs
12. Yams
13. S - rank crops/seeds (hybridizing Method)
14. Befriend Van (enchanting Method for you to make profits)
15. About the guide and me/The Author1)

Planting turnips
Just plant about 25 turnips and change it to pickle turnip in salad menu (cooking menu). One turnip is required to make a pickle turnip. After about 22-24 pickle turnips that you have made, you will unlock Dessert and Entree menu which are new cooking methods that can offer you to cook more dishes. This will be really - really useful afterwards.Note: Pickle turnip can be sold for 25G (same price as the normal/raw turnip)2)

This is the secret.Keep fishing and fishing.After unlocking the Entree menu, go to it and use one fish to make a sashimi. Sell it to Van and he will offer 150G for each of the sashimi. Say 'no' until he offers for a higher price which is 180G each!Tips: Use fish which has a value below than 150G.This is because you can turn it to sashimi to sell it.For fish which has the price higher than 150G, just sell it to Van such as Sharsharks and Huge Rainbob.3)

Collecting wild plants and flowers (saving Money - Method)Collect them, sell them, eat them and give it to your cat or dog. Don't ever eat/drink milk! It's a major waste! Here's the list:

Spring:*Mugworts: 15G Goddess Drop Flowers - 15G Toy flowers - 10G
Summer:*Royal Ferns - 15G Happy Lamp Flowers - 15G Mist Moon Flowers - 10G
Fall:*Hackberry - 20G *Matsutake - 25G *Toadstool - 100G *Bracken - 15GGemsoil - 20G Trick Blue Flowers - 10GWinter:*Sorrel - 20G Upseed Flowers - 25G Amorous Flowers - 10GNote: * means edible/can be eaten4)

Digsite/Excavation siteGo to the Digsite and dig as many and as long as you desire.You can sell the artifacts/fossils/statues to Van or give it to the villagers to befriend them. The more chapters that you go, there will be more artifacts that can be discovered which have a higher and better price.

Chapter 1Coin: 10G Skull Fossil: 50G Human Statue: 40G Moon Ore: 40GTablet C

Chapter 2 Sugar Ore: 50G Fossil: 40G Horse Statue: 70G Silver Coin: 40GTablet D

Chapter 3 Hip Fossil: 60G Hop Ore: 80G Jade Ball: 150G/180G*Tablet E

Chapter 4Gold Coin: 50G Strange Fossil: 100G Strange Item: 300G/360G*Tablet FNote: * means if haggled5)

Banana trees
To get money as soon as you can, buy banana seeds from Vesta. Plant them in one of your fields (I recommend the first field near your house). Now just wait until next year (you don't have to water your trees). During chapter 2 spring, your banana trees should flower and in summer (maybe not in the 1st day of Summer), you will see bananas at your tree. After that, collect the bananas. Now, if you have a seed maker, turn all (or most) of the bananas into banana seeds. Once they have become seeds, take them to Van, haggle the price, and sell it.6) Seed MakerThis extension is a MUST if you want to turn your fruit/crops to seeds. You can either buy it for 6000G or befriend Daryl to get one for free. Once his head turns toward you as you pass him by, go to his house at around the evening (I think so). You should get the cut-scene where he will give you the free seed maker. However, remember that you cannot get the free seed maker if you've talked to Takakura and he's offered to buy it for you. The seed maker will be in your ledger for 6000G if you've talked to Takakura, which mean that you will not get the free seed maker. So now, just turn all or most of the banana fruits to banana seeds which can be sell for 140G each. If haggled, you can sell it for 168G eachTips: Each fruit will give two seeds and it will take several days to turn it to seeds. You can also store some for hybridizing.7) Dhibe cakesIn chapter 2, after getting tartan. Once you have him and the hybridize option,make some dhibe seeds using turnip and strawberry (seeds is better because it can save a lots of money if it has accidentally failed ). Plant as many dhibe seeds as you want. Once they are fully grown, harvest them. Then, go to your kitchen (you'll need the dessert option). Use the recipe for dhibe cakes (dessert --> dhibe, milk, egg = dhibe cake).Take your dhibe cakes to Van, remember to haggle the price, and sell them to him.Note: Each dhibe cake can be haggled for 2010G each.8) EggplantsThis crop can be sold for lots of money. It requires about 9 - 10 days to be harvested. Here's the hybridizing table:Bashber + MeloberBashber + KashryBashber + PaberrytaBashber + GretomaGretoma + MeloberGretoma + KashryGretoma + TobatamaKashry + MeloberMelotoma + TobatamaMelotoma + PotameloMelober + PotameloNote: If I am not mistaken, each Eggplant can be sold for 800G (if I am wrong, mail me). I think if it is haggled, it can reach as much as 960G.9) Normal CowYou will get a Normal Cow when you first started this game. Take good care of her and this includes snuggling, talking to her and brushing her as well.In about the middle Fall and Winter, after you had take a good care of her, she will produce S - rank milks. Each S-rank milk can be sell for 150G and if can be haggled, 180G each. If you already purchased Food Processing Room for 30 000G, turn all the milk that you have to butter or cheese. Here's the price:Butter Maker:Normal Milk B = Butter (average quality) - 225G to 270G*Normal Milk A = Butter (average quality) - 225G to 270G*Normal Milk S = Good Butter - 300G to 360G*Mother's Milk = Mother's Butter - 115G to 138G** = means if haggledNote: The price for the cheese is also the same as the butter's price depending on the it's gred.10) Star CowEach Star cow costs you 7000G. If you have take a good care of her, she will produce S - rank milk.Here's the price:B - Grade = 270G A - Grade = 405G S - Grade = 540GButter/cheese = 300G (all grade)Tips: I recommend you to change B - rank milk only to cheese or butter not the A-rank and S-rank milk.11) Golden eggsYour chicken will be giving you golden egg once they have 10 hearts. Also, you need to keep snuggling, talking and watch their health in order to make them to give you the golden eggs. Each golden egg can be sell for 300G and can be haggled until 360G.12) YamsThis method is not actually recommended because it takes too much time. But, if you have planted some yams and if you are considering to sell it, I advice you to change it to food which can be more profitable.> Grill Yam (Dessert menu) 75G> Yam Soup (Soup menu) 110G to 132G---> Both of this recipes require only one yam only to change it to dishes13) S - Rank Crops/Seeds (hybridizing method) (enchanting Method for you to make profits)Crops can be sold for more profits when they are at a better gred. To make a B - rank crops to S - rank, you must hybridize the crops/seeds with Tartan and with the required flowers. Use this flowers to any crop to improve its quality and characteristics. The more flowers you hybridized the crops/seeds, the higher the price. Happy Lamp - A green circle appears next to the seed's name, red in colour, >>>plants can be grown at any season if hybridized.Gemsoil - Black circle appears next to it, a looking - pale flower, >>>plants can be grown at any type of soil.Upseed - A red and bluish - looking flower>>>Improves seed's (only crops not trees) quality to S - rank if hybridized.14) Befriend VanThis is not a tip for making money but this is actually an important key for you to make one. After you had sell and buy something from him, he will be your friend. You can also give him statues, eggs and cooked food when he comes to open his shop. This will increase the chances for you to haggle the price for a better and more satisfying profit. This haggling method will just work for something which has a value of more than 100G (this does not include 100G) and it requires patience and a few tries before he offers for a better price. Also, you can decrease the price of the goat from 4000G to 1200G.Tips: After you unlocked Entree and Dessert option, keep cooking (does not matter if it still the same recipe) until you unlock a new cooking option which is the Main Dish (you need to cook about 7-10 more foods in order to unlock it)Tips: If I am not mistaken, each thing that can be haggled can actually increased the price of that thing to as much as 20%. So play smart because this haggling processes are proven to be very - very beneficial and profitable.The end.....About the guide and me/The AuthorI actually have two differs game play. The first one is until Spring the third chapter which was a trial (and I managed to get a lot of experiences from it) and the other one is until Spring chapter 2. (Still don't have tartan and still can't harvest the bananas that I have planted. But this one turns to be very successful because I managed to bought Food Processing Room for 30 000G,already have seed maker gave by Daryl, five chickens, a pond and 57000G more for me to buy the Great Field for my next strategy. This guide was made during November 2006 yet I lost the guide because several viruses managed to enter and struck my computer. Considering of the high requests for a Money - Making Guide from the fans of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition around the world, I remake this guide during December 29th 2007. I posted this guide during the February 2nd 2008 because I am quite busy. This is actually my personal 2nd Guide.So I hope that this guide will actually help all of you who love Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: Special Edition very much. Sorry for the mistakes, grammatical and typing errors that I wrote/typed and sorry for the inconvenience because I am actually not good in English. Thank for those who spend their time reading my guide and to Natsume and Marvelous for designing and creating this fascinating game. Any neither comments nor suggestions can be sent to me at: Last, but not least, please do not use any part of my guide without my permission or without my knowledgement.================================================================================Copyright (c) 2007 Amjad Farhan/Soul Eliminator/Disaster2006/Mononoke (The Beast)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Japan Version Harvest Moon

I was looking for random ps2 games, and I went to my friend's store, I saw Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, I WANT IT SO BADLY! Because the disc is behind the waitress', I asked her about the disc.

Me: "Mbak, yang itu Harvest Moon kan? Bahasa apa?"
(Mbak, that one is Harvest Moon, right? What language is it?)
Waitress: "Oh, iya. Baru masuk lho! Ini tinggal satu! Bagus banget! Bahasa
Indonesia ini, Mbak!"
(Oh yes, it just came in! This is the only one left! This is very good! It's in Indonesian
language, Mbak.)

I'm surprised knowing that this Harvest Moon is in Indonesian language. Yes, my Harvest Moon Back To Nature for PS 1 is in Indonesian too, but this one is weird because the cover is written in Japanese language. So, I bought it and when I got home the first thing that I do is turn on my ps 2 to check out my new game.

But unfortunately, it's in Japanese! Well, I bursted into laugh, it's just funny! I played the whole day without any reason. I absolutely know nothing about Japanese except the number (ichi, ni, san, yon, go, haha ...) I only learn about Japanese by book. And so, I tried to learn something from it:
  1. In Japan, X means O and vice versa
  2. Always try the game in the store, after all, why do they put the PS there? I never get angry to the waitress even though she said that the Harvest Moon is in Indonesian Language, because I don't bother checking the truth about her words by using the PS 2 in my friend's store! The last thing I want to do is being rude! We learn about karma here in Bali!


I think I'm really into HARVEST MOON - A WONDERFUL LIFE right now ...


This kinda scary creature can be found at the Harvest Spirit's house at night. Well, first I thought he's nothing special. But ... if you give him 3 flowers and 3 fish everyday at Spring 1st Year, he'll give you a record!
Well, this record sounds great! And if you don't like it, just sell it to Van!
You can get a cut-scene about Mukumuku if you be friended with Daryl. Enter your house at evening and go out again. You can see Daryl walking to the Harvest Spirit's area. Your character will follow him and you can see that he is throwing foods on the ground, hoping that Mukumuku will eat it and Daryl will take him for some experiments. But no need to worry, the time Daryl sees Mukumuku, he'll scream. LOL. When Mukumuku is actually smiling to him. He'll run away, leaving you alone with Mukumuku. I don't think this cut-scene means anything, but sure it's interesting!

Tips About Planting Tree


If you love to plant tree and vegetables, try this:

Never plant a tree next to a tree without space.

If you do plant the tree next to a tree without space, sometimes you don't want to cut it down, it's okay, but both of the tree will grow slowly (imagine if you plant four of them or more without any space!) and an insect will wake you up in the morning and tell you that you've planted the trees without any space, it's bad, they need more water, and other stuff ... You're character will look confused and the insect will leave you, questioning.

So don't forget to give spaces to the trees!

Why You Should Train Your Dog

Because if you train your dog in HARVEST MOON - A WONDERFUL LIFE, it'll guard your farm--seriously!--if Murray comes into your farm to steal something to eat (and believe me, he'll steal the food wether you give him or not.), your dog will bark and trying to bite him, and he'll ran away and so, doesn't get enough time to steal all your food.

Where can he steal your food? Tarram!! IF YOU PUT IT IN THE SHIPPING ROOM! He'll be able to steal all the food that you put in there! Seriously! He'll drink the milk and eat the eggs. And you cannot do anything! You can't control your character! It's a cut scene!

Try training your dog by clicking O, then a "paw" sign will appear. Train it until he gets upset. It's the greatest and only way to stop Murray stealing your food, because he can do it again and again ...

Harvest Moon Back To Nature

Hmm ... The thing that I love from Harvest Moon - Back to Nature is that you can play it, like, forever! And it's so free, the game doesn't give you what goal you must achieve! You can choose it! I just love Elli because she is very helpful, and so sweet! Although most of my friends like Karen (Duh ,, the pretiest one) Elli kinda reminds me of myself! Hehe ...

Here are some random tips about Harvest Moon Back to Nature:

  • If you're a hard worker, go dig at the mine and collect ores as many as you can, and when you're character feels tired, go to the hot steamy pond near the digging site. Spend EXACTLY one hour in it and you'll power will be full!
  • If you get a horse, and you never take care of it and there's no heart, that old guy will take it back. YOU CAN GET IT BACK! If you plant 40 grass. Yeah, it costs a lot, but you have to if you want that horse back! And anyway, you don't need to water the grass, so it's not that hard!
  • Make sure you buy a BIN before winter, because you'll need it when you get into the "special mine" that can only be access in winter! Go into the mine and bring the bin with you, then you can sell min. 30 things (in the bin) and 8 more things in your bag! Put it in the bin near your farm, spend one hour in the hot steamy pond and start it again! It's better if you're a fast runner!
  • Bring your watering can to the "special mine" and dig to the bottom of the mine, you'll find a pond. Fill your watering can there and it'll be full forever!
  • YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE YOUR HOUSE because you'll need it to marry a girl. A girl won't marry you unless you upgraded your house! To me, it's kinda sucks.
  • YOU DON'T NEED TO MARRY ANYONE! In this Harvest Moon edition, it's a free thing to marry someone or not. Well ... If you marry a girl and she's the only person who loves you in the whole village, the mayor cannot kick you out, but if you're not married, he can kick you out unless the villagers love you.
  • You cannot win a swimming competition in the summer before you eat power berry!
  • You can divorced with your wife but you cannot marry other girl after that. You can remarried with your wife, though.


My Harvest Moon Diary ...

I really-really miss my Harvest Moon friends in Yogya ... boohoo ...

I've been living in Bali since January, my father got transferred there and my mom and I (as usual) moved with him. Hmm ... Well, it's a pretty unique town with so many cultures! I love the dance and the music. But most of all I love the beach!

I have no concern about tourism object in Bali, but social? Well, I have friends in school but that's all I got!

I texted my friend in Jogja yesterday, and her school is preparing for the study tour in Bali! What a coincidence! That I'm going to Jogja at the same time ...

So at the end, me and my friends cannot meet in Bali. I'll be waiting until they got back to Jogja to spend some "social-time!"

And now that I have a full one month school break, I'll focusing on playing Harvest Moon!! And working on some crafts with my mom ... ^_^

Life is good ...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Marriage

This is my favorite part, haha ... ^_^ Marriage. It's just nice to see our son/daughter grow from baby to toddler, teenage ...

So in this post, I'd like to give a "piece of my mind" about marriage in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life (If you have any question, just e-mail me!

In HM A Wonderful Life PS2, you can choose one girl from 4 candidate.
  1. Muffy
  2. Celia
  3. Nami
  4. Lumina

Muffy is the easiest and Lumina is the hardest one to get.


With Muffy, you can talk to her and give her one flower, she already got one pink heart!

Muffy loves moon ore and all kinds of flower. Just make sure you pick the right option in every cut-scene and you can win her heart in ONE SEASON!


She lives with Vesta and wears a green dress and a green bandana. If you marry her, she sometimes help you with your plants, like water it. After all, she works in Vesta's farm! Her child seems to be the happiest one during his/her teenage stage.


The cold girl that lives in the inn. She loves fossil, blue-trick flower, and that weird statue from the mine. If you visit her at 10 am in the inn everyday and gives her a present every day, you can marry her around 3th season.


Sweet pianist girl. Your child will have a talent in music if you marry Lumina! But she never helps you in the farm ... Believe me, I married her.


You can choose between a son or a girl, just go the Harvest Sprite's house, eat the mushroom to get in and click the pot for like 100 times or more, then the Harvest Spirit will tell you something about winning, and asks you: do you wan't a boy or a daughter.

Your child can choose his/her career, depends on your friend that will influence him/her and the items that you show to him/her. He/she can be a musician (be friended with Gustafa), an athelete (be friended with Wally), earn a scholarship (be friended with Daryl), become a rancher (with you), become a farmer (with you).

Few Tips:

*) If you want to focus in raising money (which includes selling flowers, coin and thing from the mine that the girls may like) pick one girl that you like, give her favorite present and wait until the green heart turns to pink. Then leave her and focus in raising money for 1 year (4 seasons) At the end of the year, you will wake up from your sleep and the girl that you like will come to you and say "I love you" bla bla bla ... YOU HAVE TO SAY "YES" or it's game over!

*) If you like Nami, give her fossils, blue-trick flower or weird statue, one present a day. And when the Harvest Spirits give you a blue-feather, propose all girls and then cancel it except Nami. Nami will get jealous and love you more.

*) Make sure you pick the right option in every cut-scene! E-mail me with the question and I'll give you the right option! Just pick the right one! Because when you pick the false answer, you'll need to give the girl extra presents, and it's getting tougher winning her heart ...

*) Don't forget to speak to your wife everyday, yes she'll talk the same thing over and over again, but just talk to her. One time a day is enough, just to make sure that her heart is full for you (you can check that in your diary). Or she'll left you and you cannot marry with anyone after that, there's only ONE blue feather in game.

*) Get a duck using your wife!


Okay, the first post is about Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland. I think this HM was publish in 2004 ... And I bought it at the same year, in a cute little store in Samarinda (Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia). Now I'm in Bali, so it's been a verrry long time since I bought that game. Well, these are few tips I hope will help you with the game. HARVEST MOON ROCKS!

  • If you google "harvest mon - save the homeland", you'll find a forum that is CRAZY about cooking: they give you recipe like how to make jam, cake, milk, etc ... But first, you need to build a kitchen (and it's not cheap). Go to the carpenter's house and click a piece of paper on the table, choose something about "kitchen". It costs 10,000 but worth every single penny!

  • You know, you can pick a dog to keep, and my friend told me that she can only pick the dark-brown dog. THAT'S WRONG! You can pick the light-brown with pointy ears too! And all you need to do is walk casually to the dog you like and press X (or mab O in Japan?) if it doesn't work at the first try, try it again! Just make sure you don't use sickle or hoe to the dogs.

  • If you put your cows in the green pasture on sunny day and always brush and talk to them all the time, they will give you golden milk! But don't talk to them when they are upset, because they'll get more upset!

  • You can pick the horse you like! The first day you take the part-time job, brush ONLY ONE horse and the cow (don't forget the milk!). Talk to the horse and brush it again and again, until Bob stops you. When Bob decides to give you a horse, it'll be the horse that you picked!

  • There are so many endings, but I think the easiest one is the Blue Bird. The Cake Competition with Katie will be easier if you already have a golden egg and golden milk.

  • Train your dog with a flute, he'll be able to bark on your cows and make them walk into the barn. It's so helpful!

  • Remember to check the weather channel, it's always true!

  • When it's raining, use your hoe and dig the ground in front of your home, you'll find moon ore etc that you can sell to the carpenter.

  • There's a secret store in Dia's house. You can sell almost everything!

  • After you built the kitchen, make a jam! Use cranberries or that kind of fruit to make a jam!


3x fruit and a pot

  • Be friended with Jo, he'll give you a fishing rod. Use it to fish on the lake (especially on rainy days) and you can sell the fishes to the bar on evening. Kaching!

  • You can take a quiz! Just for leisure. Go to the harvest sprite's pond and throw a present (not a weed) to the pond and she'll say the wishes time is over, and then she'll pop the quiz.

Note: You can only do this when it's sunset.

  • If you be friended with Bob, and suddenly your dog gets sick (mab you don't feed him), go to the Bob's store and show the dog to him. He will say there's something wrong bla bla bla ... And voila! Your dog is healthy again! And the best of all, it's FREE!

  • It's very important for you to memorize your way home (*personal experience. Hehe ... >.<)

  • You can play an ending that includes Bob and Jen, it's about horse race.

  • YOU HAVE TO PICK AN ENDING! If you play the whole year without choosing any ending and only work to get money, then the Harvest Sprites will come to you at the end of the year, saying that it's too late, bla bla bla ... And game over!

  • No need to give present to anyone at the first, second and third day. They won't count it anyway.

  • You can put your dog in the house and he'll need no food, and he'll always be healthy!

  • You can't marry a girl in Harvest Moon - Save The Homeland. You just can't.

  • When you're very tired and the face in the start menu turns blue, eat something. Or you'll get sick.

  • There's a harvest spirit's house in your farm! It's next to the barn.

  • In harvest sprii's house, find out the date of full moon, and go to the bar near the lake. Behind that bar, there's a full moon fruit or something like that. Just click on it and save it, mab you'll need it someday?

  • When you first play and you wan't to have a chicken, don't buy the chicken! Just buy an egg in the supermarket and put it in the incubator. It's cheaper!

  • You can only keep 99 one kind of thing in your bag. (Ex: if you pick the a flower when there are 99 of them in your bag/rucksak, your character will say that you bag is full ...)