Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Power Berry Locations

First of all, let me say ...

Happy Galungan & Kuningan ...
And let me thank you for filling surveys I made in The Harvest Moon Stuff ... ^_^
It's so hot here in Yogyakarta, 36 Celsius! Wew, even the air conditioner won't help!
So, talking about power berry ... I think nobody hates power berry, you can live (in harvest moon) even though you don't have it, but better you eat at least one power berry in the whole game, you'll notice the differences!
The locations where you can find power berry (from the easiest to hardest)
  1. Dig the ground outside your home
  2. Cut the grass in your pasture
  3. Fish in the lake near the bar
  4. Talk to Harvest Goddess in Harvest Goddess' pond
  5. Talk to the Harvest Sprites in the Harvest Sprites' home
  6. Pick the ending where you have to work with Tim/Dina. You'll get the power berry at the Sacred Land.

On 30th September 2009

The earthquake wrecked Padang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

Our prayers always for Bumi Andalas and the people there ...

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