Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Villager's Room

In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can visit every villagers' houses as long as they are there to open the door for you (though you never actually see them opening it), because they lock their doors when they are out. 

What about 'secret' room? 

Yes, the 'secret' room is the most private room belongs to a villager. For example, Basil, the botanist. He has his own room and you can't enter this room, or the second story of the Poultry Farm, and there are many more. 

The question is, can you really enter that room?

Yes you do! :) 

All you got to do is befriend the of owner of the room. This is a great  parameter too, you can check wether they like you or not by trying to enter their rooms. But remember, don't try too often, if they say 'no' don't try it again and again. Give them their favorite gifts and then you can try again. :) 

And why do we have to do such things? 

I say, to get along with the villagers -- after all, that's what we're up to, right? -- and to fill your precentage until it's 100% 

So go on, try to open that door! :) 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Strange Tools

Strange tools are the tools you don't get from the very first beginning and you can't buy from Takakura.

For example, the Inn guy will give you a strange hoe. You can't buy a strange hoe because it's never on sale.

Just some quick tips about dealing with the strange tools:

  1. Always accept. It maybe strange, but that's the point! ;) Accept a strange tool from anyone, anytime. 
  2. Collect them. Just for fun, but you'll be happy when you're browsing through your collections. 
  3. Don't use them. Collection is just a collection.

Don't use them? Why? Well, because most of the strange tools are heavy, and you don't want to waste your time and your energy when you have your own easy and non-strange tools. Right? I'm sure you do. ;) 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Food & Eat

At the beginning, your character is a healthy boy. But along the way, will it last? It depends on you, how you eat and what you eat, how long do you spend your time working and walking around the village, etc ...

Ways to know your character's health:
  1. Check your diary, you can check the stamina, appetite, etc. 
  2. Check your character when he's walking, he can shows certain moves or even stops walking if he's really hungry.
  3. Hit the start button, look at the screen and see your character on the left side. He'll show certain moves after a while. 

Ways to fill the empty stomach:

  1. Fish. It's the easiest and cheapest food. All you need is a fishing rod, kitchen, and a chef attitude. ;)
  2. Plants. Go behind your house and you can see that little green plant. It's great for a snack. 
  3. Milk. Great when you're really starving, but still have to work. But my friends say it's a waste to drink such an expensive milk. 

And I'm sure there are plenty of other items to boost up your character's energy, but in my opinion, that's the top three. :) 

My Wish ... :)

I'm not the kind of person who writes down a wish list or something, but this Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life merchandise is so tempting. Don't you agree? 

Well, I'm dreaming someday they'll open this kind of store in Bali. :) Amen. 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Banana Tree

Alright, farmer, grab your tools! :) Because we're going to plant a banana tree that we can buy from Vesta. Yes, the lady that has some kind of windmill near her house. You can buy the seed of a banana tree, then you can plant it in your farm.

I have an interesting way to raise money from your banana tree. :)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Animal Medicine

Animal medicine is an essential item in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life especially when you're into the milking stuff. :D I'm just writing it down to persuade you to buy the animal medicine at least one bottle. I mean, who knows? You can have these kind of days:

  1. Raining and forgot to put your cows inside.
  2. No fodder left, not one.
  3. Your cow is stressed out so she refuses to eat.

And many more! 

In that case, animal medicine is the best solution. You can check your cow's health on the board in the barn, and all you got to do is just give her the medicine, and she'll be fine at no time. 

Where to buy the animal medicine? It's in the selling & buying room near your home. Now remember, Takakura will need one day to go to the city and buy an animal medicine for you, so make sure you've managed your time to save your sick cow(s) from death.

~Harvest Moo-n!~ :) 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tie Frenzy

Alright. This craziness started a while ago, after I attended my new senior high school.

Before I got in, I never realized that I have to wear a tie for my new uniform. And now, I have to find a way to learn how to tie a tie, or else, you don't want to know. :(

I think the only character who wears a tie in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life is Sebastian, and I know the only one who puts her attention into that kind of thing is Romana. I have no idea about the function of a tie. ;) But hey, when you're playing Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can see the Mayor and that snobby photographer next to Elli's house. :p

Anyway, you can see me wearing my school uniform, check out the tie, we have our school's logo in it! :D

I'm still practicing now, how to make my tie looks tidy and neat.

Care for some tie-day?

Visit this amazing site.  I'm using pratt knot. Looking forward to see yours! :)

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Download Harvest Moon Back to Nature

I made a promise to Nurul and Fairy--the Harvest Moon fans--to post a link where you can download Harvest Moon Back to Nature for free. I thought I've put a box for that link, but I have no idea how that link could escape from The Harvest Moon Stuff without saying a word. :p

So, here it is, how to download &install. Don't forget to drop your comment! :) 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Pond Function

I browsed faqs in a website and found this interesting question: what is the function of a pond?

Yes, this is serious, we have to pay Takakura to build the pond and we don't even know what it is for? 

The pond is for the ducks to swim. Duck is the animal you can't buy from Takakura or even Van. You need special terms and conditions in order to get the duck, and one of them is having a pond. 

So I think that's the only function of the pond. Well, it's my opinion, but I think the pond is worth it. You will need a duck (or ducks) in your chicken coop, and it lays eggs too. :) 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Accident on The Bridge

The title sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? This post is about the broken bridge that you will face when you’re in the year 10. It’s a long way to go, yes, and it’s not so important at all, but I think I’ll write down some interesting things from this story. Oh, and perhaps I should put this sign:


Where do we start ... ?

At the year 10, you will have an event where the bridge will fall down. Now, you can only have this event when you’re spending your time on the bridge. All you need to do is to walk to the bridge, stand and hold your character, don’t do anything, don’t press anything. Just wait until your character gets bored and starts to sit around and taking a nap. And then, voila, you’ll see your wife, your child, and Harris are looking very worried at you.

Few days later, Gotz will meet you and ask for your help to re-build the bridge. Of course you will be paid for your part-time job, 200 lumbers and 1000 G per day (you will work for five days). I think at this point we will say yes, right friends? ;)

~Part-time Job in Harvest Moon Back to Nature!~ 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Ellen’s Pie

Hmm ... I hope this post is good enough for the newest post in The Harvest Moon Stuff. I’m having a hard time in deciding which post is good enough to be published first, but after thinking and re-thinking, I picked this one. :D

Okay, back to Ellen’s Pie.

Ellen’s Pie is one of the cut-scenes that you will find in Harvest Moon Back to Nature. But this cut-scene is, well, special. It’s not in the “cut-scene for marriage” categories, but the gift that you will get will bounce up your future wife’s heart-level. Trust me, it works all the time. ;)

Step by step:

  1.  When you’re close enough with the Mayor, one day he’ll come to your farm. He’ll ask you to get a pie from Inn that he ordered and hand it to Ellen, Elli’s grandmother.
  2. Go to the Inn, you’ll see Ann is working. Oh, and you don’t need to pay anything, Mayor has paid for the pie. Just take the pie and head over to Ellen’s place.
  3. Ellen lives with her grand-daughter, it’s the house next to the library. Enter the house and you’ll find her sitting on a rock-chair.
  4. Hand the pie to her, she’ll thank you and she’ll try to give you a tip. Now this is the tricky one, my friends usually say ‘yes’, of course a tip sounds good, but believe me, when you say no, Ellen, Elli and the Mayor will love you more. 
  5.  After you gave the pie to Ellen, Elli will come, she’s having a break from the clinic and really happy to see you giving the pie to her grandmother. She’ll give you another pie. This is the gift I wrote about, this is the special gift that you can give to the girl you love, including Elli. :D Don’t give the pie to regular villagers, give it to the one you love.
  6. The next day, Mayor will pay you a visit once again, and he’ll give you a cake. You can do whatever you like with the cake, it doesn’t really help in the heart-level, so I suggest you to eat it if you want to.

There they are, the six steps you should take. And remember, never ever ever take the tip. It’ll ruin everything, remembering that this cut-scene will only happen once, I think we should be careful with our answers and options. 

~At the end, Harvest Moon always Rocks!~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Back! (At Long Last ...)

I DO apologize. -___- At this point, I'm totally speechless. I don't know what to say, I don't have any good excuses for my absents in these past two months. I think there is no reason that is good enough for me to neglect The Harvest Moon Stuff, but I did! :'(

So ... Will you forgive me?

Well, perhaps you do. Because you're still reading this paragraph. :D :D :D I just want to let you know, I checked my web counter, and I'm so happy knowing that there are a lot of Harvest Moon fans out there! 

Hmm ... What else do I want to tell you ... ? ;) I have a lot of stories from August - September and I really want to share it all with you! :) 

Okay, started from My School

I'm a senior high student now! And inside that uniform--I guess--there are a lot of responsibilities and tons of tasks to do. I'm enjoying every single moment of it, although, I must say, it is exhausting. School starts from 07.00 am to 02.00 pm, then we'll have extracurricular and lots of stuff. I think words can't describe, don't they? ;)

School's Uniform ...
That's me on the left. :) 

This is my other uniform

Time with my friends ... 

My Family

We are the harvest moon family. Papa is busy with his jobs and hobbies, Mama is busy with her paintings, business, floweries, and arranging our house until it looks like a perfect country cottage. Me, well, I'm the same old me. ;)

My Father and I, Mama as the photographer ... 

My Plans

Various. :) And one of them is upgrading The Harvest Moon Stuff

So, I hope you will enjoy the next posts that I'm going to write!

~Harvest Moon Hugs!~