Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Planting Trees

I've write about planting trees in a website and I promise I will write the details about it in my blog ... So here it is, hope it's good enough!

  1. Go to Vesta. Buy a seed from her. Or you can buy a seed from Celia or Marlin, there is no difference in the price.
  2. Buy a fertilizer too.
  3. Hit home, plant the seed using hoe (from the tool shed--now in your rucksack) at the area next to the chicken coop (it's more fertile than the other) and water it using watering can (also from the tool shed--check your rucksack).
  4. Give the fertilizer once it grows.
  5. Wait until it's the season. Check is there any fruit, approach the tree and you'll see the button at the screen (up right) is blinking, showing you some options (in PS 2)
  6. Once your plant is already a perfect tree, you don't need to water it everyday.

Oh, and if your watering can is empty, fill it in the well near your home. Just approach the well and an option will pops out.

I just watched Death Race. Wow, it's really cool, and I have to admit that XXI really pays attention to it's facility, so I'm definitely coming back next month! Once I've reached Jogja ... :D
I also like Mary J. Blige's song featuring Ludacris, 'Grown Woman', really suits the movie!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - White Horse

I have read some questions about horse in harvest moon save the homeland, and I've seen most of you guys are after the white horse. ^_^ That reminds me of Taylor Swift's song, White Horse. Hehe ...

And so, this is the very useful tips if you want the white horse and only the white horse.

On your first day, go to Bob's store as soon as it's open. Talk to Bob, ask him about the part-time job.

Then, when you are working, enter the barn, put the fodder in the feeding-box and keep the rest in your rucksack.

After that, brush the cow, milk it.

Brush the white horse and only the white horse. Talk to him over and over (I suggest more than 5 times) and brush him again, don't stop, don't leave the pasture. You'll stop automatically when Bob calls you and say the work is done for today.

It's not over yet!

Visit Bob everyday and give him a gift. Make sure you do this everyday. Bob likes milk and eggs.

When Bob decides to give you a horse, you'll have a cut-scene.

The cut-scene: in the morning, open your door, when the music stops, you'll know there's a cut-scene!

So there you have it, a white horse!

Additional tips:
  1. You can brush other horses the next day, so the next time you take the part-time job, brush all the horses!
  2. Be friended with Bob is quite easy, just keep visiting him and give him gifts, and don't forget to talk to him at least once a day!
  3. You can't do part-time job when it's raining.
  4. I think some of you wants to pick the Horse Race Ending, so be friended with Gwen too because she is one of the characters in the Horse Race Ending.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Quick Tips

Already make your own list of things you want to do and about your goals? Share with me! And I'd like to add some quick tips while you are playing Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, here they are ...

  • Memorize the map. You don't want to waste your time getting lost in the village!
  • Pick an ending--quick. Yes, this is the your main-job: to finish an ending!
  • Take care of a dog only if you know you can do it. Yes! Or else you will be spending your time carrying your dog to Bob's or wasting your money for the medicine!
  • When the ending is getting closer, sell all your cows, cut your plants so you can get really focus on the ending.
  • If you have a memory card and you're thinking about picking another ending after this one, don't sell your animals and keep your plants, because you'll need it for the next game.
  • Don't plant too much plants on Summer, you'll be so tired and spend too much time taking care of them.
  • Pick one character to finish the ending with, and focus on them. Don't be bothered by other characters!
  • Remember, do it as fast as you can, don't wait until it's Winter to pick an ending!
  • Don't push yourself too hard in collecting money, or else you'll spend one day sleeping in your bed--because there is no spa or even doctor to help you!
  • Once again, it's all about the ending! Focus!

^_^v ^_^v ^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Watering Plants

Use watering can to water all of your plants. Remember to check the amount of the water first, if it's empty, fill it in the well near your house.

Water your plants twice a day, but if you don't have the time, water the vegetables first instead of trees. Vegetables can easily die and they only grow in certain seasons, or else, they'll die.

Sometimes when it's raining, your vegetables can die too, it's the risk of planting vegetables, so I suggest you start planting trees if you haven't.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Goals

So, the first year is the hardest part, you start with nothing, and you have to win the villagers' hearts, and of course ... The girl! ^_^

There are certain goals that you need to achieve in the first year:
  1. You already have a girl to be marry with (either you give her the blue-feather or you just add one heart and wait until the end of the first year)
  2. Having a horse (the horse is very useful!)
  3. Be friended with the villagers ... (I suggest you make Galen and Nina your priority)
  4. Make a pond.
  5. Earn money. (At the end of the year, you already have 200,000 G)
  6. Grow trees.

And for advanced, you can add this too:
  • Be friended with at least five villagers (Galen, Nina, Romana, Cody and Vesta)
Why? Well, because you need Galen for the fishing rod (you can't buy the fishing rod), Nina for the recipe (because Nina will *** at the second year >_<), Romana (she'll give more than a gift, but three!), Cody (he has two gifts for you), Vesta (same as Cody)

  • Collect Muku-muku's gift.
  • Having more than one cow.
  • A sheep.
  • At least five chicken and only one rooster.
  • A star cow.

If you have other goals, please tell me! ^_^v

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Buildings

You have saved a lot of money. You are married. Your cows produce S quality milk twice a day, everyday. Thinking about adding more buildings into your farm? It's time!

So, this is my favorite order in ordering buildings to Takakura:

  1. Make a pond first. You need a pond once you get married, because a duck (or maybe ducks) will come to your house, playing in that pond and your wife (whoever she is) will ask you to keep them. You can't buy duck because it's not for sale, so take care of it!
  2. Then make a room for producing. The room contains a butter and cheese maker, so you must have this! And this is great for raising money! Trust me, you'll need it for adding more buildings to your farm!
  3. Make a fertilizer maker. Actually this is not a room, but it's a machine ... You can throw the trashes and they'll change into fertilizer. Great for saving money.
  4. Make a seed maker. This machine works best for people who love planting fruits etc ...
  5. Make a chicken coop. To prevent your chickens running around and then disappear, and not to mention, your dog can bite the chickens if you don't feed him or if you punish him!
  6. Make a milking room. I like it manual way because I'm not that busy, so I put it last in the list ...

You can make your own list, depends on: 1. How much money you got?; 2. Your goals; 3. Your interest (farming, planting seeds); 4. Perfect timing.

Oh, and you can check all of this options in the shipping room.

Selamat berkreasi!

Warm hugs from BaliTidBits for all The Harvest Moon Stuff readers ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - TV

Even though we're playing the game about farm here, but still, TV won't do no harm, right?

TV is located next to the diary, there are 4 channels that you can choose:
  1. Weather forecast
  2. Entertainment
  3. News
  4. Horoscope

The little icon in the upper-left shows what program you are watching now.

The most useful channel is the weather forecast, watch it everyday before you go out from your home, if there is a chance of raining, put your animals into the barn, put your chickens into the chicken coop, and don't water your plants too much or they'll die! But, of course, you can stop the rain by entering the mine, dig, and then go out. The rain will stop.

Entertainment and horoscope are just for fun. Horoscope won't make your day easier and vice versa. While you can watch news to catch up the latest information!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Diary

Diary is located in your room, open your diary before and after your activities ...

There are options in your diary, each of them contains information:

  1. Happiness range (your family and dog)
  2. Buildings that you have owned
  3. Animals that you have owned (cows, horse and sheep)
  4. Animals that you have owned (chickens and ducks)
  5. The money you've made from selling your animals (except horse)
  6. The money you've made from selling your fruits, vegetables and seeds
  7. Expenses and income
  8. Items that you ever had/have from nature
  9. Games report (win/lose/draw)

This diary can be very useful if you keep tracking all the changes! So you can play the game much better, after you know about the details and information for today ... Other helpful item is TV. (read the next post)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Seeds

These are my suggestions for your very first time in planting the seeds, this is not the only options, though, many of my friends use a whole different ways, but this one is my favorite:

Visit Vesta and buy fruit seeds. Why fruit? Well, fruit can grow at every season, and it takes time for a fruit to grow, so you need to plant it fast!

  1. Buy Peach;
  2. Orange;
  3. Grape;
  4. Banana, and;
  5. Apple.

Then plant it on the first day. If you love planting seeds, ask Takakura to make new field that is better than the first and second! But keep that idea in mind until you have enough money ...


Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - First Day

First step is the most of important thing! So in your first day, you'll need to be extra specific about your activities!

  1. Learn and remember your room, check all of your things and read the notes Takakura made! But don't spend too much time! You'll be extra busy today, because it's your first day!
  2. Feed your dog with the green plant in the back of your house. If your dog is awake, pat him.
  3. Enter the barn, fill the feed-box with fodder. Take care of your cow. Milk her. At the first day she only produces B quality milk, but you can change this using Van's brush.
  4. Enter the tools room and take everything you need in your bag. (watering can, hoe, cow milker and sickle)
  5. Go visit Vesta and buy seeds. (read the post 'seeds')
  6. Buy 7 fertilizer.
  7. Go back to your farm, plant the seed.
  8. Spread the fertilizer in your pasture.
  9. Enter the barn once again to milk your cow for the second time. Touch her so she'll be happy and don't forget to refill her feed-box.
  10. Still got time to kill? Collect flowers and talk to the villagers.

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Power Berry Locations

First of all, let me say ...

Happy Galungan & Kuningan ...
And let me thank you for filling surveys I made in The Harvest Moon Stuff ... ^_^
It's so hot here in Yogyakarta, 36 Celsius! Wew, even the air conditioner won't help!
So, talking about power berry ... I think nobody hates power berry, you can live (in harvest moon) even though you don't have it, but better you eat at least one power berry in the whole game, you'll notice the differences!
The locations where you can find power berry (from the easiest to hardest)
  1. Dig the ground outside your home
  2. Cut the grass in your pasture
  3. Fish in the lake near the bar
  4. Talk to Harvest Goddess in Harvest Goddess' pond
  5. Talk to the Harvest Sprites in the Harvest Sprites' home
  6. Pick the ending where you have to work with Tim/Dina. You'll get the power berry at the Sacred Land.

On 30th September 2009

The earthquake wrecked Padang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

Our prayers always for Bumi Andalas and the people there ...