Sunday, December 27, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Pets

If you're one of the pet-lover (just like me) then probably you would want a variation of animals that you can keep in the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.

  1. Cat. If you want a cat, then give Romana present (she loves milk) everyday. One day she will come to your house and ask do you like to keep a cat or not.
  2. Raccoon. This is an odd choice ... But well, befriended with Vesta and Marlin.
  3. Lizard. Go to the pond near the Harvest Sprite's house at night and give Mukumuku (the big white monster) flowers.
  4. Chihuahua. You already know the answer ... Of course it's Carter! In the mine ... Try to collect tablets as many as you can, Carter will take it and he'll like you more.
  5. Dog. You already have a dog at the first chapter. =)

So, this is a tip in knowing is the person is your best-friend or not? I've mentioned it in my previous post, and well, you just need to walk casually near them and see if they turn the heads to look at you. If they do that, then they are your best-friend.

Take a good care of your pet(s)!

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Anonymous said...

I've played Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life several times and befriended those people. But I've never gotten a raccoon, lizard or chihuahua. I always thought it was a myth as I've never seen a picture or video. Are they real? What year do you get them? Are they exclusive to certain versions? Is there a limit of tablets per year? Can You PLEASE put pics of them up on the blog or somewhere else? What can you do with them?
- Foster