Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Checking Tools

Do you have it or do you not? ^_^

Collecting tools is fun when you have the list!


So here it is, THE LIST

Watering can : use it to water your plants. Check the amount of water by pressing SELECT. Fill the water in the well next to your house.


Hoe : there is no mine in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, but you can use the hoe to dig the ground in front of your house. Don't use it for your dog!


Sickle : use this to cut grass and it will automatically turn into a fodder in the bar.


Milker : buy this from Louis if you want it for your cow. Can only be use for cows! The price is 1800 G


Brush : great tool to increase your animal's heart and happiness!


Fishing rod : first, be friended with Joe.


Super fishing rod : you can buy it from Louis, costs for 4500 G


Medicine : medicine for you, animal medicine and cow miracle potion


Super sickle : careful with this! It cuts 3 times than the normal sickle, so make sure your animals are save!


Chicken feed : buy it from Bob, it costs 10 G and you can only have 99 of them.


Try to collect them all! But don't forget to pick one ending ... ^_^

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