Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Watering Can Upgrade

You are not a farmer yet until you upgrade your watering can! And here is some tips, all-about watering can ...

If you want to upgrade your watering can, go to Saibara. His shop is in the left side of the lane near the wine shop.

Remember, if you choose to upgrade, there is a fee and you won't be able to use your watering can for few days ...

And you need more stamina when you are using upgraded watering can. I'll give you the example: when you've upgraded your watering can, you can pick wether you want to water the plants with the first or second level, if you hit the button to water and hold it long enough, you can see your character is trying harder to water the plants, and the result will be better than the first level. But you must understand that his stamina will decrease faster too! ^_ ^

Oh, and the most important thing is ...

No need to go for the fourth upgrade level! Because there is no difference between the fourth level and the third level, so why wasting your money? 


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Mean Rumor

This is a very mean and evil rumor, saying that you can get married twice, by getting married and then divorced with your wife and pick one more girl. 

this is wrong!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Crop Accident

When I'm surfing about Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, I found this interesting info,

It says that if you accidentally cut your crops, you can bring them back using a hoe. Dig at the exact place where you cut your crop, and suddenly your crop is there! 

To tell you the truth, I haven't tried it yet, and I pray  I'll never have to try it. =p


Review Nokia N95

~Reviewing a product to fulfill one of my school projects~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review PlayStation

~Again, this is my school project. I'm reviewing the Sony PlayStation ^_^ and this time I write it in 2 languages, feel free to read!~

Monday, January 25, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Tips for Chapters


Basically, there 6 chapters in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. Well, in order to succeed, you need to have goals. And after you make goals, you need to make plans. And here is some tips to fulfill your personal goals:

  1. Make 1 BIG goal each year, so in 6 years you have 6 BIG goals, followed by little goals
  2. Collect gifts from the villagers as many as posibble 
  3. Nurture your child 
  4. Love your memory card. ^_^ Take a good care of it! 
  5. I'll write this again: write a book about harvest moon, like an agenda, about your plans, etc ... 
  6. Stop playing when you are getting dizzy ...

At the end, the most important thing about playing Harvest Moon is to have fun. Once again, enjoy!


~To all the Harvest Moon Fans: I'm terribly sorry for this inconvenience, this is my school project, where every students must submit a short-story in Bahasa Indonesia. I'm really-really sorry I use this spot which belongs to our precious Harvest Moon articles for my school project. Hope you forgive me. ^_^ ~

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Nami needs SPECIAL FLOWER

I know you shouldn't give flowers to Nami, but here is an interesting fact: Nami loves the Fall (if you talk to her you'll notice), and guess what, she loves Fall flowers!

So what is Fall flowers? Well, basically it's a flower that blooms in Fall. Check the land near Vesta's shop, you'll find Fall flowers ...

This is the trick:

Give 3 flowers to Nami, then keep 1 for yourself, and show it to Nami. Repeat it again and again, and she'll like you more! Repeat it again for the next few days ...

~Only for Nami's Fans~

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Complete Items in The Mine

You like to dig in the mine? I have a good news for you! Every year, the mine is getting bigger and bigger! I'm not sure on what year the development will stop, but it'll stop someday.  ^_^

There are 24 items in the mine, and not everything is collectable ...
  1. Back Fossil ~ 300 G
  2. Fossil ~ 40 G
  3. Hip Fossil ~ 60 G
  4. Skull Fossil ~ 50 G 
  5. Strange Fossil ~ 80 G 
  6. Hop Ore ~ 80 G 
  7. Moon Ore ~ 40 G
  8. Prosper Ore ~ 300 G 
  9. Sugar Ore ~ 50 G
  10. Temple Ore ~ 150 G 
  11. Mysterious Tablet ~ not for sale, give it to Carter
  12. Tablet C ~ not for sale, give it to Carter
  13. Tablet D ~ not for sale, give it to Carter
  14. Tablet E ~ not for sale, give it to Carter
  15. Tablet F ~ not for sale, give it to Carter
  16. Tablet G ~ not for sale, give it to Carter
  17. Coin ~ 10 G
  18. Gold Coin ~ 30 G
  19. Silver Coin ~ 40 G
  20. Human Statue ~ 40 G
  21. Horse Statue ~ 70 G
  22. Jade Ball ~ 150 G 
  23. Strange Item ~ 300 G
  24. Stone Disc ~ 500 G 

There they are, 24 items! And I'm sure sometimes you can feel upset knowing that the tablets are not for sale, but here is the good side: Carter will like you more! ^_^

So happy digging!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Get Elli FAST

You're in love with Elli or just looking for a fast, easy marriage that doesn't require expensive things? Then you need to read this!

  • In Spring, give Elli 5 flowers a day, everyday and try not to skip a day or two, 
  • You'll get married in Summer

As simple as that!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Hurricaces

I've heard that hurricane doesn't exist in Harvest Moon Back to Nature, well whoever said that, I've been through that hurricane. 

In order to prevent the same mistakes, I write this list of what you should do knowing that a hurricane can destroy your farm:

  1. Befriend the harvest sprites, make sure they still have their hearts for you, so you can ask them to work in your farm before the hurricane comes. 
  2. Bring in your dog into the house the night before the hurricane, or he'll lose a heart for you!
  3. You might want to re-think about planting seeds and etc ... 
  4. Hot house is the greatest when it comes to hurricane ... 
  5. Be prepared for the damage the hurricane may cause
  6. Watch the TV everyday to know when will the hurricane comes. 

~The risk of being a farmer~
Enjoy Harvest Moon!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Money and Seeds

It is very wonderful if you like to plant flower and vegetable seeds, but you need to be reasonable, it's not wise to spend all of your money on the seeds, and knowing that you have nothing left for urgent things (e.g.: medicine, fodder)

Make a plan, like I said before, if you are really serious in playing Harvest Moon, writing a book is a good thing to do, a daily planner, goals, and everything ...

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Taking Advantage from Popuri

If you are a really bad and ambitious person, you might want to marry someone to pursue the wealthiness and everything ... So I think Popuri will be a good choice, after all she is the heiress of The Poultry Farm.

When you are getting close will Popuri sometimes you'll get eggs, for the first egg, put it into the incubator and name it Popuri so that Popuri will like you more. 

But you know the risk if you marry Popuri, she is the most childish wife of all, and sometimes it can blow your mind. 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Puppies

No, this is not about your dog! Well, actually, maybe this is about your dog ... After all, we're talking about his children! ^_^

By the way, I just found out that my hair stylist played Harvest Moon when he was younger. I never knew.

^o^ It's a prove that Harvest Moon is the greatest game!

Okay ... Back to puppies!

Once you've reached the third year, Barley will visit you in your farm, asking you about your dog (happens in Spring), and can he take care of your dog for seven days ... Hit yes. On the seventh day, Barley will let you now that you've owned the puppies. But surely you can't take care all of them!

After that, go visit Stu when he is in the house with Ellen, ask Stu if he likes to keep a puppy ... You already know the answer. ^_^ So the lucky puppy will be named Tim.

I think this is just one of the cut-scenes you'll have through-out the years, but still a fun thing to do ...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Goddess Festival

There is a festival called Goddess Festival, and you can ask one of the girls in village, but you have to earn her heart first, if her heart is black, she won't go with you. But she'll still be in the festival, though.

If you want to ask a girl to go to the GF with you, you can ask the day before the event, no need to give or show her anything, the option will pop-up automatically whenever you talk with her. 


So, here is what happen after the Goddess Festival, if you go there by yourself, you'll go home after the festival. But when you go to the festival with a girl, she'll take you somewhere after the festival! I think it's getting a bit boring and complicated ....     >_<       This is the list:

Elli                  :      lake
Karen             :        inn
             Mary              :       mother's hill
     Popuri            :        beach

Sometimes I think the reason why Popuri picks the beach is because of Kai ... Hmm ...   >_<


Friday, January 15, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Purpose of The Dog

Maybe you think that a dog is just an accessory  in the game, but he is not! He will watch your things in the shipping room, not allowing the beggar (Murray) to steal it. Or the exact word is he can. You need to train your dog first before he can do such things ...

My neighbor is doing so called 'Home Improvement', and it's really getting under my skin, the noise of the hammer and machine, the smell of the paint and, oh yes, did I tell you they been doing it since January last year? Hhh ... I haven't told you about their dogs and stuff ...  It's like harvest moon meets the adams family ...

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Music Sheet

It's a gift from Romana, not that you can play it or anything, but you can collect it with the other gifts from the villagers ... Romana is the most generous woman in this game, she'll give you a lot of presents if she likes you (she likes milk), so when you're rich and got nothing to do,  visit her and give her presents, and you'll get 3 gifts from her:

  1. Watering Can
  2. Cat
  3. Music Sheet

Oh, Romana is the rich lady that lives in the Villa with the servant (Sebastian), and the beautiful grand-daughter (Lumina)

Remember to socialize!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Lif e - Getting A White Horse

This is not just about the white horse, but getting horse with the color that you like! Well, simple and a little boring, you just need to wait until the second season in the first chapter when it's a sunny day, save your  game before you get the cut-scene with Takakura and then you can reload as much as you want until you get the horse that you want.

This 'reload' or 'restart' trick is very useful in many ways, but sometimes it's cracking my nerve waiting for the game to start again ... But it's a personal opinion, though ... ^_^

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Tartan!

This is the details about how to get Tartan. Yup, the talking plant that will help you with your seeds!

Befriend Takakura, make sure you're giving him enough home-made food, talk to him every afternoon and evening, and then, if you are lucky, at Chapter 2 you can get Tartan!

Visit Takakura between 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm, you'll get a cut-scene, Takakura will show the 'odd-plant' he bought, and then you'll be able to work with your seeds! v^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Lif e - Become a Better Cook

Enter your house and walk to the kitchen, hit the frying pan and see the option. Are you looking at a very simple cooking options? Probably it's because you never cook or you haven't cook enough for getting more cooking options!

At first you can only cook fish and stuff, but then, you can make dhibe and earn extra money from the food! So keep practicing, keep cooking, and if Ruby asks if you want her spice (this is a cut-scene) click yes!

And Takakura loves home-made food, that's a plus if you're after Tartan.


Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Duck and Her Eggs

This is the most common question about duck, "I have ducks, a male and a female, but the female doesn't produce fertile eggs!'.

Well, the only key is you must be patient, because same like chicken, duck doesn't always produce fertile egg, and you need to check the egg first before putting it in the incubator, hit select while you're holding the egg and read the description.


You can put a random egg in the incubator and sometimes it will hatch as a duck, but you need to have a duck first to do this trick!

Good luck with the eggs! 

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How to Know if Your Guy is Sick

Have you ever work so hard without eating anything? And then the next day you spend your whole day in bed? I have. And that is annoying when I'm trying to fulfill my goals for the season! Or if I'm so close to the ending! So here is another quick tip for checking your guy's character's health.

Hit the start button and look at the round face in the menu. The round face will show you the color of your character's health, if the color is blue then you have to hit the bed right away! Or else he'll be sick and you lost a day because of that!

Oh, and here is something interesting: if you befriend with Kate, she'll visit you and make a soup or something like it, and if you befriend with Tom, he'll visit you too. But they can't visit you at the same time, though.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - COMPLETE List of Records

Read this list and listen to the records ... ^_^ Seems you like the records that can be played in your farm! You can have all the records if you want, and here is the list and how to get them:

    1. 64 Memories: try to win the game against Kassey or Patrick at least 9 times. 
    2. Joy of Fall: befriend with Mukumuku (read the post about things that Mukumuku likes!)
    3. Town Spirit: befriend with the guy in Romana's Villa, Sebastian. 
    4. Summer Memories: befriend with Carter, when both of you are at the beach, he'll give it to you. 
    5. The Bride: the working lady (Chris) has this record.
    6. Marine Jazz: visit Griffin in his room. 
    7. Winter HM: wait until year/chapter 2 and befriend with Kate. 
    8. Butterfly: befriend with Marlin and meet him near the waterfall.
    9. Flowerbud Fall: visit Rock in his room in the Inn. 

Can you collect all of this? Sure! But I suggest you do this after you got a lot of money and stuff, because after all, it's just for fun ... ^o^

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Can Crops Die?

Yes! They can die!

  1. If you don't water them everyday
  2. (Sometimes) if it's raining a lot without any sunshine. 
  3. If you cut them with sickle. ^_^

So you might want to plan in what season will you plant the seed ...

::Happy harvesting!::

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Price of Milks

I prefer selling milks to Van, not to Takakura, so that I can haggle the price and getting more money! And of course, you can get the money faster from Van, because he'll give the money to you right away, not like Takakura. But still, you'll need Takakura when you're planning to build something or if you want to buy an animal.  ^_^

This is the price of the milk:

Normal cow 
B   : 75 G
A  : 115 G
S  : 150 G
B  : 115 G
A  : 175 G
S  : 225 G 
B  : 115 G
A  : 175 G
S  : 225 G 
B  : 270 G
A  : 405 G
S  : 540 G
Referring to the list, you can haggle the price of A & S Milk from normal cow, 
and all B, A, and S from brown, marble, and star cow.   

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Getting Gifts and Cut-Scenes

Getting gifts from the villagers is fun! You can have unique things that you can't buy, and still, you can sell the gifts you don't like!

Here is a fast way to get the gifts: enter a room/building at the exact time when a person is trying to get out. You'll have the gift, or even have a cut-scene, depends on the person ...


You can follow the person and enter the door right after they entered it. Same thing will happen.


Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Always Win the Horse Race

If you're into the horse race, then one thing for sure: you must win! There is no other way if you want to finish the ending using 'Horse Race' ending. And here is a quick tip about how to always win the horse race:

Earn 5 hearts from you horse

Well, when you've earned it, could you lose it? Of course!

Here's the way to lose your horse's heart:
  1. You forget to brush him
  2. You forget to feed him
  3. You forget to put him inside the barn when it's raining
  4. You hurt him with sickle

Avoid all of that!

And also, you might want to give Gwen presents (she loves home-made jam), so you can compete with her and her horse. Once you beat her, the chances of winning the horse race will raise!  So be prepared!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Paper When You Fish

Sometimes when you fish, you will get a piece of paper, and your character will keep it in his rucksack, but then you found nothing!

Now, hit the start button and check near the horse's heart, you will found an icon for that piece of paper, and you will notice that it's a picture of a legendary fish. You can't catch a legendary fish, though, so a picture would be nice. ^_^

New Moon (Anti) Frenzy

I have decided not to watch New Moon.

It's nothing, actually, my mom told me today that they are playing New Moon in the cinema, but I'm not interested. Why? Because I don't like it.

I know, I know, all of my friend say I should love it, with sucking teeth, drinking blood and etc. But I don't know why, I just don't like it. And I've watched so many TV Stations that specifically told me to watch New Moon, but I just can't, I'm not into New Moon!

I think the industry is pushing us WAY to strong, telling us what's hot and what's not, and at the end, is it worth the time? Nope. So I hope they can stop promoting until they sunk under my skin and started doing something more realistic ...

It's a just a thought, though. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts. ^_^

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Lumina Hates ...

Do you know the trick to make people like you more? When they are happy of what you've done or when they are in  a good mood, talk to them again and again, I know the chat box will say the same dialog, but keep doing it until you feel enough (or tired) ^_^

And of course, there are ways to make people hate you, by giving the stuff they hate or just keep talking with them when they are in the bad mood. Well, for Lumina, it gets complicated when you talk to her while she is playing the piano. If you do this over and over again, she'll lose her heart for you. I know, she is smiling when you talk to her, but deep inside, she doesn't like it at all!

Cut the bad habit!!! O_O

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Glitch

Glitch is when your game doesn't work the way it should be, and today I'm writing about the glitch in the barn, this could happen when you apply to the maximal animal in the barn, then you'll lose one of the animal, it won't get out or it just disappear. Angry? Of course! If it's a marble cow you guys know how much that will cost!


Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Dispose Bad Food

So you hate bad food? Yeah, me too. That's why sometimes I hate cooking, too much risks ... Hehehe.

Let's be honest, there are times when your food is a big disaster, well, practice makes perfect! But what about the bad food that you've already made? There are some ways to dispose it:

1. Look for the bin next to your kitchen.
2. Let your character eat this, but you're torturing yourself with that.
3. Give it to your dog, he won't say anything. (duh!) ^_^
4. Give it to Murray (but it doesn't stop the chances he'll enter your farm and steal your things)

If you have more ideas, share with me!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - How to Get Recipes

You love to cook? So you'll need recipes! After all, you can't cook if you don't have any recipe, so here is the tip about getting recipes: check every angle of the villagers house, click randomly until you find something, for example, Sebastian's room. Befriend with them and if they ask 'do you like to cook?' hit yes. If they ask 'do you know this recipe?' hit no. It's simple actually, but of course you need to cook the most simple recipe in your kitchen in order to unlock another recipe. Give some of your food to Takakura and he'll give you Tartan. Pretty useful, isn't it?

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Game with Kassey and Patrick

You know the fireworks maker guys? Yup, they are the twins Kassey and Patrick, and they LOVE to play with you. They love Lumina too, if you like Lumina and visit her very often to give gifts, go to the Kassey's house and he'll tell you how beautiful Lumina is, if you're married with Lumina, they will tell you how lucky you are to have such a beautiful wife, it's just fun to know. ^_^

So, you can do this trick after you have a horse. When you wake up in the morning, milk your cow(s) and then brush your horse, then go to their house at 6.00 am SHARP! Just talk to one of them and they'll ask, do you want to play? Hit yes.

He will tell you how to play, and I suggest even though you already know how to play, just click EXPLAIN, because the level of the game will get easier than if you don't ask how to play.

If you win, he will give you a present, such as moon ore, a record, coin, etc. You'll love the gift because you can sell it!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Complete Building

Okay, so you're obsessed about completing the buildings in your farm, oh, and add another soil field for your plants, so here they are, the actual, complete list about the upgrade level in your farm that you can check in the diary, but before you upgrade it, you can only see '????', but I've written it, so if you think this is some kind of SPOILER, stop reading at this paragraph. ^_^

1. Your own house
2. Chicken coop
3. Tool Shed
4. Barn
5. Production room
6. Food Storage
7. Seed Maker
8. New Soil Field
9. Milking Room (is that the correct name? I'm not sure ... But you got the idea!)
10. Fertilizer Maker
11. Chicken fence
12. Pond

Twelve of them, you don't have to build all of them, though. Enjoy!

Child's Status

I think I've written a post about ST, SP & AP and about the diary, so now I will continue talking about diary, but now it's about your child's status.

You need to check child's status so you can decide what influence is good for him, you check the bar about:

1. Animal
2. Musical
3. Plants
4. Painting
5. Sports
6. Knowledge/intellectuality

The mother of the child (a.k.a your wife) will make a difference too, if you marry Lumina, your child will have the biggest musical talent, but if you marry Celia, your child will love to grow trees and etc,

You can also show your child some utensils such as hoe if you want him/her to follow your trace, and so on ...

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Goals in 3 Years

This is the general goals that you need to achieve, but if you already made goals for yourself, share with me please!


1. Have upgraded your farm to the maximum level,
2. Married,
3. Collect recipes as many as you could,
4. Make recipes and give it to the villagers so they will tell you about the taste,
5. Money,
6. How many berry power you've found,
7. Got more than 40%

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Diary's Secret

Does diary have a secret???

Oh yes ... And it's great if you know it, because you can control your character better than if you don't pay attention to this:

1. SP = spirit, increase the spirit by socializing
2. ST = stamina, you have to drink the drink that Griffin sells in his bar,
3. AP = or so called appetite, it's about eating healthy and eating regularly.

You can check this diary in the house of yours, on the table next to your bed. You can also check anyone (or anything) in your farm such as your wife's heart, your cow's milk grade and the fishes you've caught, etc ...

Many of my friends think diary is not important, but I think it is! I even made my own 'Harvest Moon Note' to write about my activies in harvest moon so I won't forget where to continue when I play the game again. *just random share, hehe*

Hope you like it! Tadaah~

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - How to Get Muffy's Heart in 1 Day

This is a fun way to get Muffy's heart in just a day, but you need to do this at the first chapter, or so called the beginning.

One the first day, go to the mine and start to dig, find the moon ore that Muffy loves and give it to her right away, collect flowers and give it to her again, if she asks you what are you doing in the bar, pick the 'too see your face' option, and the her face will start blushing and she will like you more.


Enter your house and then go out again, Takakura will call you to talk about something, but then both of you will find Muffy, standing there in your farm. Your dog will start to bark at her, and you will save her, the important thing is, don't pick the 'what are you doing here' option, or she'll be angry and you won't get any heart.

It's very simple ... Try it! Good luck in finding Muffy's heart!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Time does fly! Wow, it's new year already! Shops are giving calendars for compliments, I got a lot of messages saying 'Happy New Year', Mom bought me a new agenda, my Mom and I started making plans for this year ...

But like a friend of mine once said, 'it's not about the party, it's about celebrating.' and for Indonesian (or anyone who speaks Indonesian) ^_^ : 'bersuka citalah, dan bukan bersenang-senang.'

I had a lot of fun yesterday watching fireworks and eating traditional food, replying TONS of messages and of course, PRAY.

I'm thinking about renewing and re-modeling The Harvest Moon Stuff, all for the better. Do you have any suggestions? Share with me please!