Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - List of Legendary Fish

Care for some fishing adventure? Try to collect the legendary fishes as many as you can! 

  1. Sea Brem. You can fish this legendary fish after you sold at least 200 fishes. Check how many fishes you've sold at the start menu. You can try this by sea in Spring, Summer or Fall.
  2. Squid. You'll need a bait for this one, take a little fish from your house and throw it to the sea, then try to fish with your fishing pole. One bait will last for a day.
  3. Angler. Can only be found at the sea and it has to be Winter. Try to fish from 08.00 pm until 11.00 pm
  4. Char. Collect sashimi, sushi and  grilled fish recipe and then hit the lake to try.
  5. Catfish. Same as Angler, you depend on the season, but the interesting part is that you will have to fish at the Winter Mine :)
  6. Carp. The last legendary fish. After you completed the five stages, go fish at Mother's Lake. 

While fishing may be an abstract, confusing activity, you can still enjoy the thrill when you're holding the legendary fish :) 

~Legendary Harvest Moon!~

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Percentage

When you open the start menu, you can check your percentage in Harvest Moon Back to Nature. You can tell your progress by looking at the percentage. And how, exactly, can you boost up the meter?

  1. Earn your beloveds' hearts. Your wife, son, dog and horse. They will give you total 40% 
  2. Upgrade your tools and utensils, such as hoe, watering can, sickles, etc. Use them everyday and upgrade each of them in Saibara's shop.
  3. Find your power berries. The super fruit :)
  4. Catch legendary fish. You have to be an expert fisher, or, at least, spend some quality time fishing on your own.
  5. Try to ship various items. Like crops (potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pineapple, etc) and from the farm: milk, eggs and wool. 
  6. Upgrade your farm. This is also the condition for marrying a girl, so you got the bonus :) 
  7. Ten hearts from Harvest Sprites. They live behind the church, you can visit them when they're not having a tea party. Do not show up with big animals. They will hate you. 
  8. Buying cows and sheep. From Yodel's Ranch.
  9. Be a great chef. Cook as many recipes as you can. 
  10. Be generous. Spare some of your items (I suggest not in year 1) and your cooking for the villagers.
  11. Nurture the hearts. Losing hearts may cause decreasing percentage
  12. Save your animals. Animal medicine is a must have item when you have a cow. Death of a cow will cost some of the percentage. 

I'm having fun building up my percentage. I hope you do too! 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Money tips

In the beginning, you usually struggle in financial issues. Here are some starting tips:

Making money
is the most important thing to do in year one. Besides marrying a girl, you have to raise a lot of money for the house up-grade, buying animals, buying seeds, etc.

  1. Know the shipping bin. It's the box where you should put the items you want to sell.
  2. Hit the mine. Mine is the great place to earn fast money, since you don't waste any time at all. 
  3. Collect fruits and other items from the forest 
  4. Get a fishing rod from the fisher-man on Saturday 
  5. Buy a bin. It's expensive, but it's worth it. Use it when you're at the mine. 
  6. Slow down on giving gifts. Year one is not about the villagers, it's about raising your money and trying to get a wife. 

Personally, I don't buy cows in Harvest Moon Back to Nature, I make money from harvesting, digging at the mine  (especially that mine in the Winter), fishing, taking eggs from my chickens (I have a coop full of chickens) and selling items to Zack. I did try to take care a cow, but somehow it didn't feel right ... 

How about you? :) 

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Treasure Hunt 2

Treasure Hunt 2 is a lot more simple than Treasure Hunt 1, and for those who have finished the Treasure Hunt 1, I'm sure there is no problem at all in finishing the second part ;)

All you have to do is to do the same exact step by step walkthrough like Treasure Hunt 1, but then we'll have a difference in the villa. Instead of taking your dog to the villa, you have to befriend Dia and Maria, and make sure to visit them everyday and give their favorite gifts. Dia loves blueberries and Maria likes flowers. 

Dia will come to your farm after you're friends with her, she'll ask you to go to the Clove Villa and shows you a bag of seed that she found. 

We're heading to the most important parts and yes, sometimes it can be a bit complicated ... I'll make points:

  1. Go the Sacred Land, look for the big stone. You'll find some symbols (musical notes, stars, square, etc) and you have to match it with the seeds (red crop = tomato, root = potato, brown = breadfruit, yellow = corn)
  2. Plant the seeds on the correct square in Sacred Land based from the symbols. Remember to plant it on the same day you read the symbols, because it will always change until you plant the seeds.
  3. Water the plants everyday. That is a must: everyday.
  4. Wait until all the plants are ripe. Don't harvest them. 
  5. You'll get a bag of seeds. 
  6. Dia will show up at your farm again and she'll plant the seeds next to Lyla's shop
  7. Wait for the cut-scenes
  8. Happy ending

~Harvest Moon is indeed a treasure. Right? Right! ;) ~ 

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Treasure Hunt 1

The most complicated but yet fascinating ending in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. In some articles, they call it with 'Sacred Land' which is also correct because it is the main criteria in finishing the Treasure Hunt 1 and Treasure Hunt 2 

The person you'll need is the little guy, Tim. Befriend Tim by giving him sweets and eggs at least one everyday, you can find him near the supermarket every morning. Don't forget the big brother, Bob. He loves cooked fish and anything that is home made. And two additional are Dia--spoiled rich girl and Maria--the main from the villa.

One day, Tim will show up at your house with a map and asks you to join a treasure hunt. Clear your schedule by saying 'yes' :) And then you'll find yourself with Tim at the lake, looking at the toys that Tim's father buried when he was a boy. Okay, so phase one is complete. It's not about the old toys, it's about Tim finding his new partner. You.

After that, you'll be facing the real treasure hunt, guys, this is ...

Treasure Hunt 1

It will happen after your first adventure with Tim. Tim will show up at your house, again, with a new map. Now this is important because you'll keep this one. 

Tim will leave you with the map, and that is the right time to befriend your dog. When your dog's heart is up--check your diary next to the bed--take your dog the Clove's villa, then you'll be having a cut-scene where your dog found a path to the Sacred Land. 

You'll get a seed from the Sacred Land, and make sure to plant it next to Lila's Flower Shop. Do not forget to water them everyday. 

Prepare yourself for the ending ;)

~Flowery Harvest Moon!~ :) 

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Digging

Digging is one of my favourite things to do to earn some money, especially when it is rainy. You can get a lot from digging, when you know the right ways ;) 

  1. Check your character's stamina. Check the round face in the start menu, you must stop before it turns blue.
  2. Check the weather for tomorrow. TV will be your best guide, prepare your hoe.
  3. Pick out location. The best one is in front of your house :) You can go near the Goddess' lake or the secret place in the back of the villa. 

While digging in Harvest Moon Back to Nature seems like the best idea to earn money fast, I suggest to put digging as a part-time job in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. Why?

  1. Time does fly. Not like Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you dig outside the room, so the clock keeps ticking. 
  2. The price of the items. You cannot really sell them at high prices, so it's better to put this as a part-time activity.
  3. Your health. The best time to dig is when it's wet, means when it's rainy, but it's not good for your health at all.

And some random tips for digging ... :
  1. The complete shop that will buy your items is Louis' Shop 
  2. Try to dig in the morning or afternoon, but never midnight
  3. Careful when you're digging, make sure your dog is far away
  4. Watch your crops. You can't dig the ground you're using for your crops. 
  5. Manage your time. Digging may seems easy and fast, but it does spend your time.

~Harvest Moon Save The Homeland!~ 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Vacation House

To be honest, I have to say that this vacation house is only for show-off, or at least, I'll say it's only for fun. 

But okay, here are some reasons why you should purchase a vacation house in Harvest Moon Back to Nature:

  1. You have a new home in other side of the village for you, so you can choose the nearest one whenever you want to go home. 
  2. Good for pumping the percentage. You can check your percentage in the start menu, can you reach 100%? :) 
  3. Great way to befriend Gotz, he'll like you more when the vacation house is done. 

Now it's time to purchase the house ... Hit Gotz's house and talk to him, you'll need 999 lumbers and 100,000,000 G. If you can't make all the lumbers, you can buy from Gotz ... :) 

The vacation house is located near the beach and Kai's house. Enjoy your new home! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Common Crop Mistakes

You may have your own ups and downs as a farmer, like I have mine ;) I just gathered all the informations and stories from my friends, and here I'll write about the common mistakes a new farmer can do in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life:a

  1. Planting trees too close to each other. Sometimes you will have an event where you go out from your house, and an insect tells you about the problem. 
  2. Keep watering trees everyday when it's already big and sturdy. You don't have too, you only have to water a small tree everyday, not the big and tall one. 
  3. Using sickle. Do not use sickle near your plants, accidents can happen. 
  4. Giving fertilizer for vegetables. The price of the fertilizer is more expensive than the vegetables. 
  5. Picking the wrong land. Remember, the land right next to your house is the bad one, next to it is the pretty good one, and the next land that you can buy from Takakura is the great one. 

So hopefully we can avoid the common mistakes :) 

~You Go Harvest Moon Farmer!~

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Secret Wife

Secret wife is a rumor that you'll hear when you're playing Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. There is no such girl called secret wife. You can marry a girl you love at the end of year one, and then you'll have a child at year two, but you can't have a secret wife.

But you can lose you wife, though. When you ignore her and keep giving her the items she hates, she will eventually leave you. While you can only have one bluefeather in the game, you have to be careful with your wife's feelings. :)