Thursday, July 9, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Girl's Heart

My friend asked me a question and then I did a little experiment and this is the result:

In giving presents to the girl that you like, sometimes you cannot give her favorite thing to her, so maybe you'll give something that she doesn't like, but not hate. The question is, will she hates you? (Decreasing heart meter) Nope. Her heart meter won't change. So I think it would be worthless to give a girl present that she doesn't like!

Try to pick one girl and give her all her favorite presents, then when her heart meter already reached three hearts, stop. Wait until the end of the year, and she'll come to your house, confessing about her feelings, and it will be GAME OVER if you don't marry her, so marry her when she confesses her feelings for you ... I have tried it in PS 2 ^_^

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