Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MYTH from Harvest Moon A Wonderful World

While having a chatty-chat with my friends, someone popped up a question; "Is it true that you cannot have a daughter if you marry Lumina or Nami?"

So I decided to write about Myth from Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, there are few things that people believe will ruin the game, like that Lumina and Nami case ... So, hope you enjoy this post!

  1. You can marry Muffy, Nami, Celia and Lumina too (in PS 2) and you can have a daughter.
  2. THE GRASS WON'T GROW IT SELF! Use fertilizer from Vesta's shop
  3. Yes, you're cow can be sick if you don't feed it, and they can die too. There's no reason why it won't die, right?
  4. The girl DO hates you if you pick the wrong answer in a Cut-Scene. So careful!
  5. When you walk and you see the villager turn his/her head, then they like you, it's a HINT. Use it to know when you will receive certain gifts from the villager.
  6. You DON'T have to give the girl you like her favorite thing, sometimes when you're out of stock, just give her mugwort (but not fodder!) and she'll be happy. Just keep giving her present everyday.
  7. See the weird building in your farm that you cannot enter? The creator of the game made it so that we can use it, be he changed his mind and took the function but he left the house.
  8. Many people say you can't negotiate with Van if he refuses it three times. THAT'S FALSE! I've tried and it works! Though I click Van about 15 times, but it works!

And about wife, some people say that they're all the same, but it's not true. Muffy is the easiest to get and Lumina is the hardest. So, it's Muffy-Celia-Nami-Lumina

I have to go to the airport now, flight to Bali. But I'll be writing some fun stuff about Harvest Moon and some new tips! So keep in touch!

*Blinking* Wow, I will upload the photo of this toilet in Jogja/Benteng Vrederburg. Haha ...

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