Monday, September 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Cooking

Cooking is not the main thing in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, but sure it's fun! It's a great way to please people, gain friends and gives you a lot of energy more than if you eat a fruit or herb.

In this post, I don't write about the recipe, but where you could sell your master piece!

  1. Cheese : Sunny Garden Cafe for 150 G
  2. Cranberry, Mixed Berry and Very Berry Jam : Sunny Garden Cafe for 100 G, 80 G and 80 G
  3. Yogurt : Sunny Garden Cafe & Ronald Supermarket for 350 G
  4. Blueberry Jam : Sunny Garden Cafe for 150 G

This a good way to earn money, especially when you cook the cranberry and blueberry into jam, it sells better than if you sell the fruit! Gwen loves homemade jam too, so that's a plus.

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