Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Planting Trees

I've write about planting trees in a website and I promise I will write the details about it in my blog ... So here it is, hope it's good enough!

  1. Go to Vesta. Buy a seed from her. Or you can buy a seed from Celia or Marlin, there is no difference in the price.
  2. Buy a fertilizer too.
  3. Hit home, plant the seed using hoe (from the tool shed--now in your rucksack) at the area next to the chicken coop (it's more fertile than the other) and water it using watering can (also from the tool shed--check your rucksack).
  4. Give the fertilizer once it grows.
  5. Wait until it's the season. Check is there any fruit, approach the tree and you'll see the button at the screen (up right) is blinking, showing you some options (in PS 2)
  6. Once your plant is already a perfect tree, you don't need to water it everyday.

Oh, and if your watering can is empty, fill it in the well near your home. Just approach the well and an option will pops out.

I just watched Death Race. Wow, it's really cool, and I have to admit that XXI really pays attention to it's facility, so I'm definitely coming back next month! Once I've reached Jogja ... :D
I also like Mary J. Blige's song featuring Ludacris, 'Grown Woman', really suits the movie!

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