Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Sick Chicken

If your chicken is sick and you don't have enough money to buy the medicine, or maybe the shop is closed and etc ... The only way is to:


Then the chicken will cope a day or two (or maybe three if it's really strong), giving you the time to buy the medicine. You still have to buy the medicine, though. So prepare your money. ^_^

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Former President Abdurrahman Wahid Dies at 69

Jakarta, Indonesia, Former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid died during medication after suffering from complications caused by heart disease, kidney disorders and diabetes for years in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

Wahid, usually called Gus Dur, was a very ambitious President of NKRI.

Wahid had been receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta for the past week and died Wednesday evening.

Wahid had struggled with illness for years. He was confined to a wheelchair, lost most of his sight, and suffered serious kidney problems.

Wahid was born in Denanyar village, Jombang district, East Java, on August 4, 1940. He is survived by his wife, Sinta Nuriyah, and four daughters, namely Alissa Qotrunnada Munawaroh, Zannuba Arifah Chafsoh, Annita Hayatunnufus, and Inayah Wulandari.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Harvest Moon - Special Diary of Mine

In the 100th post of my blog, I would like to tell you a story about my harvest moon and I. ^_^

I found my first harvest moon CD for PS 2 in a tiny shop, small local mall, small town in Kalimantan Timur, the place where I spend 2 and a half years of my life there, enjoying very delicious food and making friends with my classmates. I went CRAZY playing harvest moon, spending AT LEAST 6 hours in front of the TV during the holidays. It was Harvest Moon Save The Homeland.

Then one day, my Mom and I went shopping and I found Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Guide Book, it's blue and simple, and I still remember how I read the book in the car, in the fruit shop, in front of the TV, making plans and strategies for my game. If you saw me, you would think I'm making a war strategy for battle against unknown aliens. *lol*

I played only Harvest Moon Save The Homeland for about 1 and a half years, then I bought a PS 1 and Harvest Moon Back to Nature CD, completed by the guide book too.

After that I moved to another city with my parents, I bought Harvest Moon A Wonderful World, turned out to be written in Japanese language and I have no idea, but still I made my effort by clicking randomly with crossed fingers. ^_^ I kept searching for the English edition and finally found it. Then I played it and was madly in love with it and sometimes I was day-dreaming about my game when I'm at school.

Now I have my favorite game shop in the city and I visit it sometimes to check for new things about harvest moon.

That's my special diary. Thank you for reading it ... Share your story with me!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Blue Grass

Blue grass is an item you can find in the forest, you can click it and keep it in your rucksack if it's not full, then you can eat it to add more energy to yourself, or you can give it to the doctor, he loves it. Blue grass is like a 'jamu', should I say, natural medicine made from natural plants, girls in Indonesia still use that kinds of stuff ... =)

But I've got to tell you that even though you make a great friendships with doctor, Rick, Gray or even Kai, they will still marry the girl that they like even if you like the girl too. So I suggest you don't waste your time giving gifts to the boys (except for Harvest Moon BTN for Girls) because it's no use!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Super Tip for Gaining Girl's Heart

Here is quick tip for gaining girl's heart.

On 24th of Winter, go to the Supermarket, buy a wrapper and wrap her favorite gift, then give it to her. The next day, you can see her heart increase one level than she was before. It always works except you have glitch ...

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Egg from Popuri

This post is written for Popuri's fans only ...

When you always give gifts to Popuri, one day she will give you an egg and ask you to keep it. Put it in your incubator and then wait until it hatches. When the chick is born, name it Popuri.

Popuri will come to your house and she'll be so happy and like you even more.

You must not eat the egg and you must be single (not married) when Popuri give you the egg.

I'm not sure at what heart level she will do that, but I've had that scene. =)

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Building Fence

Sometimes when you're thinking about building fence, you will go for the rock, not the wooden fence. Here are some reasons that I got from reading some opinions:

1. I don't like to cut tree.
2. I want to save the wood for building my house
3. The rock is stronger.
4. Etc ...

BUT ... You need to put the wooden fence if you really want to protect your animal, because sometimes wild dog can just walk over the rock and eat your chicken ... But with wooden, it can't enter your chicken's sanctuary. Although sometimes the wooden fence can be broken and you need to change it with new wood.

Good luck!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Fish and House Upgrade

You may not guess that your house and it's upgrade level will do good for your fishing trip.

Try to fish after you have a kitchen. Then you won't catch too much trash the next time you fish.

Fish fish fish!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - How to Have Honey

This is a question from a friend of mine ...

Honey is a great item for you to sell. You can drink it too for extra energy.

How can you have a honey?

First, you need to visit Won in the inn and buy flower seed from him. Plant the seed and wait until the bees come to your farm. Then you will find the bees on the tree next to your pond.

If you want better price for your honey, go visit Louis in the carpenter's house and give him a honey. The next day you will get a cut-scene, Louis will come to your house and he'll tell you that the bees are rare kind and you should sell it with higher price. After that, the price will change automatically.

Run to the inn and let's buy flower seed from Won! v^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Special Food to Win Girl's Heart

This is a very super special secret! Because I'm talking about the special food!

Okay, this is the standard manual: to win girl's heart, give them their favorite things.


Now there is more!

You need to cook marinade!

It is made from salt, fish, mugwort and 1 turnip or you can use tomato.

What are you waiting for? Start cooking with love! v^_^v

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Incubator & Chicken Fence

Chicken is a smart choice if you want to raise money slowly and not in a rush, and of course you can give eggs to the villagers so they will like you and start giving you gifts (that Takakura or even Van will never sell)

You only need to buy a chicken and a rooster, when you want another chicken, just put the fertile egg in the incubator (check if it's fertile or not) and wait. Then one day the Harvest Sprites will wake you up, telling you that a chick is born.

When you already have 6 chickens, go to Takakura. He will offer you a help to build chicken fence that will cost you 10,000 G. I know it's not cheap, but with 6 chickens, you can't just put them outside and then wasting most of your time looking for them, and don't forget if it's raining! So you will need a chicken fence.

When you agreed, Takakura will build a chicken fence right next to the chicken coop. So you won't wasting your time collecting them.

Putting your chicken outside is important for their health. Don't underestimate that!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - The Worst Thing About Dr. Hardy

Speaking about doctors, people love them and hate them at the same time. At the end, I always say this:

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Hehe .... I'm sorry dear doctor ...

Okay, enough about that. Now I'm writing about the worst thing that Dr. Hardy could do:

He will cost you 6,000 G!

Whoa, that's a lot of money! I just can't take it! It happened only because my son is sick and needed some medicine, so I take him to Dr. Hardy. Everything went great until I know how much the cost is! Goodness ... But there is nothing I can do at the time, after all he already took care of my son.

So, here is a quick tips about health and facing Dr. Hardy:

Be friended with him. So that when there is something wrong with your family's health and you come to Dr. Hardy, it'll be totally free! Believe me, you have to try it. Unless you are willing to give that 6,000 G.

Hope it helps!

Harvest Moon Songs



I'm trying to download harvest moon songs right now ....
Found it in and love it!

If you like, here is the link to download harvest moon songs.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - To Get Yamame

Yamame usually can be found near the waterfall, but here is a useful tip: try to aim to the rock near the waterfall. Usually you can catch expensive fishes such as Yamame. Still, sometimes you won't be happy at the first try, but keep trying!

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Pets

If you're one of the pet-lover (just like me) then probably you would want a variation of animals that you can keep in the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.

  1. Cat. If you want a cat, then give Romana present (she loves milk) everyday. One day she will come to your house and ask do you like to keep a cat or not.
  2. Raccoon. This is an odd choice ... But well, befriended with Vesta and Marlin.
  3. Lizard. Go to the pond near the Harvest Sprite's house at night and give Mukumuku (the big white monster) flowers.
  4. Chihuahua. You already know the answer ... Of course it's Carter! In the mine ... Try to collect tablets as many as you can, Carter will take it and he'll like you more.
  5. Dog. You already have a dog at the first chapter. =)

So, this is a tip in knowing is the person is your best-friend or not? I've mentioned it in my previous post, and well, you just need to walk casually near them and see if they turn the heads to look at you. If they do that, then they are your best-friend.

Take a good care of your pet(s)!

Harvest Moon - Diary


It's been a while ....

And I have to say that it's really a huge miracle that I'm using the internet in my home right now. Time after time dealing with the telephone company and their lame signal, I had enough and one night went straight the the Smart Shop with Mom and bought a mobile broadband right away.

Now I'm enjoying the fast-connection whenever I want to! I love it ... Thank you Smart!

one happy BaliTidBits is writing from her cozy home ... ^_^ and watching so many videos about harvest moon ...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Special for Money-Maker!

In this post it is all about making money, the tips and the some useful ideas of what should you do to make enough money to get anything you want! For me, the money will be useful when it comes to:

  1. Upgrading the farm to get the hothouse (a building in your farm where you can plant any seeds in any season including winter!) and so that you can marry a girl.
  2. Buy a blue feather.
  3. Buy a basket. Which is important. You have to have a basket to make more money! Trust me, it'll be worth it.
  4. Etc, all of your needs and all of your wants. Maybe your hobby is to buy tools from the TV Shopping program? ^_^

So, the tips in making money:

  1. Dig in the mine. Wether you like it or not, but knowing that the time stops in there and you can sell the rocks and other things with good price, you should do it.
  2. Buy a basket. Yes, this is one of the tips too, basket it very useful! Use it to dig in the mine.
  3. Pick a girl that doesn't ask too many things. I would avoid Karen if I want to make lots of money, instead I'll go for Popuri.
  4. Chicken. Don't sell the eggs but put it in the incubator and then sell the chick. Five chickens are enough to keep, and try to enter the Chicken Competition and win it so that the eggs would be more valuable.
  5. Plant Pineapple seeds. It will be available at Summer. It sells for a great price.
  6. Sweet potatoes. It will be available at Fall.

Well, I will need some time to review these tips again and again. There is always something new when you're writing the tips. But I hope this is useful for everyone, especially: you. =)

Harvest Moon Back To Nature - Great Fishing Tips

Fishing in harvest moon back to nature is kind of tricky, you'll need to press the square button fast enough once the fish bites it. But if it still doesn't help, you can use this:

  1. Try not to throw trash/litter. You can keep the trash and throw it on the ground in your farm, so you're not littering any villagers' home/land.
  2. If you already have the fishing pole, then use it. There's no need to use the fishing rod once you have the fishing pole.
  3. Okay, now this is my favorite one: the perfect place. Sure you need the perfect place to catch the perfect fish. Then go to Mother Lake! I always go to Mother Lake once I have the time (check out how to manage the time in my other post)
  4. Check your vibration options. Go to your house and turn right, hit the shelf and you'll see the options. It'll need time to decide which one is good for you, with or without vibrate.
  5. The ideal time of waiting for the fish is one hour, if there's no fish after one hour, you might want to try it again by pressing the square and do it all over again.
  6. DON'T PUT FISHING AS YOUR PRIORITY! Maybe farming or planting seeds or probably digging in the mine! But not fishing because it takes too many time and it's not worth it anymore when you spend the entire day for fishing. Perhaps you can use extra time in the winter, but for the rest of the season, I suggest you to work as hard as you can! ^_^v Fight!

So there they are, the six great fishing tips. For all the fisher, don't forget that the most important thing is to be patient =) So grab your fishing pole and hit the perfect place!

Harvest Moon Diary - Praise The Lord!

Thanks God! Today I've just finished my exam and now I'm waiting for the results, I've already received a few of them, and all I can do is thank to God for all His blessings and His love. ^_^v

I'm looking forward for attending my auntie's wedding, though it means I have to pass the study tour, but it's alright, I'll work on the papers later. Hehe. =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - When You Can't Milk a Cow

Sometimes, you can't milk a cow, whether a question mark pops over her head or she doesn't produce any.

There are some general reasons:
  1. Because she is not grown up enough to produce a milk. She is still a calf. A cow needs about 2 seasons after you bought her or after the birth to produce milk.
  2. She is sick. A cow can be sick if you don't feed her properly, never put her in the pasture or if you forget to put her in the barn when it's raining. You'll need to buy a medicine because she won't get healthy until you give her a medicine. Buy it from Takakura in the shipping room.
  3. You've already milk her two times a day. You can milk a cow two times a day: in the morning and in the afternoon or evening. You can't milk a cow more than two times. If you force her to, she won't produce milk but she'll lose her heart for you. You can check her heart in your diary in your room.

Cow is my favorite animal, and you can really use a help from the cow if you're looking for extra money. =)

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - More Money than The Ruby Spice

This is a quick tips about getting more money than using the ruby spice. I'm not saying the ruby spice is awful, but you can do better! By ...

  1. Go fishing in the pond near the beach for about an hour, and you'll get a fish that's worth for 1,000
  2. You can make a dhibe
  3. You can buy cows--the highest class of the cow, and you can sell their milks.
  4. Always ask Van for a higher price when you sell something >100G to him.

Enjoy Harvest Moon!