Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Upgrade Tools

This is another tip when you're thinking about upgrading your tool(s) ...

Don't upgrade your tools

^_^ Weird, isn't it? 
I'll take one example: watering can.

So you need to use your watering can until it reaches 400% You can check this by hitting the 'start' button, and move the arrow to right until you find the tools section: check the percentage. When the watering can reached 400%, it's time for you to go to the mine and get a Blue Stone. Take it to Saibara, talk to him, pick the 'upgrade tools' option. He'll need three days to upgrade your watering can. 

I hope it helps. I think you'll be saving a lot of money & time if you use this, rather than using the conventional upgrade ^_^

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Ball from Won

One day you can find Won in your farm (this is a cut-scene), and he likes to offer you a very special ball, which can be used to train your dog. ^_^ I suggest you to buy this ball, because it's not just for fun. If you train your dog well, then you can win The Dog Race (10th of Winter). ;) 

Okay, so here is some tips about the 'special ball'
  • You can multiply the ball! Try to throw the ball, and while your dog is trying to catch the ball, pick it up. Both of you must do it at the exact time. So your dog is biting a ball and you'll be holding a ball too. ^_^ 
  • Never try to throw the ball into the pond. I've tried it. 
  • Ball is the most common item that can cause certain glitches. I will try to write the details of the glitch ... ^_^ 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - The Common Mistakes

As a newbie, I made a few (actually TONS) of mistakes in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life. ^_^

So I made a list about the most common  mistakes:

Selling you first cow
Why? Because your first cow that Takakura gave you will produce milk for a long time. And if you sell her and buy another cow, you'll have to wait forever to milk the new cow. 
Not buying any fertilizer
Because you think that the fodder in the barn will be enough.Or because you spend your money for something else. 

Trying to enter the town
Two words: game over. 
Not befriend Takakura
And then you'll lose Tartan ...
Spending your time trying to find your way home. Do my trick: make your own map! =)

Not taking care of your dog
Because you think he's just an accessory 
Say no when a girl propose you
Again: game over 
Selling the items that's more than 100 G to Takakura
When you can sell it for a higher price to Van.
There they are, the most common mistakes. Of course, there are always a few mistakes along the way when you play Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, no matter how perfect your plans are, there are always few things that you can't control (weathers and stuff) 
When you're having this kind of situation, remember the most important thing:

~Keep Loving Harvest Moon!~


Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Chapter One

Honestly, I think this blog needs more posts ... Because when I checked my labels, there are only 111 tips about Harvest Moon. Well, I think, for the super-amazing Harvest Moon, 111 tips won't be enough, right?

So I guess I have to write as many tips as I can ... ^_^ I hope you'll enjoy it!

And now, we're talking about the first chapter of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, here it is ...

Chapter One

  • Collect the livestock
  • Befriend Nina, have the recipe
  • Befriend all neighbors 
  • Win a girl's heart 
  • Make money as much as you can ... 
  • Have a horse 
  • Train your dog

These are the most important aspects you need to reach in chapter one. Of course, if you could have more, why not? 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Useful Tips about Goat

You can buy goat from Van, on 3rd Spring in second chapter/second year. It's 4000 G. But does she worth the price? Well, you tell. ;p Because I will only write about the good and bad sides if you buy a goat.

Good Sides:
  1. You can milk a goat. So she is not a pet. (If you say a pet is an animal you nurture only for fun)
  2. Goat is pretty unique, you can't buy her from anyone except from Van. Not even Takakura!
  3. Goat will give milk immediately, not like the cow when you have to wait about a season before you can milk her.

Bad Sides:
  1. On the fourth season she'll stop producing milk.
  2. She'll be sad when she stops producing milk, and you can see the stress level is high
  3. You have to give a spot in the barn for her, so one less cow in the barn. =)

So there they are, 3 good and bad sides, but here is the real tips about getting a goat:
Befriend Van, give him an egg everytime he comes. You can do this when he has finished his job, closed the store and went home. Follow him, talk to him and give him eggs. He'll like you more, and then you can haggle the price until 400 G.

To make your goat happy, use the brush for you cow. She can use it too!

Never mind the face that the goat shows. I think she'll never smile. :p

Good luck! v^_^v

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Something Important

When you are single, you are free. That's a statement. ^_^
When you are single, you can choose wether you want to take care of the farm or not. And not taking care I mean you choose to play the game but you do nothing to work the game out. If you want to do this, go ahead, you are totally free!

When you are married ...
You will have to take care your farm, your wife and your kid. You'll have to talk to your wife and kid, and you'll have to go home. No more freedom days where you spontaneously decide to spend about 2 days fishing. =_='

But remember,
if you don't marry a girl at the end of the first chapter/first year, 
you can't continue the game

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Necklace

So in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life you will get an item, (necklace) if you befriend Flora. She likes flowers, so you can give the flowers to her everytime you visit the mine for a part-time job. 

And what about the necklace? What is the function of the necklace? Sad to say, there's no any function at all. 

  • You can sell it to Van if you want, but the price doesnt' worth all the time and flowers you gave to Flora. ^_^ 
  • Or you can keep it in your rucksack or shelves, and do completely nothing with it.

This is just an additional item to spice up the game, a gift from one of the villager for you. So don't spend too much time wandering for the function of the necklace. It's pretty cute, by the way. ^o^

Friday, February 5, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature

I think in some ways people will think that Karen is a materialistic girl, but yet, one thing for sure, she is pretty!

And speaking about material, Karen loves flower. So you need to pick up all the flowers you can find and give it to her. 

But here is something you need to know:

you don't need to talk to Karen too much
Maybe if you like Mary or any other girls, you will talk more often to them, and that is a right tactic! But it won't work on Karen ... She will like you more if you give her many gifts and talk less. 

~So be a cool guy! ^_^v~