Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - Villagers Gift

Just got home from the airport, and yes, still in Bali, I still cannot decide when should I go to Jogja. Anyway, I love writing about this topic! It is about the villagers gift for YOU. If you give a villager a present, he/she will give something to you that you cannot buy neither from Van or Takakura (there is one exception though). But you can still sell it! I prefer not to, if we calculate how many presents we have to give to the villagers and then sell their gift to someone, it doesn't cover our expenses.

Starting from ...
  1. Takakura: he will give you a special talking plant named Tartan, you can make Dhibe, a really special seed and the fruit is very expensive! Before he gives Tartan, he will give you a horse (don't need to give him a present for this) in the first chapter/The Beginning in summer. Try not to buy anything from him, then Takakura will give you a horse on 1st of Summer (if you order or sell something from the shipping room, he will give you a horse on 8th of Summer)
  2. Vesta: the weird hoe. You can use this hoe, so it's useful.
  3. Marlin: I don't know yet, but I remember my friend told me that Marlin gave her something ...
  4. Celia: - (her heart! ^_^)
  5. Ruby: the spice, and a recipe.
  6. Tim: weird hoe, same like Vesta
  7. Rock: -
  8. Nami: -
  9. Griffin: Marine Jazz Record
  10. Muffy: -
  11. Nina: a recipe
  12. Gallen: fishing rod (can only be given in the second chapter/A Birth)
  13. Hugh: -
  14. Chris: -
  15. Wallie: wool cutter (or something like that, sorry, I have no idea what is the name of that thing)
  16. Patrick: various things, if you play the traditional chess with him AND WIN.
  17. Kassey: same like Patrick
  18. Cody: some kind of statue, and a weird sickle he found near the sea
  19. Daryl: fertilizer maker (this one is the exception, you can buy it from Takakura, TRY TO GET IT FROM DARYL! It's cheaper)
  20. Romana: a cat, a watering can, a piano score
  21. Sebastian: a recipe
  22. Lumina: -

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