Monday, September 21, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Basket

You have to buy a basket if you want one, you can buy it at the Supermarket. I think the price is 3000 G.
Basket is an item that you use to keep the items that you want to sell. Once you put an item in the basket, you can't take it out, so be careful. Example, if you have an egg an you put it in the basket when actually you don't want to sell it, you cannot take it out.
Basket can hold 30 items, it's a great thing when you're digging at the mine, so you don't have to waste your time putting all the ores in the bin. But remember, at the end of the day before Zack comes, you have to put everything in the bin. How? First, bring your basket close to the bin. Second, hit X when you're standing in front of the bin while holding the basket. The way to know is it working or not is by holding your basket and hit start, then hit the rectangle button, if the amount of item is 0, it means all your items are now in the bin.
You cannot put items that are not for sale in the bin. The item will ends up on the ground and disappear right away.
Be careful when you dig at the winter mine, don't forget to bring out your basket when you're finish, especially on the last day of winter. If you forget, then you'll have to spend 3 seasons--until it's winter again--without your basket.

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