Friday, January 7, 2011

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Milker

Milker is another must-have-item in your list. Why? Because everybody loves cows. Everybody loves milk. And is there any good reason they shouldn't love the milker?

Milker, same like scissors, is an important item when you have a cow. You can get your own milker at Saibara Shop for 2000 G, 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM except Thursday. Remember to use it only for adult cows.

~Harvest Mooooon Rocks!~

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Scissors

Taking care of the animals is indeed a real fun thing to do. When you're thinking of buying a sheep, you should think about the items and tiny details for the needs, right? Well, one of them is scissors. 

Scissors can be found at Saibara Shop everyday at 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM except Thursday. You'll need 1800 G, but it worth every single penny of it!

Scissor is vital when you want to trim your sheep, which is once a week. The scissors will help you to get a fine wool, and boost up your sheep's heart meter. Remember, your sheep must be in a good shape and is not pregnant when you're trimming her.

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Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Scissors and Milker

This is Sela's question that I read in the shout out box (or is it a comment box? I'm not entirely sure ...) But I found the questions is interesting, since it is a vital point for the farmers. Hope this post is good enough to help, Sela! :)

So, first of all, scissors is the item you'll need once you've bought a sheep. Every week, you'll need to trim your sheep, and you'll have to use scissors.

And milker is the one for cows. It can be used for adult cows. You can drink the milk, save it in your refrigerator, or sell it to Zack.

The only way to get the scissors and milker is to buy them at Saibara Shop

scissors : 1800 G

milker : 2000 G

I will write more about scissors and milker in the next post! 

Happy New Year!

is the first thing I want to say to you, Harvest Moon Fans! I love everything about Harvest Moon, especially the fans that are playing the game endlessly. I love writing about the tips and knowing that it will help someone, somewhere, someday ;)

And I would like to apologize too, for my absent since November, I know there is no reason that is good enough ... But hey, I'm back again! For good! *I promise*

So ... First post in 2011,


P.S: And welcome for all the new Harvest Moon fans 2011, warm hugs ...