Monday, December 28, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Incubator & Chicken Fence

Chicken is a smart choice if you want to raise money slowly and not in a rush, and of course you can give eggs to the villagers so they will like you and start giving you gifts (that Takakura or even Van will never sell)

You only need to buy a chicken and a rooster, when you want another chicken, just put the fertile egg in the incubator (check if it's fertile or not) and wait. Then one day the Harvest Sprites will wake you up, telling you that a chick is born.

When you already have 6 chickens, go to Takakura. He will offer you a help to build chicken fence that will cost you 10,000 G. I know it's not cheap, but with 6 chickens, you can't just put them outside and then wasting most of your time looking for them, and don't forget if it's raining! So you will need a chicken fence.

When you agreed, Takakura will build a chicken fence right next to the chicken coop. So you won't wasting your time collecting them.

Putting your chicken outside is important for their health. Don't underestimate that!


Anonymous said...

this is not true cuz that only happens for HM another wonderful life (girl version) but I'm not sure myself. can anyone who plays the a wonderful life original boy version prove that you can get one?

Bali Tidbits said...

Hi Anonymous,

I have to apologize and also thank you for the correction, yes, it is only available in the girl version, which is Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life and the boy version, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition.
When you're playing the boy version, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, you can put your chicken in the pasture and bring it back to the coop in the evening :)

Have fun! :)