Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - THE VILLAGERS

Hello! I'm in Bali now, waiting for my mom to finish her work, and I'll catch the earliest flight to Jogja! Haha! Ehem ... Because I left my PS 2 AND PS 1 in Jojga, I have nothing to do here in Bali except playing piano, finishing my cross-stitch and probably watch 90210. So ... About the villagers in Harvest Moon A Wonderful World ... They are :

  1. You

  2. Takakura

  3. Vesta

  4. Marlin

  5. Celia*

  6. Ruby

  7. Tim

  8. Rock

  9. Nami*

  10. Griffin

  11. Muffy*

  12. Nina

  13. Gallen

  14. Hugh

  15. Chris

  16. Wallie

  17. Patrick

  18. Kassey

  19. Cody

  20. Daryl

  21. Romana

  22. Sebastian

  23. Lumina*

* is the girl that you can marry, but of course, you should be friended with other villagers too, because some characters will give you certain items that you cannot buy from Takakura or even Van!

There will be new character in Year 2, A Birth, and they will give you a gift too! I'll give you a very useful tip I always use when it comes to accepting gifts.

When you already give the villagers things they like and they alwats turn their heads when they see you, it's time to accepting their gifts!

Follow them when they are entering a room/a house (usually their houses), then you'll get a cut-scene

Or you can stand in front of the door and hit X (O for Japan) when he/her is trying to get out. You'll get a cut-scene!

I'd love to show you the photo I mentioned in the previous post, but because I'm in Bali and the internet network is soooooo slloooow ... So I have to wait until I get back to Jogja. Everytime I try to upload the photo, the internet stops working! Grrhh .. Well, next week I'll be in Jogja! There'll be a lot of posts!!!! ^_^

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