Sunday, September 20, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - How To Take Care of Your Chicken

Chicken is the key for the 'Cake Contest' ending. You'll need a golden egg!

You can buy a chicken from Bob's farm, it's 500 G. Or you can buy an egg in the supermarket @ 50 G but you need to wait four days to have a chicken. I always buy an egg in the supermarket, it's much cheaper. Besides, I'm not in any hurry. After you have a chicken, you can put her egg in the incubator to hatch another chicken! I love that ...

You need to buy chicken feed too, it costs for 10 G per chicken feed. But better you use it only for rainy days, so you need to take your chickens out on sunny days. It's not good for them to spend all their days in the chicken coop ...

You can check your chicken's health by picking them up and try to talk with them. If your chicken is sick, you need to buy a medicine. It's from my personal experience, buy at least 2 animal medicine, because Bob only sells one medicine each day. So if two of your chickens are sick, you can cure both of them!

You cannot sell sick chickens. Healthy chickens sells for 300 G.

When you take a good care at your chicken, it'll lay golden egg! Hurray !!! Take care of that egg! Don't put it in the incubator! It's not worth it ... You need to keep it carefully, and don't throw it! (oh, yes, I throw one of them because I'm so curious. Silly me.)


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