Friday, December 16, 2011

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Saving Money

I just love polling, it gives me the accurate decision of which tips to write, because the result of the polling comes straight from you! :) So let's talk about saving money in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, shall we?

Here are some great random tips to save your money, especially in the first year/chapter when you need to achieve so many things:
  1. Ride your horse to save the time--time is money! :p
  2. No need to waste your items to win a girl's heart, just pick one girl you like, give her flowers for a week straight, and then leave her be. At the end of year/chapter one she'll come to your house and she'll tell you her feelings :)
  3. Never forget the fertilizer. Unless you're willing to buy 200 G good fodder from Takakura. Oh, and try to get the fertilizer maker from Takakura (check the shipping room). It's cheaper for the long run.
  4. Always keep your animal outside unless it's raining, this way you can save the fodder.
  5. Train your dog or own a refrigerator to stop Murray the burglar from stealing your food in the freezer food storage.
  6. Befriend the villagers, for example, Daryl. He'll make you save 6,000 G by giving you a seed maker.
  7. Go fishing in your spare time, sell your fish to the villagers or Van.

There they are, seven tips for all the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life fans, go play! Hahaha ...

~Harvest Moon Rocks!~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm in wikiHow! (2)

I wrote again in wikiHow, this time is about How to Work Your First Day in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life :) Now it's time to wait for the feedback and correction from you! Yaaay! :)

Sweet Surprise

comes when you least expect it :) I just checked my writings over a year ago in Wikihow, you can still read at the post I made back then, click here. And when I checked again it turned out that there are a lot of correction going on here and there by other Harvest Moon fans in the website, I'm so happy knowing there are a lot of people who love and care Harvest Moon. Hmm ... Going to write a lot more stuff soon!

the newest version

Harvest Moon fans

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Baby

The second most favorite topic in Harvest Moon Back to Nature after marriage is baby ^^ And the good thing in nurturing a baby inside your home is because you'll gain a great percentage from him, which will be important for your final score :) haha. You can check your percentage anytime by opening the Start menu.

Now, if you're married to one of the five potential girls in the village, which could be Elli, Mary, Karen, Popuri, or Ann, it's time to have a baby! And here is the how to:

Give a gift for her for 30 days straight.

While you would still have a baby even if you're not doing this, but the action will speed up the event. And after that, your wife will start to act a little bit strange by telling you that she feels sick in the morning. There are two ways to react:

  1. Ignore the news, keep doing whatever you are doing but stay away from the clinic. The one day around 11 pm your wife will say that she lost a lot energy, and wake up the next day telling you that she's pregnant.
  2. Go to the clinic and find the doctor. 

Personally, I chose the second way, it sounds more gentleman :p Anyway, you'll have to wait for 58 days, around 2 seasons. There is nothing you can do for your wife, really, so what I did was working and working knowing that a little baby is on his way! :)

Baby Phase
There are 3 phases in your baby's life, 
  1. Infant. No one can touch the baby except his mother. He has the heart meter but you can't raise it yet. 
  2. Crawling. This will happen after a year, you can touch and pick him up, this is the perfect time to raise his heart meter. You can tell that he's crawling by looking at his gesture and the costume he's wearing--a blue delicate one.
  3. Walking-Talking. This will happen around 3 seasons after the crawling phase, the fun thing to do is to watch him talking (you can't really listen since Harvest Moon Back to Nature doesn't include voices to the characters :p) 

Additional Tips and Trivia:
  1. You can only have one baby. 
  2. The baby heart meter influences your percentage, so make sure it always goes up.
  3. Your baby will never be a grown up person, and the rumor which says that the baby will eventually grow up and take care of the farm is a false story.
  4. Spoiler. After a long long long time he will say 'Daddy', which is cute :) 
  5. A simple way to rocket the heart meter:

Hot Milk Recipe
Main Ingredient: Milk
Additional Ingredient: Sugar
Main Utensil: Pan

~Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon!~      

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Cow and Milking Room

First of all, thanks to Foster and Anonymous for the question, I realized both of you wrote the same question and because of you guys, I'm thinking of writing the tips about cow and her milking room so that all of the Harvest Moon fans can read it! :) Here it is ...

If you're having a problem with your cow and the milking room (read: you can't push her to get to the milking room) then there are certain things that you need to check:
  1. Make sure that you're pushing a cow, not a bull.
  2. Make sure that she's in a healthy shape
  3. Make sure that she's not pregnant
  4. Make sure that she had given a birth before, unless she's the first cow that Takakura gave to you at the beginning of Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life
  5. Make sure that you're pushing her to the right door.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

I'm having trouble with photos of the milking room, but can you see the door next to that green board? That's not the right door, the right door is on the right side of that door, right across the fodder box (the silver thing on the left). The right door is located behind the tool shed.

~Harvet Moon Forever!~

Just Did It!

Hello friends! :) So glad to be able to write in The Harvest Moon Stuff again! And speaking of writing, I've made some writings under the comments of yours, might want to check it ;) Hope you'll be as happy as I was when I opened and answered the comments *finger-crossed*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Secret Girl: Elizabeth

Hello friends, long time no see! :)

First of all, I have to say that the newest and the latest come-back post is inspired by the comment from Crystal___♥ in Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Music Box :) thank you for inspiring!

So here it is! The Secret Girl from Harvest Moon Back to Nature!

Hmm, I wanted to put the 'spoiler' banner after 'Elizabeth', but then I think that we all need to know this one little detail: she doesn't exist! 
And I made some simple Rumors and Facts:
Rumor: when all of your rivals are married to the girls, then a new girl named Elizabeth will come and marry you
Fact: There are five potential bride to be: Maria, Elli, Ann, Karen and Popuri. When all of the bachelors are married, you will stay single forever. Click here for the marriage details.

Rumor: Elizabeth lives in a house inside the forest in the back of the church
Fact: The harvest sprites live there.

Rumor: Elizabeth is the little girl from your past
Fact: spoiler. The truth is, the all five potential girls are the little girl from the past, you can see this after you are married to any girl, and you will have a conversation inside your house one day telling that your wife is the one that you met long time ago when you're having a holiday in you grandfather's farm.

I hope the post is useful! I love this secretive Harvest Moon Back to Nature! :)

A Simple Sorry

will never be enough, I know -__- I just logged in to The Harvest Moon Stuff for the first time in months, and I realized that the latest post I wrote was back from January!

So I think the greatest way to show you that I'm really really terribly sorry is by writing some fresh new posts, answering comments and once again, having so much fun with you guys inside our Harvest Moon! Just wait for it! :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Milker

Milker is another must-have-item in your list. Why? Because everybody loves cows. Everybody loves milk. And is there any good reason they shouldn't love the milker?

Milker, same like scissors, is an important item when you have a cow. You can get your own milker at Saibara Shop for 2000 G, 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM except Thursday. Remember to use it only for adult cows.

~Harvest Mooooon Rocks!~

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Scissors

Taking care of the animals is indeed a real fun thing to do. When you're thinking of buying a sheep, you should think about the items and tiny details for the needs, right? Well, one of them is scissors. 

Scissors can be found at Saibara Shop everyday at 10.00 AM - 04.00 PM except Thursday. You'll need 1800 G, but it worth every single penny of it!

Scissor is vital when you want to trim your sheep, which is once a week. The scissors will help you to get a fine wool, and boost up your sheep's heart meter. Remember, your sheep must be in a good shape and is not pregnant when you're trimming her.

~Harvest Moon is Always Fun!~

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Scissors and Milker

This is Sela's question that I read in the shout out box (or is it a comment box? I'm not entirely sure ...) But I found the questions is interesting, since it is a vital point for the farmers. Hope this post is good enough to help, Sela! :)

So, first of all, scissors is the item you'll need once you've bought a sheep. Every week, you'll need to trim your sheep, and you'll have to use scissors.

And milker is the one for cows. It can be used for adult cows. You can drink the milk, save it in your refrigerator, or sell it to Zack.

The only way to get the scissors and milker is to buy them at Saibara Shop

scissors : 1800 G

milker : 2000 G

I will write more about scissors and milker in the next post! 

Happy New Year!

is the first thing I want to say to you, Harvest Moon Fans! I love everything about Harvest Moon, especially the fans that are playing the game endlessly. I love writing about the tips and knowing that it will help someone, somewhere, someday ;)

And I would like to apologize too, for my absent since November, I know there is no reason that is good enough ... But hey, I'm back again! For good! *I promise*

So ... First post in 2011,


P.S: And welcome for all the new Harvest Moon fans 2011, warm hugs ...