Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Harvest Moon Diary

Hello ... And sorry ... I'm so sorry I haven't post for 13 days! I'm in Jogja, and Pak Ali just finished repairing my computer ... Thank you Pak! Don't really know what is the problem ... But my computer is healthy as it can be right now! Hehehe ...

I just read second comment in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Azure Flower Ending, I already wrote in the comment box for anonymous ... Please read it!

In this post I won't give you any Harvest Moon tips ... Because I think I need a whole post to write about my days in Jakarta. I love Jakarta, I really do, but I just can't stand watching all that traffic from my window ... It even gets worst if I'm in a cab or something! But I bought piano books that I'll never find in Yogya or even Bali! So that really cheers me up.

Did I tell you that I went to Jakarta for preparing my aunt's wedding? Well, not necessarily preparing, but I think I helped! Hehe ... ^_^ Love you Auntie!! I think I have to ask my aunt first if I want to upload her photo ... Anyway, her apartment is beautiful! It's so cute ... Anyone who enter that room will want to decorate it ... It's so "decorable"! =)

My details in Jakarta:
Woke up ==> Ate breakfast with Papa (my Mom skipped breakfast) ==> Went to Taman Anggrek, met my auntie, uncle, oma, opung, and uncle-soon-to-be. ==> Ate @ Sapo ==> Bought Tokubetsu ==> Found clay miniature ==> Bought clothes ==> Spent time in J.Co (Papa's fav) ==> Went to aunt's apartment ==> Slept @ 1.00 am

Woke up @ 07.00 am ==> Ate breakfast with Papa (again, my Mom skipped breakfast) ==> Went to ...

We kept the same schedule for the next five days (but we visitted different places) and I realized my Mom had breakfast only for one day ... Why she hates breakfast in hotel? I don't know ... And why did I only need six hours to sleep in Jakarta but eight hours in Bali? And six hours in Yogya too... I never use alarm in Jakarta and Yogya! Weird? Yes. Just when I need to wake up fast and go to school ... I look like a vampire with big eyes ... (~__~ )

I think that's it for the diary ... Thank you for reading !!! ^_^

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