Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harvest Moon A Wonderful World - First Day

First step is the most of important thing! So in your first day, you'll need to be extra specific about your activities!

  1. Learn and remember your room, check all of your things and read the notes Takakura made! But don't spend too much time! You'll be extra busy today, because it's your first day!
  2. Feed your dog with the green plant in the back of your house. If your dog is awake, pat him.
  3. Enter the barn, fill the feed-box with fodder. Take care of your cow. Milk her. At the first day she only produces B quality milk, but you can change this using Van's brush.
  4. Enter the tools room and take everything you need in your bag. (watering can, hoe, cow milker and sickle)
  5. Go visit Vesta and buy seeds. (read the post 'seeds')
  6. Buy 7 fertilizer.
  7. Go back to your farm, plant the seed.
  8. Spread the fertilizer in your pasture.
  9. Enter the barn once again to milk your cow for the second time. Touch her so she'll be happy and don't forget to refill her feed-box.
  10. Still got time to kill? Collect flowers and talk to the villagers.

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