Monday, June 8, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - HORSE RACE

Level : Easy

When you got a horse from Bob (I wrote tips about getting a horse in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland Tips), take a VERY good care of it and give it a good name (my friend told me this) such as Faith, Love, Win etc ... Then go to Bob's farm and never mind the part-time, it's time to focus with the horse race! Talk to Bob and he'll offer you a horse race training. Come to his farm on Tuesday to challenge Gwen. When you win from Gwen, Bob will say that you're ready, and he'll send your horse to the race.

Bob and Gwen then will come to your house and tell you that your horse win the race, and the village will not be destroyed. Then the credits will appeared about the time you have spent with your horse, and your effort to practice ... *softly crying* the ending is very touching ...

I'm so sorry, but I can't write The Treasure Hunt I and The Treasure Hunt II ending because my friends and I still working on it. We're not really sure, but we think these endings are really hard! You have to plant special seeds and I messed it up! So I have to play it over and over again .. *Sigh* If someone out there knows how these endings work, please tell me!


Josh Martin said...

So I already beat Gwen's best time (just under 52 seconds by .28 seconds shorter). When do I get to race Bob then Gwen?

Bali Tidbits said...

Hi Josh Martin!

Wow, you did it! Congrats :) Now you need to brush your horse everyday and avoid waking him up when he's asleep. Everything to increase his heart level :)

I'm not quite sure but I think you need to come to the Brownie farm everyday, and wait for the event with Bob :) Oh, and you need to give him some home made jam, he loooves that :) hopefully it'll trigger the event sooner :D

~Harvest Racing!~

Shane Milana said...

i have a horse when i was doing the endangered weasel ending but after that the game restarts and brainwash the whole character everybody in the town does not know me anymore but i still have the horse

Bali Tidbits said...

Hi Shane Milana!

True true true! That's what happened when you've finished or unfinished your ending :) You'll get every objects and materials that you've earned before, but the story will start all over again (you're a new guy from Flowerbud city, no one knows you, but suddenly you saw three little creatures, and a goddess, and bla bla bla ...) :p

It's pretty annoying actually :( So I've developed my own tricks with this situation, lol, please read it in my newest post! <3

~Keep Harvest Mooning!~