Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Marriage

You can marry a girl in harvest moon back to nature, you can have either a happy marriage or a terrible marriage that comes to a divorce-it's your call.

There are 5 girls:
  1. Elli
  2. Mary
  3. Popuri
  4. Karen
  5. Ann


We are talking about the heartmeter, the object that you can see when you talk to a girl. You need to look at the heart to know if the girl that you like will accept your proposal or not (read the blue feather section)

The heartmeter has 7 different kind of heart.

  1. Black : means she doesn't like you and she wants you to leave this place immediately
  2. Purple : means she is a friend of yours
  3. Blue : you're being a close friend to her
  4. Green : you're more than a close friend now
  5. Yellow : she is starting to like you more
  6. Orange : she is almost falling in love with you
  7. Red : she is falling in love deeply with you. Yaay! It's positive!!!!! She'll accepts the blue feather !!!!

Remember, to reach the red heart it takes time and about 90 gifts. Start at the first season at the first year.


Everyone loves blue feather! The day when the girl of your dream has the red heart, there will be a notification (too much facebook, yeah) tells you that there is a blue feather on sale at the Supermarket. It leads us to the understanding that you have to prepare the money when the girls reaches green heart or maybe less!

Then the salesman from china will come to your house too, offering the same blue feather which is much more expensive than the one that is in the supermarket.


After a lot of hard work, finally, the girl accepts your blue feather and she'll marry you! To know if she accepted it or not, check your rucksack. If the blue feather is not there, then the girl already accepted it! Then you shall open your calendar and see the date where there is a heart on it. It is the date of your wedding, don't forget to come to the Church on that date! And don't come late! It's very important!

Well, the real marriage begins ... You'll have a baby boy on the second year and you have to talk to your wife at least everyday (every hour is great too, but I don't do that ^_^) or her heart will descends and it's just the matter of time until the left you and return to her previous house. You can't marry again, because there is only one blue feather and you used it to marry your ex-wife! That is sad ...


Besides preparing your money to buy the blue feather, you have to prepare your money and lumbers to up-grade your house because a girl wouldn't marry you unless you a big and nice house.

And you have rival! Oh yes, each girl have the other guy that likes them too, and if you wait until winter to make your move, you get nothing and no one! So be fast and be brave ...

Every girls will have their own events and you need to pick the right answer to their question or the heart will descends ...

When you are married to a girl, you cannot go to a festival with another girl. You're a loyal husband, aren't you?


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