Monday, May 24, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Horse

Not like in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life or Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, in Harvest Moon Back to Nature you can only ride your horse in your farm. So you can't ride your horse around the village.

It's a choice wether you want it or not, but I say, what's the risk? :)

Suppose you want a horse, these are the tips:
  1. Talk to Barley everyday 
  2. Give Barley boiled eggs from the hot-steam near the mine
  3. Visit Barley's ranch everyday, hope soon you'll get a cut-scene.

In the cut-scene, Barley will offer you a pony. Wait. It's not a horse? No, not yet. But it will be, and all you have to do is to take care of it. Go to Saibara and buy a brush from him, brush your pony everyday and don't forget to chat. Your pony will grow into a beautiful horse.

Now, like I said in the first paragraph, you can only ride your horse and not your pony. :) Horse needs fodder or grass, while pony won't need anything but brush and a conversation.

This next thing will happen if you don't take a good care of your horse. Barley will come to your farm, his face is sad, and at the end of the cut-scene you can see him taking back the horse. You can get it back by planting grass (buy the seeds from the Supermarket) Some say 40, buy some say 200, I haven't been through this stage, buy I believe it's 40, not 200.

At the end, horse is a great animal that you can have, besides, you can get it from Barley for free, so why not?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Odd

Have you noticed that all of the animal that you bought can die, while the pets that are gifts from the villagers won't die even if you don't feed them?

I know this is odd, but hey, you can take advantage from this. If you're having financial trouble or just wanting to save up your money for more important thing, you can stop feeding your pets. Now, I know this is very rude, and I never do this, but I respect different point of views, so that is an option. 

Don't do that in real world though, your pets will actually die, and the one that gave you the pets probably will get angry at you. :p 

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Cow Won't Milk

I've written a post about Cow for Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, but then I found out that I haven't write about the most common thing that puts a question mark above everybody's head (including me)

Here it is:

You bought a new cow (maybe a star, normal cow, etc) and take a very very good care of her, you brush her, you feed her, you talk to her everyday. And she is healthy, she is happy, she eats all the fodder that you gave her. What's the problem then?

The problem is, you can't milk her. You've tried with your cow milker and with your own hands, but your cow just pops out a question mark above her head. At this point, I am writing this with bold letters so that nobody will do the same mistake again: don't sell your cow! She is perfectly fine!

You just need to wait for the right time to order a bull to make your cow pregnant. Go to the building near your house, right across the barn, where you can sell your things to Takakura. Check the option where you can buy cows and bulls, and your cow's name will pops out there. If she is old enough, Takakura will agree to send a bull for your cow.

She's pregnant. She gave a birth. You got yourself a calf. And you can milk her, just like the first cow you get from Takakura.

~Go Harvest Moon Go!~

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Daryl

There is something fishy about this professor. He is hiding something from the villager.

The good news is, you can befriend him and open his secret.

Try to give him stuff he loves (Daryl loves fossil), and try to get that cut-scene in the evening.

How to get the cut-scene:
It's about 7 or 8 p.m, go home and take five steps or so, then open your door to walk outside the house. When you are friends with Daryl, you will get a cut-scene where Daryl is trying to catch Muku-Muku

Oh, and like I said before, Daryl will also give you a fertilizer for free if you're a friend of his. He's really a fishy-yet nice-guy.  :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - Fast Money

Fast money is from the golden lumber. You can have the golden lumber from Gotz, the carpenter. Then you can sell it Won for 50,000 G

Although it makes me wonder, do you really want to sell the golden lumber, after all the hard-work and efforts in charming Gotz?

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town - Wrong Answer in Heart-Event

Heart-event is a part of cut-scene.

You'll need this heart-event if you want to marry someone, and the color of his heart will turns faster, which means, if you do this right, you can marry him at the third season. ;)

Now, I have to say this, you can only do the heart-event once. When you pick the wrong answer, you can't go back to the same event, the only way is to reset the game or just keep moving on, although his heart will increase slowly. And make sure you choose the right answer for the next heart-event!

Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town: Get Married

Same like Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you will need to expand your house with a help from the carpenter near your farm and the magical blue feather from Won or Supermarket.

I say, go to the Supermarket and buy that feather. Won sells the exact same blue feather for crazy price.

In expanding your house, try to work on the lumber by yourself if you have the time, then maybe, buy 15 or 20 lumbers from the carpenter. That way, you can save a lot of money.

When your guy's heart isn't red yet, don't show the feather to him, he won't accept it anyway, and he'll lose his heart for you.

Marriage is a choice, don't push yourself too hard if you have other aspirations, such as farming or cooking.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Backstage, Make-up and Other Stuff

I guess I have to categorized this one as a special diary, remembering the hours I spent practicing the songs and the play with my classmates. As a matter of fact, at that time, it is a very big deal for my classmates and I, because this is our final exam in arts and music. Which means we have to work harder to gain good grades in our reports.

So, we were playing the instrument/singing Auld Lang Syne with a whole new lyric, and then a perfectly beautiful Balinese song called Sentana, which is also sang in Asia Music Festival about 10 years ago.

And the one that is taking the job as the play-writer wrote us something that I believe is his obsession :) : one criminal organization with two morons that will put the organization down. I got the part in that play, and the play-writer said I'm 'The head-boss' secretary/girlfriend' Well, that's a role. :p

There are ups and downs of course, head-ache about the costumes is one thing for sure, not to mention the crazy schedule (putting 40 students in a same room with instruments in their hands is kind of a disaster) and technical issues such as lightning, microphones, etc.

The night before the D-day, the play-writer went angry with the actors, we realized that we haven't make any move for the songs yet, almost half of the singers forgot the lyrics, and the teachers walked in to see how we are doing. ;)

Then, the D-day.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that we also have a Balinese dance. I think that's a must in Bali. :) So my friend and I went to the dressing room to check them out, and they looked gorgeous, just like exotic fairies. We took pictures here and there, before we went upstairs and practiced the songs and the play once more.

I played the secretary and she played the housekeeper

I must say, our dancers were spectacular, and the teachers admitted that. Our songs, well, 7/10. But there is a trouble with the play. My microphone went dead in the middle of my line and the technician stepped in and changed a new microphone (hope the teacher thought he was a cameo or something), one of the actor forgot the dialogue with the actress-that sadly only have this one scene-so he ignored her through the scene. Knowing that she wouldn't show up at any scene no more, and that she will need that score for her report, she went crazy in the backstage chasing the actor. Thank goodness there were only styrofoam and clothes, not a screwdriver or hammer. :p 

After all that, we got ourself a nice lunch with tired muscles and messy make-up, we had a wonderful conversation about how this event is really something-that we all will go our separate ways in a week or so, and how rare it will be: just to have this one simple lunch like one big family.

Well, I think we'll miss all that. Right 9D? :) I love you guys.

Old Stuff

I'm checking old songs in my folder, re-listened and found the melancholy one:

Your smile brings light into my days
The thoughts of you, warm my night
To hold you in my arms,
Even in my dreams it feels so right loving you...

You never see the way I look into your eyes
You never realize the love I feel inside
Pain and sorrow that haunted me, cause words I've left unsaid

Now you found someone else to love
Deep in my heart, my love won't fade away
To hold you in my arms
Even in my dreams it feels so right loving you

You never see the way I look into your eyes
You never realize the love I feel inside
Pain and sorrow that haunted me, cause words I've left unsaid

You never see the way I look into your eyes
You never realize the love I feel inside
Pain and sorrow that haunted me, cause words I've left unsaid to you...

Cute, isn't it? The singer wrote this song for his first album, his own true story. I listened this song through out my days when I was a seventh grader. It's nice to hear it back.

Here is Afgan Syah Reza, proud to say he is an Indonesian. :)

Harvest Moon Back to Nature: Complete Items from TV Shopping

I'm having hard time deciding is this post a spoiler or not. Because I'm writing down the complete list of items from TV Shopping that you can buy. Oh well, placing one warning won't hurt. ;)


  1. Knife for 3000 G
  2. Frying pan for 2500 G
  3. Pot for 2000 G
  4. Mixer for 2500 G
  5. Whisk - 1000 G
  6. Rolling pin for 1500 G
  7. Oven for 5000G
  8. Seasonings set for 5000 G
  9. Power berry for 5000 G

I put them in order, yes, the power berry is the last item that you can buy, means that you have to buy the 8 items wether you like it or not, to get your power berry. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Tools You'll Need

At the beginning, you can only have 4 tools:
  1. Cow Milker
  2. S Watering Can
  3. Heavy Sickle
  4. Heavy Hoe

I'm sure after you work hard and save a lot of money, you can buy plenty of tools from Takakura and Van. But do they worth it? Why would you spend your money on a clipper when you don't even have a sheep? So I'm writing about 'the best buy' that you can have from Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

  1. Fishing Rod. This tool is worth every single penny of it. Plus, there are many spots for you to fish in the Forgotten Valley.
  2. Brush. Works for every animal (except pets)

There you go. Two. Just two? Yes indeed, you won't need any better sickle or anything. You won't need a bigger watering can considering that the well is in your farm, not far far away. This way, you can save a lot of money for better purpose, like, purchasing pond, a new field, buying marble cows, etc.

P.S: Just remember, there are tools that you have to buy in certain cases. When you have a sheep, then the clipper is a must. But I believe you will never ever need a better sickle. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Complete Fish Ending

Materials needed:
  1. Fishing rod from Joe,
  2. Fishing rod from Louis' Shop
  3. Fishing rod from Kurt
  4. Gifts for Joe, Kurt and Woody (fish, fruit, tomato, and ore)
  5. Some money (about 14,620 G)

Characters needed:
  1. Your character
  2. Joe
  3. Kurt
  4. Woody
  5. Louis
  6. Lila

Step by step:

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - Upgrading Fishing Rod #2

I'm re-writing about upgrading the fishing rod, hopefully the new details will help. Enjoy! :D

So, you went to Louis' Shop with enough money and a fishing rod in your inventory/tools section, but there is no any 'upgrade fishing rod' option in the 'buy section' in Louis' Shop! What should you do?

Well, here is the trick: You should fish everyday and give Joe a medium or big fish everyday (even better if you can cook it first in your kitchen), give Kurt some fresh tomatoes from your farm, and dig ores for Woody. Do this for seven days or more.

After that, enter the Louis' Shop again, cross your fingers, and hopefully you can see the 'upgrade' option in the 'buy section'

Wait for the complete step by step in finishing the Fish Ending in the next post! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: Cooking Utensils

My friends are asking about the cooking utensils, like, where to buy a pot because they want to make a cheese and etc ...

Well, the only way you can have the cooking utensils is by purchasing the kitchen from the carpenter, and it costs 10,000 G. You can't buy the cooking utensils separately from the kitchen ...

Save your money and the kitchen and all it's stuff will come eventually! :D

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: Feeding Your Chicken

Chicken is cheap, chicken is cute, chicken is loveable. :D

No need to buy a chicken from Bob's store, just buy an egg from Ronald's Supermarket and put it in the incubator in the chicken coop. Then the egg will hatch.

You won't need to feed a chick, because it won't be sick no matter what. But you need to feed a chicken though (there is no rooster in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland) And here is how to feed a chicken:

  1. Earn some money, then go to Bob's store
  2. Buy a chicken feed. 
  3. Go home, enter your chicken coop.

Now don't worry if you can't find any chicken feed in your rucksack, because you are looking at the 'item' section, while the chicken feed is in the 'tool' section. So go to the tool section and click the chicken feed, then hit the square button when you are facing the feeding box.

Spend quality time with your chicken! ;)

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: If You Don't Want to Keep a Dog

Most of players are dying to have a dog, but I'll respect your point of view if you don't want to have any dog in your farm. So here are the ways to avoid keeping a dog:

  1. Don't chase any dog, especially clicking the X button when you're standing in front of a dog
  2. Don't put any food (grass, fruit, etc) in the blue dog dish next to your house 
  3. If you accidentally pick a dog and the option pops out, don't choose the 'keep it' option! 

I think a few players refuse to have dog because they don't want to spend their money on the medicine if the dog is sick, but I know if you give him a food everyday, he won't be sick! Trust me! :) 

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland: Upgrading Fishing Rod

I think nobody hates fishing. And fulfilling my promise to Damon I am writing about Harvest Moon Save The Homeland, and now it's about upgrading your fishing rod.

In my previous post, I wrote about getting the fishing rod from Joe, the carpenter with something on his head. :p You won't need worms or anything to fish, just the fishing rod and the sea.

So, when you want to upgrade your fishing rod, make sure that you already have enough money. Go to Louis' shop and hit 'buy' option, there will be an option to upgrade your fishing rod. It'll take time for Louis to upgrade your fishing rod, so be patient.

Praise The Lord Jesus, I Finished My National Exam!

Praise the Lord Jesus, I finished my National Exam! 

I took the test from 29th of March until 1st of April, and I got the result on 7th of May!

Want to know the result? Here it is ... 

38.10 / 40.00

I didn't finish my breakfast. :D I was so happy, I got butterflies in my stomach, I hopped here and there, I smiled everywhere, and I made some phone calls, thanking my teachers and all my angels. :) And of course, I prayed, with trembling hands caused by excitement, sending tons of thank you to Lord Jesus, for giving me this present, that no one can ever give!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, the National Exam (Ujian Nasional) is the test that we have to take in order to continue to Junior High, Senior High, or University. All students in Indonesia must take this test as a legal certificate for their education.

Thank you Thank you Thank you God!