Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Tools You'll Need

At the beginning, you can only have 4 tools:
  1. Cow Milker
  2. S Watering Can
  3. Heavy Sickle
  4. Heavy Hoe

I'm sure after you work hard and save a lot of money, you can buy plenty of tools from Takakura and Van. But do they worth it? Why would you spend your money on a clipper when you don't even have a sheep? So I'm writing about 'the best buy' that you can have from Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

  1. Fishing Rod. This tool is worth every single penny of it. Plus, there are many spots for you to fish in the Forgotten Valley.
  2. Brush. Works for every animal (except pets)

There you go. Two. Just two? Yes indeed, you won't need any better sickle or anything. You won't need a bigger watering can considering that the well is in your farm, not far far away. This way, you can save a lot of money for better purpose, like, purchasing pond, a new field, buying marble cows, etc.

P.S: Just remember, there are tools that you have to buy in certain cases. When you have a sheep, then the clipper is a must. But I believe you will never ever need a better sickle. :)

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