Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Common Crop Mistakes

You may have your own ups and downs as a farmer, like I have mine ;) I just gathered all the informations and stories from my friends, and here I'll write about the common mistakes a new farmer can do in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life:a

  1. Planting trees too close to each other. Sometimes you will have an event where you go out from your house, and an insect tells you about the problem. 
  2. Keep watering trees everyday when it's already big and sturdy. You don't have too, you only have to water a small tree everyday, not the big and tall one. 
  3. Using sickle. Do not use sickle near your plants, accidents can happen. 
  4. Giving fertilizer for vegetables. The price of the fertilizer is more expensive than the vegetables. 
  5. Picking the wrong land. Remember, the land right next to your house is the bad one, next to it is the pretty good one, and the next land that you can buy from Takakura is the great one. 

So hopefully we can avoid the common mistakes :) 

~You Go Harvest Moon Farmer!~


Adell said...

hi, i want to ask something. hhmm, when we plant the crops, does it harvest only once? and after that it wilt? and i should cut them down?

just playing the harvest moon. noob. hehe,thanks btw for the tips.

Bali Tidbits said...

Dear Adell, :)

yes, that is what happen with your crops, all you have to do is to sickle them, and go to Vesta to buy new seeds ... But personally, I prefer trees, cause it lasts forever, and it sells better than crops. Oh, and you don't need fertilizer for crops, it's too expensive, so better to use it only for trees :D

Keep Harvest Mooning. Okay? ;)

Adell said...

thank you! but now, i have to put aside my harvest moon 1st,[because i play with ps2] and now im already further studies in university. HUHU, missing my muzaac very much! [my harvest moon character]

Bali Tidbits said...

you are very welcome Adell ... ^__^
oh well, maybe all of the school & university stuff can drive us crazy sometimes, haha... but don't forget you have your muzaac whenever you are bored :) have fun with your game and studies!