Monday, June 8, 2009

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland - THE BLUEBIRD

Level: Easy

All you gotta do is be friended with the Louis, he will give a flute. Use it to train your dog, and you'll be able to play the flute. When you're an expert, go to the lake at afternoon, and you will get a cut-scene. Louis is giving food to the birds and tells you a story about the blue bird. He says that people believe blue bird's feather brings happiness, and he wishes that blue bird will appear and save the homeland (which it's actually you that save the homeland). Then bring your flute with you, go to the lake at afternoon once again, and Louis and you will play a duet! DON'T MESSED UP THE DUET! Then both of you will see the blue-bird flying. Taadaa!!

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