Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature - Villager's Room

In Harvest Moon Back to Nature, you can visit every villagers' houses as long as they are there to open the door for you (though you never actually see them opening it), because they lock their doors when they are out. 

What about 'secret' room? 

Yes, the 'secret' room is the most private room belongs to a villager. For example, Basil, the botanist. He has his own room and you can't enter this room, or the second story of the Poultry Farm, and there are many more. 

The question is, can you really enter that room?

Yes you do! :) 

All you got to do is befriend the of owner of the room. This is a great  parameter too, you can check wether they like you or not by trying to enter their rooms. But remember, don't try too often, if they say 'no' don't try it again and again. Give them their favorite gifts and then you can try again. :) 

And why do we have to do such things? 

I say, to get along with the villagers -- after all, that's what we're up to, right? -- and to fill your precentage until it's 100% 

So go on, try to open that door! :) 

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