Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life - Animal Medicine

Animal medicine is an essential item in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life especially when you're into the milking stuff. :D I'm just writing it down to persuade you to buy the animal medicine at least one bottle. I mean, who knows? You can have these kind of days:

  1. Raining and forgot to put your cows inside.
  2. No fodder left, not one.
  3. Your cow is stressed out so she refuses to eat.

And many more! 

In that case, animal medicine is the best solution. You can check your cow's health on the board in the barn, and all you got to do is just give her the medicine, and she'll be fine at no time. 

Where to buy the animal medicine? It's in the selling & buying room near your home. Now remember, Takakura will need one day to go to the city and buy an animal medicine for you, so make sure you've managed your time to save your sick cow(s) from death.

~Harvest Moo-n!~ :) 

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