Friday, September 17, 2010

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Accident on The Bridge

The title sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? This post is about the broken bridge that you will face when you’re in the year 10. It’s a long way to go, yes, and it’s not so important at all, but I think I’ll write down some interesting things from this story. Oh, and perhaps I should put this sign:


Where do we start ... ?

At the year 10, you will have an event where the bridge will fall down. Now, you can only have this event when you’re spending your time on the bridge. All you need to do is to walk to the bridge, stand and hold your character, don’t do anything, don’t press anything. Just wait until your character gets bored and starts to sit around and taking a nap. And then, voila, you’ll see your wife, your child, and Harris are looking very worried at you.

Few days later, Gotz will meet you and ask for your help to re-build the bridge. Of course you will be paid for your part-time job, 200 lumbers and 1000 G per day (you will work for five days). I think at this point we will say yes, right friends? ;)

~Part-time Job in Harvest Moon Back to Nature!~ 

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