Friday, May 21, 2010

Backstage, Make-up and Other Stuff

I guess I have to categorized this one as a special diary, remembering the hours I spent practicing the songs and the play with my classmates. As a matter of fact, at that time, it is a very big deal for my classmates and I, because this is our final exam in arts and music. Which means we have to work harder to gain good grades in our reports.

So, we were playing the instrument/singing Auld Lang Syne with a whole new lyric, and then a perfectly beautiful Balinese song called Sentana, which is also sang in Asia Music Festival about 10 years ago.

And the one that is taking the job as the play-writer wrote us something that I believe is his obsession :) : one criminal organization with two morons that will put the organization down. I got the part in that play, and the play-writer said I'm 'The head-boss' secretary/girlfriend' Well, that's a role. :p

There are ups and downs of course, head-ache about the costumes is one thing for sure, not to mention the crazy schedule (putting 40 students in a same room with instruments in their hands is kind of a disaster) and technical issues such as lightning, microphones, etc.

The night before the D-day, the play-writer went angry with the actors, we realized that we haven't make any move for the songs yet, almost half of the singers forgot the lyrics, and the teachers walked in to see how we are doing. ;)

Then, the D-day.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that we also have a Balinese dance. I think that's a must in Bali. :) So my friend and I went to the dressing room to check them out, and they looked gorgeous, just like exotic fairies. We took pictures here and there, before we went upstairs and practiced the songs and the play once more.

I played the secretary and she played the housekeeper

I must say, our dancers were spectacular, and the teachers admitted that. Our songs, well, 7/10. But there is a trouble with the play. My microphone went dead in the middle of my line and the technician stepped in and changed a new microphone (hope the teacher thought he was a cameo or something), one of the actor forgot the dialogue with the actress-that sadly only have this one scene-so he ignored her through the scene. Knowing that she wouldn't show up at any scene no more, and that she will need that score for her report, she went crazy in the backstage chasing the actor. Thank goodness there were only styrofoam and clothes, not a screwdriver or hammer. :p 

After all that, we got ourself a nice lunch with tired muscles and messy make-up, we had a wonderful conversation about how this event is really something-that we all will go our separate ways in a week or so, and how rare it will be: just to have this one simple lunch like one big family.

Well, I think we'll miss all that. Right 9D? :) I love you guys.

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